My eyes are drawn to 

her as she moves 

through the crowd 

There is something 

heavenly about her

I see Papa’s heart 

all over her face

As she moves from 

person to person 

She hold them close

and shares a few words

She tells us about her

painful journey

Yet nothing of her past 

clings to her

She gives us hope

She strengthens our faith

She makes us believe 

that there is purpose in 

each of our journeys

She gives us a glimpse 

of Papa’s heart for us

I can see and hear that 

she has been places not 

many have visited 

In Papa’s holy presence

Where atmosphere 

changers are born

The weighty sound she releases 

let’s the tears flow

Father’s presence invades 

the atmosphere 

Holy Spirit does for many 

what He did for her

His sweet anointing breaks 

many yokes

What if she did not follow 

Papa wholeheartedly? 

What if she made pain 

her memorial?

Got stuck amongst 


Made caves her homes?


She made the

decision to be brave

To stare fear in the face

and visit unknown territories

Father stripped her of 

her old ways and pain to 

have His way

A restored daughter arose 

amongst waste and 

desolate places

She is ready to take Papas 

heart to the world!

—Ebigale Wilson


The Journey

Total Surrender

There is a moment of quiet surrender in every storm. A hush as the whispers quietly breeze through the leaves. A steadfast resolve with roots planted deep, to be unmovable by the winds and rain that will soon rage again.

There is a pause when the noises thundering around you cease. The whisper of love brushes against your ear and the kiss of peace is planted on your cheek.

That place comes with a fierce determination to see things through Gods eyes. An unshakable, gut-turning desire to show and be love to the dark that threatens the world around you. That place is typically found on your knees.

When you get your knees under you, the sound of your breaking heart isn’t so loud.

When you get your knees under you, the strongholds start to break.

When you get your knees under you in total surrender, the truth can be seen clearly. Forgiveness can be easily given. Grace can be extended past lengths that seem to be too far.

Maybe, it’s not about the storm strengthening you, maybe it’s about total surrender to the King of Kings.

Change your view and maybe you can change the world.

“The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.” Exodus 14:14

~ Corinna Sharp

Here In Your Presence

She preferred to dance


She didn’t allow anyone 

to lead her

Her every step was perfect

Her every turn

Every twirl

Yet there was no one to 

catch her the times she would stumble and fall

Dancing on the beat of 

her own drum

She was in full control

It suited her just fine

Underneath her perfect 

exterior was a heart torn 

to pieces

She had to dance alone 

not to be hurt

Her life looked perfect 

on the outside 

Only Jesus knew the 

issues she tried to mask

There’s a place of total abandonment Papa leads us to

Where He takes the lead 

and we are transformed the 

more we let go

Here nothing of the 

old can exist

It is a door in the spirit 

where we go through

We say our goodbyes to 

every aspect that belongs 

to our past

We follow Papa blindly

As He takes the lead

Dancing in sync on a 

heavenly sound

Safe and secure in our 

Father’s embrace

There’s no place we would 

rather be 

Than here in Your 


Where we are One with You.

— Ebigale Wilson

Here In Your Presence

No One Ever Cared For Us Like Jesus

I can see that she has 

been crying

Swollen eyes

Tear stains on her cheeks

Yet she is putting up

a brave face

I ask her how she is doing

“Good” she softly replied

Avoiding eye contact

Looking through

Father’s eyes

I see the weary look on 

her face

Many questions in her eyes

She is at the end of herself

This is trying times for many

In the background “No one

ever cared for me like Jesus” comes bursting through 

the airways

The warmth of Fathers presence instantly fills 

the atmosphere

It’s like a light has been 

turned on over her face

The battle she has been 

fighting instantly lifts 

As Father’s glory 

covers her face

She is transported to a 

heavenly place

Lost in His presence

Tears of joy replace the 

fear in the atmosphere

We are reminded that 

Jesus was always there

He walked us through 

every trying season

His love sustained us 

in every valley

He was our anchor 

in every storm

Like the woman with the 

issue of blood

We will lay our different 

issues before our Papa

We will hold on to the 

hem of His garment

Till His supernatural 

power brings change in 

our natural situation 

He always has!

He still will!

We are never alone!

No one ever cared for us 

like Jesus!

— Ebigale Wilson

No One Ever Cared

For Us Like Jesus

The Journey

Technologies Screams

Ticking of clocks

Dinging of texts

Ringing of cell phones

Oh – what is next?




All day and all night

It separates me from you, there is no finish in sight

I battle through the masses

You’re all I need

I turn off the ticking, the dinging, the rings

I soak up the silence, the peace like a dream

You’re right beside me

You silence technologies scream

You tell me you love me

And you were here before

But now I can hear you

The world’s roar is no more

—Erin Bovat

They Dance To Only Heavens Tune

On the horizon 

I see them coming

What a beautiful sight 

to behold

A determined and 

focused army

Marching in unity 

as One

Trained in the worst 

of conditions

They are used to the 


the foreign, the 


Training had to be


Nothing of the old was

to remain

Their normal is the 


They flourish in low places

Reach their full potential 

in the dark

Trained and strengthened 

by their enemies

They bloom where others 

fear to tread

Mocked, rejected, overlooked

A remnant was trained 

in hiding 

Devoted and obedient

Focused on the King of 


Fear has lost its hold 

on them

Otherworldly they are 


Stubborn, strange…

Created to be different

They dance to only 

heaven’s tune

Ready to release a 

weighty sound 

Contended for 

Through many trials

Father had to get rid of 

any pride and “self”

This will be a nameless, 

faceless remnant 

Whose heart mirrors 

the Fathers

Side by side they will 

work the fields

The shaking exposed 

the lukewarm church and 

the remnant bride

A line is drawn between 

the goats and the sheep

Each one of us know

Which side we’re on

Receiving her final marching 

orders for this strategic time

Divine revelations are 

flowing from the throne 

room of heaven

Strategic keys are 

handed out

Ancient secrets are being 


Doors are opening…

To a remnant who gave 

up their lives to be 

One with Christ

—Ebigale Wilson

They Dance To Only Heavens Tune

The Journey

Walk Into The Fire

Now is the time to rise from our rest

To rise up stronger & pass the test

Walk into the fire

Let’s build something new

Get our lives restyled

Change our point of view

Be spontaneous & wilder

Release passion untamed

In glorious disorder

Energy unrestrained

Crazy & unplanned

Drop out of the chorus

And play with the band

Be feisty & fiery

Frantic & furious

Embrace the unexpected

Be blown by the wind

Wherever it take us

With love in our hearts

Intense & reckless

We will climb higher

Than ever before

Seeing new vistas

That stir & inspire

We’ll capture our dreams

Motivate & create

New connections

Restyle our lives

Cross over mountains

Tame raging seas

Let us be the pioneers

The explorers

The emotional engineers

That unite hearts & minds

With the intensity

The amazing creativity

In our desire to walk onwards

In the fire of love.

(c) Peter E Edwards

Walk Into The Fire

Apr 2020 all rights reserved @Seed4heart

Author Spotlight – Meet Sabinah Adewole

Sabinah Adewole is a best seller and has enjoyed reading from a young child . She studied English and her poetry has been informed from her experiences on her journeys of Life which has inspired a lot of readers across the globe.

She is an Associate member of the society of Authors.

Journeys of Life Volume 3 is her third poetry book. All her books can be found on Amazon across many countries. She continues to use her poetry to inspire her audience.

She started writing poetry from a park bench in Gidea park in May 2018. Her first poetry book Journeys of Life (Vol1) was published in Feb 2019 ,second book Journeys of Life was published in Dec 2019. (Vol 2)

Her first Children poetry book A Child’s journey through poetry (Vol 1) was published in America in Dec 2019 and is a best seller.

Copies are available in North America on Ingram and in Canada.

This book has captured poems written in United Kingdom, Luton Hoo, Canterbury,Antalya Nigeria and AbuDhabi  and has been influenced from the various workshops she has been a part of.

Sabinah has grown on the Poetry circuit, she has gone around various circuits promoting her poetry and this has been evident in most of her poems.

Sabinah’s poetry is informative to an every day audience and would impart on any one from all crosses of life , her poetry is for everyone and and some examples of her poems in this book are

Sounds of Space, Leaves of Change, Oomph exercise,Love escalator, Kitchen perfect ,The artist , A lovely day in the park, Flags of Nations ,Wuhan Corona virus to mention a few.

She is passionate , creative , determined , enthusiastic with a positive mindset and this can be captured in her poetry. She hopes that her poetry will have a lasting effect on any one across the globe.

Sabinah’s Poetry has been inspired by her faith. A number of the poems are centred around faith and she encourages the reader to develop his or her own faith but the message is not overly pushy.

Her poems are written in free prose style bringing out the truth and beauty in everyday living.

Some of her poems are classified as Haiku, Episolatory, Allusion ,How- to -poems, Object poems , Smell Poetry, Split or Cento poetry and Ekphrastic poems.

What others are saying:

“She gives each poem a speculiar spin, some bear a resemblance to sonnets others remind me of concrete poetry. The words itself are used to create imagery or feeling.”

“I feel as if the writer is dancing through life and inviting the reader to join in”

“Her poetry is optimistic, motivational and heartwarming”

“The poems are about her travels and personal experiences”

“She is clearly a world traveller and poetically narrates her trips to various places “

“Her writing is described as very interesting and well acknowledged on the international circuit “

Check out more on Sabinah and purchase her books at her Author Central Page

And on her Good Reads Page -Children Poetry

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Connect and follow on Instagram @sabinah_a