A Work In Progress

darkness fell

as light broke

this heart in a billion pieces,

stars facing death row

as if it’s a crime to be bright

and shine light on a quiet scream

ripping the voices off tongues

that burden the souls to birth

meaningless words to breathe

time in the circle to live,

to crave giants to come,

so they can be taken out,

but for what?

to see blood on hands

dripping off eyes that saw it all?

eyes that saw everything

did nothing to birth peace

inside the womb of the storm

and as she stands,

she falls to knees begging

for wild fires to let her go

so she can be free

from hell that has tamed

a still earthquake to jolt

awake this blistering mind,

and all that comes

are these memories

that curse the life within

as night exists to bleed out

the day forever

~ Bethany Anne