The Past No Longer Their Home!

When her life was interrupted

Overcome by pain and shame

Desperation brought her to her knees

Tears streaming down her face

Jesus appeared on the scene

He was always there

Hiding in her shadow

Trying to get her attention

Blinded by her circumstances

Fear and anxiety held her hostage 

Dressed in graves clothes

Darkness was her holy place

Hiding in the background

She dared not dream of a better 


Where peace rules and

Pappa’s love is her safe place

Sometimes it takes a crisis

A roadblock

A detour

A decision 

To bring wounded daughters 

back to their first Love

The only One assigned to fill the 

voids in hurting hearts

Every pain He turns into a 

fountain of overflow

Daughters discover their worth

Their identity

Their purpose

The moment they hand Pappa the reign

He asked us to lay it all down

Our dreams

Our plans

Our deepest pain in exchange 

for wilderness journeys

Daughters wrecked and overtaken 

by the love of Pappa

From different backgrounds, tribes, 

nations and tongue will now make 

the supernatural their homes 

Weapons of war in Father’s hand

Darkness had to release them

Atmosphere shifters trained to 

invade and overtake will step into 

Kingdom assignments

The past no longer their home!

— Ebigale Wilson

The Journey