Known God

oh, the depth between us

yet You still want a relationship

with me…

a deep thinker

but You’re the One

who gives time and space

to these thoughts forming…

Your love goes deeper

than this heart

could go alone…

I may be surrounded

by darkness,

but Your light encompasses

the night and will soon

swallow it,

so I can be made whole again

in the sight of You;

fear destroys the present

although this life I have

is a gift,

trauma has left me

incomplete somehow,

but I know You can heal

these wounds bleeding


I’m not asking You

to take away this pain,

but to give me the strength

to be brave and fight…

when I am weak,

You are strong…

I won’t be a worrier,

but a warrior

and oh,

I will slaughter giants

cause You will be the One

leading me into victory;

I will trust my unknown

to a known God

cause He is the author

writing my story

and I don’t deserve to know,

but to trust His will for my life,

that’s faith…

I am ready, Lord…

show me who You really are.





~ Bethany Anne

Known God