Sterling Wisdom

Many of you know Brad Heilhecker as a contributor to our daily blog for several years.

I met Brad over 15 years ago just months after my Brother Toby passed away. We were in recovery together with some amazing spiritual parents – Frank & Annie Haydock.

We have formed a deep friendship like brother and sister and he has been a wonderful supporter of me and my endeavors as well as our ministry and non-profit Restored Ministries.

Brad has battled cancer for the last 7 years. You would not know it from his blogs. You would not know it even in his presence because he never let that define him.

In 2020 the cancer progressed and just this last month it has advanced that the doctors have given him just days. Although I am still believing for a Miracle and only God knows when Brad will be called home, we have made special dates each week to visit.

Annie and I have been going the last several weeks and we laugh and cry and sometimes just watch him sleep. They have been treasured moments for sure.

I always encouraged Brad to write a book and well, I have done just that for Brad!

My most recent project – a crazy emotional labor of love that took me just 3 days!

This project and book are so super special and I got to deliver the hard copy to him today.

I cried more than him but he is used to it though.

Y’all go grab a copy! You will be so blessed by Brad Heilhecker’s gift.

Available here on Amazon in paperback & Kindle.

And also please pray for Brad and his friends and family during this time.

—XXOO Michelle Bollom

The How To Of Holiness

There is some debate in Christian circles as to whether we can overcome sin in this life.  However, this wasn’t debatable with Jesus.

On two different occasions, he told a man that he had healed  to “stop sinning or something worse may happen to you,” and he told a woman that he had forgiven to “go your way and stop sinning.”

The how to of holiness is and can be a subject of great discussion and deliberation, but the requirement of holy living in the presence of our holy God is indisputable.  The problem many times in churches is that corporate sin is both allowed and encouraged, and, therefore, individual sin is left up to each individual to deal with personally.

We need much encouragement from our friends when we are battling our sins and bad habits.

Rarely can an individual overcome temptation on his or her own.  So, we are to “encourage one another daily, so that no one will be hardened by sin’s deceitfulness.”  And “let us confess our faults to one another, so that we may be healed.”

— Brad Heilhecker