Don’t Look Down

A general rule of thumb when ascending to great heights is to not look down.  For when we consider the downside of a certain harrowing adventure, we often are tempted to abandon the venture all together or at least to take our eyes off of the matter at hand, which can result in catastrophe.

When we are ascending to great heights, and we are tempted to look down, let us limit the scope of our vision to the footholds of our feet, not the chasm lurking far below.

Even the writer of Proverbs tells us to “consider the path of our feet, taking only ways that are firm.”  Also, the psalmist wrote that “you have set my feet on a rock,” indicating that God had secured his footing.

The New Testament application of this wisdom is that we “fix our eyes on Christ” and that we “set our affections on things above.”  For if we mediate too long on the dangers or even the pleasures of this life, we can be tempted to abandon our ascent to the heavenlies, our true home and our journey’s end.

— Brad Heilhecker