Hook Line And Sinker

This week the enemy was working a bit overtime trying to make me take the bait of offense.

Oh, I nibbled on it – more than once.

I had one thing / situation / or conversation after another that had me nibbling a bit on offense.

By Thursday, the last disappointment or discouragement that came my way had me ready to go full on Mr. Bean or run away from all people. I even told my husband that I was DONE WITH EVERYTHING! And EVERYONE!

He recognized I was just trying to tackle a bit too much in my own strength and that I am still good at times at stuffing my emotions so he suggested I take it to God and not out on him or anyone else.

That got me laughing and not more offended which was a good thing for him, so I made a choice.

I could stay pissed off or offended or I could praise. God told me years ago that I can’t do both – you gotta choose.

I chose to praise.

I praised – I blew my new shofar – I danced through my disappointments and together we prayed.

Instantly all the things that had me offended and pissed off all week melted away.

I was able to Forgive Release and Bless everything and everyone.

I decided also to trust that God’s ways are always higher than mine or others.

I can always take those stings of hurt and disappointments to Him instead of swallowing that nasty bait of offense hook line and sinker.

I hope you will too!

~ XXOO Michelle

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