Time To Revisit My Promises

You did not know Me child

The trying seasons 

The roadblocks 

The stop signs

Had you turn to me

When your heart was broken 

you searched for Me

In the shadows

Low places

Dark nights

You held on to Me 

You cried yourself to sleep 

many times

Brokenness written over 

your heart

I loved you to wholeness

When caves were your home

Tombs your dwelling place

The voices in your head 

announcing your end

I would not let go of you

Though there were times 

you begged me to

In the wilderness I trained you

In many furnaces I purified you

Storms I used to strengthen your faith

During your most trying season

My heart and character were 

birthed in you

Before our journey you knew 

Me in part

Now your eyes have seen Me!

You experienced the depths and 

heights of My love

I have awakened every dormant 

place in you

It is time to revisit My promises

You have found favor in My sight!

—Ebigale Wilson

Time To Revisit My Promises

The Journey


It Is The Time Of The Promise

You would have prefered soft paths

Father knew it would never do

You were created for purposes 

much bigger then your thoughts 

could ever comprehend

You would have wanted to walk on 

soft places

Father would not let you settle for less than

He created you to be

You were formed in hidden places 

to shift atmospheres 

Demons tremble when they hear your name 

God set you apart 

Trained you in the dark

At times you thought of giving up

Why would a loving Father lead you on paths many never tread?

He knew you would possess many mountains

Rule and reign with His heart and 

character beating through you

Everything you have been waiting 

for is unfolding before you

Hold fast to My hand

In Me you are safe

Darkness fears you

You dont have to fear

I will take you places to 

represent My heart

Influence, influence will be your 

middle name

A sword in My hand

Bringing division to darkness and light

The battle has been won

It is your time to shine bright

I love your heart more than anything 

I see so many glimpses of Me in you 

Hold out your hands

It is the time of the promise

The fullfilment is here

Forgive and forget

The world will see in you a life holy 

and set apart for My purposes 

You will set captives free

The race has been won

My joyous one

You have been faithful 

Come get your reward

I am wiping your tears

The old is gone

Step into My glory

Come get your crown!!!

— Ebigale Wilson

“It is the time of the promise”

The Journey


Rooted In Faith She Stood

Rooted in faith she stood

A banner of Father’s grace

Broken, scorned, rejected 

Kept her position during 

her most trying times

Dark clouds are lifting

She can see clearly

Everything is falling into place 

The time of manifestation is here

The enemy watched her every move

The mountains she invaded 

The gates she possessed 

The walls she guarded 

Father’s voice her roadmap 

His blood her armour

Leading her into her promise land

Throw whatever at her

She will know what to do

Trained, steadfast, focused 

A diadem in Father’s hands

She moves as He commands

Hell could not stop her 

Summoned from an everlasting Kingdom

Tried and tested through fires 

Now she is a flame

Storms do not scare her

She was trained to ride waves

In valleys He matured her

Amongst like minded dwellers 

She found her home 

Daughters are awakening to 

higher purposes

Moving into and occupying 

dimensions never experienced

Heavenly blueprints unravelling

Father is extending His sceptre

The manifestation of Father’s  

goodness a ripple effect

As daugters accept and embrace 

heavenly mandates

We are silent no more!

— Ebigale Wilson

Rooted In Faith She Stood

The Journey


Stumble Upon Grace

The shadows her safe place

Non stop chatter in her head

Anxiety and fear her daily bread

She would go down desperate 

roads to numb her pain

Only to wake up the same

Every open door she entered

To get rid of her pain

Looking for solace in imperfect people

Thinking they have the power 

to heal her

If breadcrumbs are all you know 

Hurting people are a feast

Yet she never fit

Never belonged

Her heart a dark hole

Mere moments light tried 

to break through

She could see a glimpse of a 

better tomorrow

Light finds His way to her heart

Through testimonies of the sons 

and the daughters Jesus freed

She saw something different in 

those He transformed

They had hope and peace even 

in the midst of challenges 

Her life a circle of fear

There is a God who sees us

Our brokenness does not scare Him

Not even our wrong choices

Our sin or our pasts

He guide’s us through our graves

The hard places we choose to ignore

Breaking down stone walls of 

guilt and regret

Till we stumble upon grace and

Father’s light breaks through places the enemy once ruled!

— Ebigale Wilson

Stumble Upon Grace

The Journey


Unmatched Legacy

On the edge of giving up

One battle after the other

Her body is bruised

Her ego even more

Seems like every demon is after her

A regular in the gates of hell

She is a worshiper

She is a warrior

Trained by the Best

Known in heaven and hell

She knows what to do…

Worship is how she fights

her battles

Instantly darkness leaves

Making way for Light

Doing what she knows best

Her worship brings heaven 

down to earth

She pours out her heart like 

an alabaster box

A costly perfume of a 

yielded life

Tears well up in her eyes

Overcome by the presence of Jesus

She remembers Holy Spirit words

“See your challenges as training”

Warriors are trained in the 

gates of hell

Discovering their identity and purpose while surrounded by enemies

He is taking you higher

Challenges, painful times are

Father’s methods of training us

Looking past the enemy

We see Jesus

The bigger picture

Warriors do not give up

We fight the good fight of faith

Bold and unashamedly

Leaving an unmatched legacy 

for generations to come.

— Ebigale Wilson

Unmatched Legacy

The Journey