No Longer Empty Handed

Like the widow with the

two coins

She had nothing of worth

to offer anyone

Stripped to the depths of

her being

The card house she so firmly

controlled tumbled in

She lost all control

Nothing to hold onto

Only her shame and her pain

She retreated to the background

Scared that anyone would notice

the scars on her heart

There’s no one who

can free her from this

unbearable pain

He found her


Too scared to step out and

face her reality

The journey she travelled

left too many scars

She’s just a shadow of the person

Papa has called

her to be

Her face mirrored her journey

of betrayal and despair

Till that day He found her

Empty handed

Only her pain

Only her fears

A broken life, shattered

in hundreds of pieces

Desperation brought her

to the King

Broken and bruised

He spoke life over her

Till her lifeless heart

started to beat again

He took her on adventures

Restoring her heart

was a painful process

The severe shaking and burning

Left her breathless at times

She surrendered to the

process of purification

and dying daily

Every high place that stood

between her and her Father

had to come down

He unpacked her heart

Got rid of everything that

kept her in bondage

Under all the ashes

she discovered her worth

The bride of Christ are the one’s

who have prepared themselves

No matter the cost, or the price

they had to pay

No longer empty handed

She paid a high price

by laying down her life

Many soon to be brides

will now step out

They will go on this journey

of love with their King.

~ Ebigale Wilson

No Longer Empty Handed

The Journey