Kingdom Dwellers

You hang on a thread many times

Could not understand the arduous 

journey you’re on

Pappa trained His daughters 

during turbulent times

Betrayal, humiliation

Losses more then you can count

Attacks on our families 

Our futures

Our health

When will it stop?

We asked many times 

Walking through the wilderness

We saw many give up

The delicacies of an earthly 

mindset drawing them back

Daughters overcome by the 

love of the Father did not give up

They pressed past the confusion

The hopelessness

The endless questions

Something sacred happened

In the midst of a trying season

Brides awakened to higher calls

Trained by Holy Spirit how to rule 

and to reign

Restored daughters 

Hearts awakened

Minds renewed 

A new era of Kingdom Dwellers 

Who know who they are

Ready to invade and overtake

Spheres left unattended for years 

Excruciating processes for a reason

The humiliation, the stripping, the 

mockery were all part of the plan

Foreheads like a flint

Horns filled with oil

Ready to take dominion

Guard the gates of the cities

Invade and occupy every sphere 

of influence 

Will now take their place

We are silent no more

Uncharted territories are calling 

our names.

— Ebigale Wilson

Kingdom Dwellers

The Journey

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