King David, as a type of Christ, was loyal to whomever he served whether it was Saul, the king of Israel, or Achish, the king of the Philistines.  He was loyal to his leader, regardless of their character or their country.  

We so often want to weigh our loyalty in proportion to the goodness of our superior.  This is a very slippery slope, for if we decide that there is no goodness in our leader, then we can be tempted to violently oppose them, and we may find ourselves fighting against God.

This type of loyalty is a fruit of a faithful, courageous heart that recognizes God’s sovereignty over all.

Jesus demonstrated this characteristic perfectly, though he was God in the flesh. He could have incited rebellion against Rome or mounted organized opposition to the ungodly Jewish leaders, but he didn’t. He knew his kingdom was in another world, and he was not unduly threatened by earthly monarchs.

King David and Jesus both knew that submission to all ordained authority is in our best interest. When we are serving the King of Kings, we can relax knowing that our earthly king himself has a King to whom he must give account.

This takes a lot of weight off of our shoulders.  For, one day, we may be the leader or the king and we will need to know that our troops are on our side.  Anarchy is nobody’s friend.

— Brad Heilhecker