Author Spotlight – Meet Caroline Briault


My name is Caroline and I am a new author. I was inspired to write my book “Three star with a touch of Caviar” after a holiday in Greece where I encountered the most hilarious characters and situations.

I just had to put my spin on the events and share it with the world.

I am currently working on the second book in the series and keeping the laughs, shocks and drama flowing.

If you enjoy the whiff of hot dogs when you sip Champagne whilst watching the hoards of sun burned tourists waddle past you this is the book for you!

Grab a copy 👇🏻

Available on kindle unlimited free and in paperback via Amazon

Cheers! Caroline

Victory Is Possible

We are VIP’s in the Father’s eyes.

Very Important People who are witnesses to the fact that Victory Is Possible! That is what the Father desires and that is what the world needs—to see that it is actually possible to live a life of overcoming faith and love in this cold, dark world.  

And our Father has commissioned all of his resources—his angels, his Spirit and his Presence—to assure our success.

His promises sustain us; his precepts instruct us; his Spirit guides us, and he himself comforts us in all of our trials.

We need only to stay close to him where we can draw on his strength, courage, and wisdom. That is “Job One”—to stay close to him. If we do, we will find the mercy and grace that we need for every possible situation. He will direct our thoughts, our prayers, and our feet. He will flood our hearts with his love, fill our minds with his peace, and strengthen our bodies for the battles we must face.

Victory is possible!

This is our battle cry and our anthem. This is why we were born—to testify to the world that there is victory in Jesus.  

Come, let us go to him—moment by moment, hour by hour, and day by day. We will not be disappointed. He lives and breathes to welcome us into his presence. This is why he was born, and this is why he died—to draw us unto himself.  

What an honor! What a comfort What life and joy and peace is ours in Christ!

~ Brad Heilhecker

The Size Of Our Heart

We may be small in stature, limited in intellect, and have come from an impoverished background, but there are no limits to how large our heart can become, if we stay connected to Christ.

It is written, “May we be strengthened by his Spirit in our inner man that Christ may dwell in our hearts through faith.”  

Imagine: Christ the Lord, Christ the heir of the Father wants to come and dwell powerfully in our individual hearts and to live his life through us. If we but allow him, he will take us to the heights and depths of his earthly and heavenly realms.  

Satan is the prince and power of the air, but Christ is The King of Hearts, and he wants to make us just like him.

What we embrace will determine the size and nature of our hearts.  

If we embrace this world’s system, our hearts will shrivel and become cold. If we embrace Christ, our hearts will expand and become warm and affectionate.  

The passage quoted above continues: “As we are rooted and grounded in love, we will have power along with all the saints to know the breadth, the length, the height and the depth of the love of Christ.”

This is a project worthy of our time and attention! The promise seems almost surreal: that we will know the intricacies of the heart of Christ!

However, the passage continues: “That we may be filled with the fullness of God.” Really? Our Father doesn’t want to keep us weak and needy? He wants us to be just like him? That is “an offer that we can’t refuse.” Or, should we say, we shouldn’t refuse.  

For our eternity is going to be spent beholding the face of God and knowing him intimately. It only stands to reason that we would want to start now becoming like him, for then we will be assured of a full and exalted reward when we stand face to face with Christ on judgement day.

~ Brad Heilhecker

Just Do It

Just Do It!

A daunting challenge from Nike and many other voices of wisdom.  

But do what?  

And how?  

And why?

And with whom?  

And when?  

Maybe this admonition is for us to just live our lives to the fullest, but there is no little disagreement on what this looks like or feels like.  

It depends a lot on our philosophy, our opportunities, and our faith.

However, whether we are young or old, male or female, alien or native born, God is an equal opportunity employer. When we come to him with childlike faith, he enters into our hearts and begins shaping us and molding us to be champions in our world. No two will look alike, talk alike, or feel alike. We get to be ourselves. Jesus looks a little different in each person through whom he shines.

But winning may begin with losing: losing our self centered life and selfish ambitions. We ultimately win everything precious by giving up nothing of real value. One person’s pleasures and possessions cannot compare to the exchanged life of giving pleasure to the heart of God and untold blessings to his children.

 So, just do it!  Say “yes” to Jesus; say “yes” to abundant life; say “yes” to eternal life!  “All God’s promises are yes and amen in Christ!”

~ Brad Heilhecker

Known God

oh, the depth between us

yet You still want a relationship

with me…

a deep thinker

but You’re the One

who gives time and space

to these thoughts forming…

Your love goes deeper

than this heart

could go alone…

I may be surrounded

by darkness,

but Your light encompasses

the night and will soon

swallow it,

so I can be made whole again

in the sight of You;

fear destroys the present

although this life I have

is a gift,

trauma has left me

incomplete somehow,

but I know You can heal

these wounds bleeding


I’m not asking You

to take away this pain,

but to give me the strength

to be brave and fight…

when I am weak,

You are strong…

I won’t be a worrier,

but a warrior

and oh,

I will slaughter giants

cause You will be the One

leading me into victory;

I will trust my unknown

to a known God

cause He is the author

writing my story

and I don’t deserve to know,

but to trust His will for my life,

that’s faith…

I am ready, Lord…

show me who You really are.





~ Bethany Anne

Known God

He Is Enough

I’m telling you

you better pray

when she disappears

cause when she reappears,

she’s going to be fierce…

you’ll watch her bleed truth

in the midst of fears

lying to the victims of past;

she’ll carry truth

engraved upon her spirit,

making fear shrivel up and die…

her presence will feel greater

than usual

as she keeps Him close,

Jesus is in her heart,

so He can beat out the darkness

from the day

with His heartbeat

bringing the dead to life,

so His eternal life can be

the only option;



death won’t win this war…

no…He will forever separate

life and death in the end

as He separated

light from the darkness

in the beginning,

so justice will be done

as it was on the cross…

it is finished

then and now,

nothing can or will ever

change that;

His love is enough

as He broke His body

and poured out His blood

out for us

to cover every sin

ever committed

although the enemy

tries to convince us

that we somehow need

to prove our innocence

although we never could…

that’s why He gave His life

for us cause He has the power

to take His back,

we don’t,

and once He comes back,

the enemy will be destroyed


while we live in His kingdom

for all eternity.

He is Enough

~ Bethany Anne