Get Your Feet Wet

Don’t be afraid of the rising tide or fearful of going deeper.

We must stop living a shaky and shallow existence.

We must move into our purposes steadily and deeply.

Begin to take steps of faith.

Get your feet wet.

With each step He calls you to take into the rising waters relax and feel the water lift you and effortlessly carry you along.

With each obedient step you will rise above and will no longer be fighting the currents.

Rest in the flow and rhythm of the Holy Spirit.

You will not drown.

Trust in the One calling you to deeper things.

~XXOO 😘 Michelle

खिड़की / Window

दरवाजे पर अगरदस्तक न दे अवसर,तो एक और दरवाजाबनाने की जगह,यह देखना चाहिएकि कहीं वही अवसरझांक तो नही रहा हैकिसी खिड़की सेचुपके से… 🪟 🪟 🪟 If the …

खिड़की / Window