Who is this coming up from

the wilderness leaning on

her Beloved?

The wilderness was the last place she wanted to be

She did not want to trade

her home for a cave

She did not want to trade

the voice of the crowd

For the whispers of God

She did not want to take off

her mask and deal with her heart

Easier to hide behind

her mask

Easier to cling to her past

Easier to talk the talk, but

not walk the walk of a sold

out daughter

Living a life of double standards

Among the tombs of religion

Where growth was not

expected of her

Then the inevitable happens

And we are forced to take

the journey to the wilderness

Where deep calls unto deep

And He unpacks our heart

And we deal with our past

And Love beckons us to go deeper with Him

We surrender and embrace this journey of separation and seclusion

Away from all eyes

Where He burns out the old and forms His heart within us

Crying and praying we hold on

to Papa

Till we make our way through

As strongholds lose their power

Shackles of the past are broken

And every fear bows in the presence of One so great

The noises of the crowd

Our everyday challenges

The highs and lows of our lives

Keep us away from Papa’s best

Hidden in the wilderness our most fruitful season awaits

When we step out and embrace this season

We discover that no one can copy what only the wilderness produces in us

We discover our worth in caves

We discover how deep and unending Papa’s love is for us

He restores us to our rightful place in Him

And when He unpacks His dreams for us

We boldly step out and embrace this new journey He has for us

Who is this coming up from the wilderness leaning on her Beloved?

Like a sword she shines

In the hand of her King

She glistens with His glory

She is forever changed by His love

Who would have thought that her identity was hidden in a wilderness?!

~ Ebigale Wilson


The Journey