True Rest

Jesus knew that he came from God, was going to God, and that everything had been delivered into his hands. So, he took off his good clothes, put on his work clothes, and began to serve his disciples—quite the opposite mentality of many earthly rulers who revel in their exalted status and have many who serve them.

We are to emulate Christ, not worldly rulers. Christ promises that, if we will do as he does and serve each other, we will be blessed.

Isn’t blessing what everybody wants, what everybody is working so hard for, and what everybody can’t seem to find?

We are to “labor to enter into his rest,” to “cease from our own labors.” Maybe that means that if we will give up our own ambitions, we will find true rest in knowing and imitating Christ. Maybe that means that we will find our life’s meaning and purpose only if we give up everything for Jesus.  

Like the old saying goes, “You always find what you’re looking for in the last place you look.”

~ Brad Heilhecker