Dead Women Are Dangerous

The woman sitting in front 

of me

Is confident, fearless a container of Papas love

No too long ago she was a scared, shy, broken woman

Looking at her I am amazed 

at the transformation she 

went through

Can Papa’s love really invade 

a persons life?

Transforming it from darkness 

to light

From a life of fear to a peace found only in intimacy with 

her King

Bitterness and rejection to a masterpiece of portraying 

His love

All of her life she was trapped 

like a bird in a cage

The word freedom foreign 

to her

Her mind and heart always racing

Fear her compass

Leading her away from Papas voice

The emptiness in her eyes

She hid behind fake smiles 

While the hole in her heart 

grew bigger and bigger

No amount of things or people could fill the void in her heart

The glasshouse she so tightly controlled slipped through 

her hands

It fell to the ground in thousands of pieces

And satan smiled “I have her right where I always wanted 

her to be”

And Father beamed with pride

Because He had her right where

He needed her to be

Now He can put all her broken pieces back together and create a masterpiece out of 

the mess she found herself in

Papa waited patiently for 

her to let go

She was used to fighting her 

own battles

Letting go was hard for her

She paid a high price for the testimony on her life

He asked the old her to die

When all she wanted was 

to hold on to dead things

He asked her to walk a road few would ever walk

A road of deep betrayal and 

of coming face to face with 

the enemy daily

Witchcraft, False religions, Jezebel, you name it she battled them all

His once scared daughter 

He turned into His warrior daughter

He asked her to walk through fire in the midst of her enemies

Asked her to be quiet

To not defend herself

While everything in her kicked and screamed to be heard

Papa asked her to carry 

her cross with His heart beating through her

There’s something about 

women who were trained

under the watchful eyes of 

their King

They are known in heaven 

and feared in hell

They took up their swords 

to be warrior daughters

When their flesh wanted to 

run and hide

Who would have thought 

that His endtime army would 

by filled with broken, downtrodden, hurting women

Which He gently restores

into fearless women

They shine with His love

They found themselves 

The day they died

Dead women are dangerous women

In the hands of their Commander and Chief.

~ Ebigale Wilson

Dead Women Are Dangerous

The Journey