One Sin

There is usually just one sin that prevents us from reaching our promised land. And, regardless of how it may disguise itself, it is the sin of unbelief.  

Whether it manifests as the “the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, or the pride of life,” it is always accompanied by the sin of unbelief—the unwillingness to take God at his word and to trust him over our own instincts.  

Jesus showed us how to overcome every sin in his wilderness temptations, and he is with us always to show us how to overcome our wilderness temptations—those tests that come right before Our Father is about to usher us into our promised land, our inheritance.

Whatever he has promised us, you can bet that there will be a preceding temptation to capitulate to a counterfeit promise.

Why is faith the standard of righteousness? What is it about faith that thrills the Father’s heart?

It is not quite so mysterious as it may seem. What parent doesn’t thrill to see his child believe what he has told him and simply obey based on faith in his parent’s wisdom and love? This may be the primary joy of being a parent or of being God.  

All the power and the glory and the love in the world is waiting on someone to respond to it.  

If there was one, this would be the “Achilles heel” of God. He “needs” someone to believe in him, to love him. And we are made in his image. Without someone to love who loves us back, we are lonely and incomplete.

It is a great truth that “love never fails.” Though we may wonder how, God, who is love, will never fail. It may look that way sometimes, but it is an illusion, the confusion of trying to make sense of the underside of a tapestry. And his love will prevail in our lives too.  

No love offered is ever wasted; it may be declined, but it will accomplish its desired purpose.

Ideally, it will soften the heart of the beloved, so that they will be able to accept God’s love on the day that he visits them.  

Our part is to “keep the faith”—to keep believing, obeying, and holding out the offer of life to whomever God sends us.  

It is a high and holy calling which will result in a lifetime of happiness, and an eternity of bliss!

~ Brad Heilhecker