Did You Ask?

Did you ask the Lord for patience?

Did you plead for it in prayer?

But when tribulation tried you,

Did you think He didn’t care?

Oh, my child, He heard and answered,

Answered full your earnest cry:

“Tribulation worketh patience!”

Now you know the reason why.

Did you ask Him for submission?

Did you ask for it in prayer?

But when suffering came upon you,

Did you think it wasn’t fair?

Oh, my dear, He heard and answered,

Though not how you wished, ‘tis clear;

For we only learn submission

By the things we suffer here.

‘Twas unselfishness you wanted?

Did you plead for it in prayer?

But the sacrifice He asked for,

Did it seem too great to bear?

Oh, He cared, He heard and answered,

Answered full your heart-felt prayer;

For we learn to be unselfish,

By the sacrifice we bear.

Did you ask the Lord for victory?

Well, He took you at your word!

Tho’ when the battle raged around you,

You wondered if He’d heard.

Oh, my child, He heard and answered,

And He gave you your request:

For how can you win a victory

If you never face a test?

Did you ask to be made humble?

Not to have self-righteous pride?

But then wonder when He published

All your failings far and wide?

Well, my child, that was His answer

To your prayer of desperation:

The surest way to be made humble,

Is to bear humiliation.

Judge not God with mortal’s judgement, When your prayers are answered so;

For the truest paths for Christians,

Often lead through vales of woe.

And the answers that He gives you,

Will be truly good and fair:

Though you may not understand them

Till you view from over there!

–Josephine Hope Westervelt

Poetically Prophetic


You Have Come Home

I am bringing you to My 

waters of perfect rest

The place your heart

unknowingly searched for

A place occupied by 

the one’s who laid their 

hearts bare before me

Allowing Me to have my 

way in and through them

During their darkest times

Your journey was long and 

hard and steep at times

Yet you never gave up

I took you into unknown territories to test your heart towards me

The stripping of your ego, 

pride and old ways of doing 

things were necessary

I can fully use you when I 

see Myself in you

You are now moving in sync 

with My Spirit 

As My love emanates from 

your being 

It will spill over to everyone 

you come into contact with

Setting alight many to seek 

My face

My daughters I have drawn 

you with My love

While you were still in shackles

Clothed in rags

Blinded by your pain

My love gently lured you 

to explore My heart

Till you were overcome and 

forever changed by My love

You are entering the place I 

longed for you to find

You have found it through 

your many wanderings

You have found it through 

your constant pain

You have found it in your 

darkest hours

When you had nothing to 

hold on to

I drew your focus to My gaze

All your fears had to bow in 

the presence of My love

I am so in love with you, 

My daughter

You held onto My hand 

through the uncertainty

Through the voices trying 

to quiet you

Through the demonic attacks 

sent to derail you

You walked straight into 

an oasis of My never ending 

love for you

I don’t look at your credentials

I don’t look at your accomplishments

Nor at your outer appearance

I was captivated by your 

love for Me

Many will see and share 

and taste of the deep work 

that I have done in you

I am calling you to Myself

I have found you faithful 

Amongst many daughters 

that are still holding on to 

things of no worth

Your worth is hidden

in Me

No one can touch you

My sword over you severing 

every plan of the enemy

Oh how I yearn after you

What once held your gaze are fading in the background

The love and attention you 

so desperately needed from 

human beings

You have found in Me

I am your constant Companion

All other lovers are fading in 

the background

You have found the key 

to My heart

You will be like a beacon

drawing hurting daughters 

out of their caves

My light burning through you

will lead them straight to Me

This is the day that you will look back and thank your enemies for the part they have played 

They meant to harm you, but 

I am turning everything around 

for your good

Your journey brought you 

to this wide, open place in Me

The place I have prepared for you

The search is over

You have come home.

~ Ebigale Wilson

You Have Come Home

The Journey

Arise Daughters, Arise!

Suffering in silence

behind a mask

Too scared to open her mouth

It suited the enemy just fine

Healing can only begin

When we share our pain

She faced many fears

Eliminated them one by one

Till Papa put His finger on 

this specific one

The enemy silenced her

Kept her busy

with trivial things

He used her challenges to 

keep her in hiding

Without her consent

he stole her voice

Not aware of the power 

she gave away 

She disappeared

into the background

Shackles tied her

tightly to her pain

She mimicked what the enemy

expected of her

How could she give him

so much power?

Why allow him to decide

her journey?

While she kept silent

In the chaos surrounding her

She is facing this fear

That she kept hidden away

Like a sacred treasure she 

is bringing it in the open

It is time to be exposed

To lose its power

For her to be liberated, 

empowered, restored

Daughters it’s time to 

take off our masks

Reveal our hearts

Share our pain, our 

struggles, our challenges 

Reveal the scars,

that we hid for years

For too long we allowed 

the enemy to silence us

To keep us in hiding

In his web of lies

Many hurting daughter’s 

lives can only begin

When we are vulnerable

When we are transparent

Willing to die to ourselves

It’s time to break free

Talk about our journeys

Uncover our wounds

and the parts of our 

hearts not fully healed

Papa will make something 

beautiful out of our shame and pain

Your story holds the key to someone’s breakthrough 

and healing

Don’t let fear, pride, guilt 

or shame keep you longer

in chains

Someone’s life can only begin 

when you are vulnerable and transparent

The enemy fears the day 

daughters will share their 

painful journeys

He knows the weight our testimonies will carry in the 

spiritual realm

The broken and weary are waiting for us to step into their lives

Our yoke breaking testimonies 

will be like anointing oils healing 

their bruises, their hearts and 

painful memories

Many captives will be set free

When the daughters, trained in secret and obscurity will take 

their place!

Arise daughters, Arise!

The time of your release is here!

Step out in the Fathers righteousness, power and anointing

You have paid a high price for the sound that will be released through you!

~ Ebigale Wilson

Arise Daughters, Arise!

The Journey

Wilderness Daughters

When they heard you were summoned to the wilderness 

They laughed and mocked you

They were happy when your 

life came to a screeching halt

They thought you would 

die in the wilderness

That the hard processes 

would get the better of you


They didn’t know your God

The distance He would go 

for those He loves

He will leave the ninety-nine 

to look for the one 

hurting soul

You were standing there

all eyes on you

Wishing the earth would 

swallow you

Your heart torn to pieces

Many questions on your lips

Still you made your way 

to the wilderness

Whispered yes, when 

you wanted to hide

You could have ignored 

Papa’s whisper to come 

away with Him

Be like Orpah and never 

pursue your destiny

This was just a detour

Leading you to where 

He always knew you 

would reign

You fought your way

through your pain and scattered emotions

While holding on to Papa 

with all your might

You could live without 

many things, but not for 

a second without Him

Worship became your

greatest weapon

Silencing the voice of your 

critics and the voice of satan 

Something irrevocable was 

birthed inside of you during 

these trying times

Where deep would follow 

Deep blindly

You found your reason for living

Your purpose for existence

You love Him more than life

You didn’t know that those

Papa greatly uses

He calls aside

He invades their lives

He trains them intensely  

Till He can make them His 

dwelling place

We didn’t disappear like 

they wished we would 

Pain could not stop us

Religion could no longer 

cage us

We did not die in the wilderness  

The wilderness matured us 

in ways we never imagined 

All over the earth the wilderness daughters are arising

Everything about them are different 

They carry the sound of 

heaven in their mouths

Its a weighty sound that 

was obtained through persecution, rejection and fiery trials

It cannot be imitated by the 

ones who never visited the wilderness

They wear their scars, boldly 

and unapologetically

Their scars prepared them 

for their destinies

Lionesses are arising from 

the wilderness dust

Shining with His glory

Ready to take their places 

No longer intimidated by 

fake giants

They know their worth

They know who they are

They are ready to invade 

the earth with the heart of the Father beating through them!

~ Ebigale Wilson

Wilderness Daughters

The Journey

A Restored Life

She takes me on a journey 

to places in Papa that I 

have never been

She has been where I 

never tread

I hang on every word that 

flows from her lips

It is like ointment poured forth over my bruises and pain

Going deep, reaching my soul

Forcing me to take a look 

at my life

I don’t know if it’s the glow 

on her face

Or the peace that emanate from her being

Or the wisdom that flows 

from her lips

If I could only dwell in the shadows, which she calls home

Oh, how I long for life changing encounters with Him!

There’s no sign of the pain 

of her past

The cobwebs that used to 

keep her trapped

Had to let her go

For she dwells in the heart 

of the Father

Releasing the fragrance of heaven in the earth 

Her life a testimony of the power 

of the cross

She is a breathtaking picture 

of a restored life

Her face glows as if it was 

set alight by Papa himself

She gently moves through 

the crowd, ready to embrace the broken and lost

Leaving prints of Papa’s love wherever she treads

She can relate to others pain

She visited many painful paths

In her darkest hours, she was obedient to His call

When Papa summoned her to 

go deeper with Him

She joyfully abandoned everything

To go on a life changing journey with Him

He reached for her when 

no one would

Setting alight her dying embers

With one glance in her direction

She was forever changed

She couldn’t make pain her habitation

She used it to catapult her 

into His dreams for her

Oh, she is head over heels in 

love with Her Father

A tried and empty vessel

She died many deaths

She burns with His love

She drips with His oils

Her laid down life, her 

offering to her King

People are drawn to His 

divine love in her

That’s all she has, no silver 

or gold

She laid it all down, for what she has gained

Can never be compared to earthly wealth

Like Paul says “I have suffered the loss of all things and count them 

as rubbish, in order that I may 

gain Christ”

She now can relate, because she is dead to this world!

She now knows that she’s 

only a piece in His big puzzle

And that there are still many daughters that need to encounter His deep love for them!

~ Ebigale Wilson

A Restored Life

The Time Of Your Singing Has Come

She is like a rare diamond to Me

When I look at her

All of creation is caught up in 

her whole being

Nothing will ever erase My deep love for her

Nothing she could do will 

stop Me from chasing after her

Her presence and warmth, brings Me so much joy and delight

Everything she needs is hidden 

in My love

She faced many challenges

When I lured her with My love

I asked her to give up her dreams

To go on a journey with Me

Without hesitation she followed me

Yet pain and confusion were 

written all over her face

She traded it all, because of 

her love for Me

She knew it was time 

to come aside

To face every fear she tried to mask

Treasures were hidden underneath all her scars

When I unpacked her heart

Removed all the dross

The daughter I created before 

the foundations of the earth arose

My love healed every crevice of 

her broken heart 

Before My eyes, she was transformed into My end time bride

She carries My fragrance 

wherever she treads

My heart beating through her 

will set other daughters alight

Her testimony is drenched in 

My anointing

She birthed it during her most 

trying time

She is ready to take a place

She paid a high price

The anointing on her life didn’t come cheap

Her purpose was hidden in her 

deepest pain

She is finally free from every fear 

of the past enslaving her

The heights and depths of My 

love will be a beacon to her

Leading her further and further 

from the natural into a 

supernatural walk with Me

The enemy tried everything in 

his power to keep her in bondage, but she has broke free

Her mind is at peace

Her face glistens with My glory

The enemy lost his control over her

She is only captured by the gaze 

of her Father

Uncharted territories will be 

your dwelling place

Your Knight in shining armour 

will be your guide

Generations are waiting on 

your arrival

Hold fast to every dream and promise I spoke over you

I am moving on your behalf

The time of your singing has come!

Rise up, My love, my fair one

And come away

For winter is past

The rain is over and gone

The flowers appear on the earth

The time of your singing has come!

~Song of Solomon 2: 11

~ Ebigale Wilson

The Time Of Your

Singing Has Come

The Journey


You never thought you 

would end up here

Alone, far away from the 

presence of Jesus

The sound of guilt resounding

in your head

You try to escape, but it’s 

following you

Not a sign of the peace you 

once knew

The voice of the enemy 

mocking you

Though he was the one 

luring you away 

Subtle he sowed his seeds

You chew them all

Convincing you it’s fine to compromise

That it’s fine to be selfish

To think only of yourself

He just never showed you

where you would end

After the good times

The heights of sin

Hopelessness crept in

You fighting against

depression each day

The path that looked 

so appealing

Left you in pain

Bleeding all over what’s 

left of your heart

Guilt consuming you 

little by little

This was not how you 

thought it would end

On a ash heap with 

no hope

A prodigal you have become

Hiding behind smiles 

You say the right words to 

camouflage your pain

Others wouldn’t want to see 

the state of your heart

Sometimes you miss the 

sound of rebuke

The warmth of Papa’s presence

For someone to tell you it 

will be all right

You feel like a clown

In your own show

Tired from acting like it’s 

all okay

If someone would take the 

time to rip off your mask

They will see the desperation 

and guilt all over your face

You want to shout please 

help me!!!

But will those you have 

hurt forgive you?

You miss the arms you 

have pushed away

Miss the nagging of 

people who care

Now a shadow of the 

person you once were

Sin led you away little 

by little 

Nothing familiar in the 

space you’re in

Papa is calling His prodigals 

back to His heart

With fierce love He 

waits for you

No condemnation or 

judgement on His lips

He knows you’re so tired of 

the journey you’re on

His presence will invade 

all your voids

Replace your guilt with 

His grace

His blood will cover your past

He is waiting in anticipation 

for your return

Don’t let pride keep you 

longer in sin

Nothing you could have done

No amount of sin, would be able 

to withhold His love

The enemy is fearing the prodigals returning home

They will overcome him by the blood of the Lamb and by 

the word of their testimony!

~ Ebigale Wilson


The Journey

Changing Me

You said You would 

change me

It came as a shock

I thought I was perfect 

Scales over my eyes

Deaf to Your voice

I thought I knew You

Hard to admit,

but I never did

Oh how I was deceived

I said all the right words

Knew my bible by heart

Yet I did not live it

I flowed in Your gifts

Yet I did not know You

I only knew what others 

told me of You

Looked through blurred lenses

While You were waiting for 

me to know You intimately

It would have happened 

sooner if I was brave enough 

to face my fears

You knew me better 

than anyone else

I lived in a bubble

A dark cloud followed 

me everywhere 

I had so many issues

I thought this was my lot

Passing down a baton of religion 

to the next generations

Oh how I was blinded

I held on to temporary fixes

Yet every time pain would 

come knock on my 

hearts door

Healing and breakthrough 

were waiting in the letting 

go of everything I held dear

The price You asked me to 

pay was too high

Then You


disrupted my life

You got my attention

Separated me unto Yourself 

Here I found myself facing 

every fear

That I for so long chose 

to ignore

When You looked at me

You saw the blood washed daughter You created me to be

You saw my journey of healing 

and dying many deaths

You saw me scared and crying 

and longing for the familiar 

You knew with You by my side 

I could eliminate every demon

In my deepest pain 

You interceded for me

You never let go of my hand

Not even when I begged You to

When I broke through the barricades trying to stop me

You were the Light 

surrounding me

That was the day I discovered 

that all I ever needed was 

You loving me

In my denial and selfishness 

In my rebellion and pride

You reached out to me

Using my deepest challenges 

and pain 

To bring me back to You

I will never comprehend 

the love You have for me

I wanted You to change 

everyone around me

In my ignorance I thought 

I was perfect

In Your kindness You 

reached out to me

You are so, so good to me!

~ Ebigale Wilson

Changing Me

The Journey

Beautiful Daughters

Beautified daughters are 

taking their place 

Like caterpillars we were transformed into butterflies

Ready to spread our wings

Suddenly we were summoned 

to this place of transformation

We said yes without hesitation

Though most were caught in challenging situations

We did not hesitate 

We did not look back

We did not negotiate 

We surrendered everything 

for the most important journey

Scared at first,

we took the first steps

In a direction opposite

from which we came 

A sacred path

Paved by Papa

That would eventually bring 

us to a place of fullness in Christ 

Deep pain in the cutting 

away of old mindsets

We kept our focus through 

the different processes

We learned how to overcome 

the noise in our minds

Learned how pivotal

each lesson learned was

As we moved further into 

uncharted territories 

We ran into His unprecedented greatness and splendour 

We gave birth to faith

with no boundaries

And discovered a Love that 

can make time stand still

We laid down our lives

Our reputation

Our will

Laid down our dreams 

Stood with empty hands, 

but peace in our hearts

In this new place we are entering nothing of the old will do

Something sacred,

set in stone

was birthed through 

our broken lives

A new breed will now arise

Focused on purpose

And not on her pain

New lenses she looks through 

Peace that surpasses all understanding her new 

dwelling place

We know the time of the 

fulfillment of our dreams 

is here

We are right on time

We are waiting on Papa’s 


The voice we cannot

exist without

To lead us further into His 

dreams and purposes for us

This is the time that so many 

before us, were waiting for!

~ Ebigale Wilson

Beautiful Daughters

The Journey

Life Changing Love

Through my darkest seasons

You never left my side

Holding my hand,

when I stood alone

Wiping my tears,

when I couldn’t go on

Interceding for me,

when I couldn’t pray

When I was too weak to fight

You were on the front lines

My Mighty Warrior

who never loses a fight

Day after day

Month after month

My faith grew wings

I was amazed by Your love

Forever changed by Your heart

Longing to go deeper still

Faith takes me to places

I never knew existed in You

Blind faith was birthed 

during dark times

In a God, I never saw

Yet, I see His hand

at work in my life

I know the fragrance

of His presence

The sound of His voice

Papa’s love healed every part

of my broken heart

In my highs and my lows

My deepest pain

and my joys

At times when giving up 

looked so appealing

He picks me up

Sings love songs over me

Reminding me of

His covenant with me

Indescribable is Papa’s love 

towards me

I couldn’t, but trust 

in a God so amazing

Supernatural peace birthed 

in the darkest of days

A reckless faith

I never knew could exist

A heart awakened

Longing only after

her One True Love

He takes me to places

I never thought I would visit

Higher and higher

I go with the One

who holds the whole world

in His hands

Yet, He chose

to chase after 

every hurting soul.

What love is this?

I may never know, but I know I was forever changed and overtaken by 

a God so amazing!

Papa never gives up

on His daughters!

He lures us into

His marvelous light

Where He heals our hearts

We only know who we are 

when we encounter Love

Everything we need is found 

in His transforming love!

Then we pass on the baton 

to daughter’s still in chains

Sharing our testimonies of 

the power of the Blood and 

His life changing love!

So that they too can be changed 

by Papa’s transforming love!

~ Ebigale Wilson

Life Changing Love

The Journey