Set Apart By Grace

You specialize in mending

and restoring hearts

Your love searches for the broken

The downtrodden

The wounded ones

Rejoicing over one lost soul

You pick us up

You clean us up

You turn our hearts back

to Yours

You search the gutters

The backstreets

The places no one

chooses to go

Your love stronger

than the powers of darkness

Lure every heart

No matter how dark they

have become

Into Your marvellous light

The wayward ones

The prodigals

The misfits

The ones beyond repair

You don’t care

Your love can do the impossible

Shine through the darkest


You use our pasts

You use our pain

You use what the enemy

meant for our harm

To create the most beautiful

tapestries and work of art

In lives that were once consumed

by Darkness

Deep processes You put

Your set apart ones through

We huff and puff

We crawl and cry

We sometimes even dare

ask why?

Our pain turned into armour

Blinding the enemy as we

go higher

Our battle scars we wear

with honour

A reminder of our faithful Father

We reflect Papa’s heart in

all we do

We love Him more than life!

You marked us with

Your love

We are set apart by grace

Our lives a living sacrifice

To accomplish every dream

Papa has for us

You call us into Your

inner chambers

Where few chose to tread

For too long we were kept

in dungeons

Chained to painful pasts

The enemy held us hostage

He knew how courageous

we would be

When fear has lost its grip!

Too late, we know our worth!!

Death could not hold the One we

choose to adore!!

Death has lost his hold

on us!!

Emptied out

Dead to self

We chose to lay down

our lives!!

Love has won our hearts!

All for the Cause of Christ!!

~ Ebigale Wilson

Set Apart By Grace

The Journey