A Healthy Way To Go

God’s truth, His words are intended to help us, not harm us.

Let go of what your mind tells you that you have to hold onto cause it’s ALL in His hands anyway…every bit of your life.

He’s in control of it all.

Us being in constant worry isn’t going to help in ANY way.

Allowing our Heavenly Father to take any thoughts that aren’t of Him and His truth from our minds, is a very healthy way to go.

I’ve personally been working on this myself and yes…it takes time, but the process is well worth it.

You are not alone, He is always with you no matter how you feel or what you think.

He is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

He never changes.

I am so thankful for that❤

His love is here, it is for you, and for now.

His perfect love casts out fear.

His peace is greater than your amount of worry/fear.

He is greater than any darkness trying to invade your spirit.

Replace worry with peace…

His overwhelming peace that won’t leave room for constant overthinking. You are His👑😍

~ Bethany Anne

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