There may be a single reason that things seem to be progressing so slowly in the spiritual realm.  It may be that Christ is waiting to see unity among his followers before revealing his greater will.  And this may be the hardest thing for us to allow him.  For unity involves death to self—the cessation of my own ambitions and preferences.  We all still get to be individuals; this is not in question.  The point of contention is whether or not we are allowing others to be individuals as well.

And that means that we all get to choose how we will worship, with whom we will worship, and when we will worship.  We all get to choose our church, our friends, and our schedules.  We all are free to be just the exact unique combination of gifts, proclivities, and talents that Christ has sovereignly determined for each of us.  And that means “hands off” to those of us who would like to squeeze others into our molds.  

God is not interested in “cookie cutter” Christians.  He is looking for those of us who are willing to courageously become the unique individuals that he has ordained since the beginning of time.

Now we can rest in the peaceful knowledge that He is leading the band, not one or another charismatic leader that would like to see us dancing to their tune.  And he knows the tunes that he wants his band to play—songs of harmony, courage, and beauty, anthems of grace, power, and purpose.

Oneness: It is not just a universal theme; it is God’s dream.  And he will bring it to pass, as we individually and collectively learn to march and play in accordance with the rhythm and timing of the Divine Drum Major, Jesus Christ of Nazareth.  He came to our turf, learned what we must face, and then ascended on high in order to inspire and direct us as we each learn to play our parts in his symphonic spectacle—the coming of the kingdom of God to earth!

— Brad Heilhecker