The answer is nowhere.

God is with us ALWAYS and I thank Him for that.

When I am stuck in the darkness, He calls me found and helps me climb out of the pit into His loving arms.

When I think I am on top of the world, He humbles me and shows me that I couldn’t be or do anything good without Him giving me the ability to do so.

Whatever I’m doing, it doesn’t matter cause He’s right there.

When I try to escape His presence, I fail to cause He is everywhere at once…He never leaves or forsakes me cause He knows I’ll soon need Him.

I can’t escape His presence and what a great feeling it is that He loves me so much that He won’t ever ever leave me even when I think I want Him to.

He knows us so well cause He created us, we are His masterpieces…His love for us is so GREAT that no depth, no height, no length, no sin, no past can separate us from His love❤

We belong to Him. We are His children and He is our heavenly Father, friend, and King👑🙏

We won’t ever be separated from His love💕 What a great promise and truth🤗✨

~ Bethany Anne