Glass Ceilings

Welcome to planet earth: where you have rulers and workers, leaders and followers, the elitists and the egalitarians. Here, those graced with extraordinary natural abilities are often welcomed early on into the ranks of the privileged.

Not so for the ordinary Joe.

Years of labor in obscurity are often his lot. If he is to shine, it will be because of diligent effort, “blood, sweat and tears,” and the sovereign hand of The Almighty who sees his heart and decides, “This is the man that I will promote.” Then, with God’s strength and favor, he goes out and slays his “Goliath.”

This is just the beginning of his path to power and purpose, for then there may follow several more years of contending with those in power as they try to thwart his progress on his path to his purpose. Finally, after learning how to handle the ordinary, the giants, and the wicked, he is ready to rule. And no ordinary ruler will he be. He will be holy; he will be kind; he will be fair, and, yes, he will be courageous.

For courage is necessary in this evil world we live in. Even with God in our corner, there will be fights, many and bitter, in our trek to the promised land.

So, don’t despair, you “mighty man of valor.” Your call will come; your day will arrive, and you will be ready. All of those long, hard days and fearful, lonely nights will prove themselves to have produced the sweet fruits of maturity and character needed for your inheritance.

Every bump along the road will show itself to have been just the perfect training for excelling in this complex world of both illusion and also precious, hidden truths that must be sought after and nurtured and cherished when found.

And this is just the beginning—any earthly favor and success that we have will be brilliantly eclipsed by the eternal rewards of seeing Christ face to face and realizing that our suffering has perfected us so that we can look him in the eyes and see what he sees, feel what he feels, and know what he knows.

We will finally know by sight what we accept now by faith. We will finally hold in our hands what we have clung to by hope over many a tired mile of trekking. Yes, my friend, it will be worth every scar, every tear, and every hopeful prayer that we have ever prayed.

~ Brad Heilhecker