Love Unexplainable

Hiding behind her mask

Darkness her habitation

A trail of pain always

followed her

The word freedom

foreign to her

Locked up in a cell

The keys thrown away

No sign of freedom

Just a life filled with misery

She received an invitation to

go on an unknown journey

with Papa

All of His daughters do

It’s our choice to take it

or leave it

She couldn’t say no to

a new beginning with Him

Though pain was still her portion

She couldn’t say no to visit hidden territories with her King

Territories that held her

healing and progress

She had nothing to lose

But everything to gain

Anticipation grew each day

As their journey made its way

All she knew was that He had

great plans for her

How this journey would

turn out

She couldn’t say

She surrendered to the One

who loved her most

They paused to deal with her

heart issues and she watched

as He gently did a heart transplant

The sight of her dark heart replaced with a new heart

Left her in awe of the

greatness of her King

They paused again as she

ran into fruitful fields finding her way

To His garden where she

stayed for a long while

She discovered a peace that surpassed all understanding

Discovered a love that covered every crack in her heart

A love so unexplainable

It has to be experienced

by each human being

His perfect love cast out

all her fears

She glistened with His glory

Spending every moment gleaning from Him

His love made her fearless

and bold

For the first time in her life

She experienced a love that had the ability to forever change her

They paused again and this time Papa revealed her

gifts and talents

Hidden for long under pain, unforgiveness, sin and regret

With faith like a child she received what was hers

She didn’t look back

Her past a vague memory

She embraced her journey

She now knew how deeply

she was loved

He does not look

for flawless vessels

He is looking for willing,

emptied out vessels

Broken vessels

Rejected vessels

Hurting vessels

Nameless vessels

Our Father does not care

He knows that once we

taste His love

We will be transformed into

the fearless daughters

He created us to be.

~ Ebigale Wilson

Love Unexplainable

The Journey