God Loves Us More 

Wake up, are you too labeling yourself as a Spiritual Orphan. A spiritual orphan is someone that feels deprived of GOD’s protection or advantage. In some cases this can be a Christian that professes outwardly to know GOD as a Father; but often experiences internal contradictions? Maybe you personally understand. I did.


Let me paint the picture for you!

Are you trying to live like the Jones’? Some of us are trying so hard to be accepted by society that we will spend our last dime on material things that do not matter.


Have you isolated yourself from the church? Some of us say things like I am not religious I am spiritual so we neglect fellowshipping with the body of Christ. Note: we need to the body of Christ to help strengthen us.  


Do you feel an overwhelming sense of insecurity? Constant reassurance from others is simply an example of not having confidence in GOD’s love.


Are you focused on being performance based? This person is always working hard to outshine others. Additionally this person judges the weak performance of others!


So often we struggle to comprehend that GOD loves us. When I made the decision to seek GOD’s love first, I learned:

• God’s love is simple: I had been looking for something complicated and something big, in fact his love is simple. He asks us to simply go to him.

God’s love is strong: GOD gives us strength especially when we are weak. He will carry our burdens for us when we need him to. He will be the footprints in the sand for us.

God’s love abounds: His love is more than enough. Our cup will always overflow with his love, if we keep him first and in the center.

God’s love is endless: GOD will never stop loving you.


Here’s the message. Stop living as a Spiritual Orphan and allow GOD’s love to overtake you. He loves you more than you will ever know!

~ Lereca Monik 

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