Victory Is Possible

We are VIP’s in the Father’s eyes.

Very Important People who are witnesses to the fact that Victory Is Possible! That is what the Father desires and that is what the world needs—to see that it is actually possible to live a life of overcoming faith and love in this cold, dark world.  

And our Father has commissioned all of his resources—his angels, his Spirit and his Presence—to assure our success.

His promises sustain us; his precepts instruct us; his Spirit guides us, and he himself comforts us in all of our trials.

We need only to stay close to him where we can draw on his strength, courage, and wisdom. That is “Job One”—to stay close to him. If we do, we will find the mercy and grace that we need for every possible situation. He will direct our thoughts, our prayers, and our feet. He will flood our hearts with his love, fill our minds with his peace, and strengthen our bodies for the battles we must face.

Victory is possible!

This is our battle cry and our anthem. This is why we were born—to testify to the world that there is victory in Jesus.  

Come, let us go to him—moment by moment, hour by hour, and day by day. We will not be disappointed. He lives and breathes to welcome us into his presence. This is why he was born, and this is why he died—to draw us unto himself.  

What an honor! What a comfort What life and joy and peace is ours in Christ!

~ Brad Heilhecker