Faith Confidence

The prophet Isaiah wrote, “In quietness and trust (confidence) shall be your strength.”  This is a tough lesson to learn sometimes, for we can be misled into thinking that our strength lies in our ability to make noise and assert ourselves.

Yet, history repeatedly proves that the good, faithful man will triumph in the end.  He may not get the front page headline,  but you can read about him in the business section and the religion section where the diligent build their companies and the faithful do mighty exploits for their God.

Faith confidence is different from self confidence.  One says, “I have what it takes.”  The other says, “God has what it takes.”  Self confidence can be easily shaken when we look down and see our “clay feet”, but faith confidence can withstand any storm.  As Jesus’s ministry progressed, he increasingly found himself opposed by the powers that be, yet he did not waver in his determination to finish his course.

He knew that his Father would prevail in the end, and that there was a victory to be won on the cross and a resurrection on the other side of the grave.

To be sure, we all need much confidence to persevere through life’s challenges and to overcome every obstacle.  But there is a good way and a best way.  

Confidence in self may get us out of bed in the morning, but only faith confidence will allow us to sleep well at night.

Self confidence may win for us friends, but faith confidence knows how to keep those friends.  

Self confidence may build for us an empire, but faith confidence will produce for us a legacy and an example for future generations to follow as they wend their way on the often broken trails of life.

— Brad Heilhecker