Flood Waters 

Murky and black, you can’t judge their depths. 

 In our lives we aren’t always aware of the murky hidden and black things of our hearts.


Non-moving water always becomes stagnant.   

Nothing changes without change.  

The butterfly must break free from its safe cocoon in order to fly. The healing did not take place until the waters were stirred. The muscle doesn’t develop without resistance and movement. Endurance is only built by continuously enduring.


Water out of its banks destroys and erodes leaving behind a path of destruction and debris.  

When we are out of balance in an area we can spill over our banks and not be aware that our banks are being destroyed and eroded or what kind of debris we are carrying along with us.


Stirring clears the water to view into the depths to reveal hidden things. Downpours can be cleansing and aids in the stirring of the water. 

Stirring of the waters brings about healings and clears our view to see clearer into the depths of the deep waters of our lives.  

A stirring in our soul causes us to draw closer towards God for greater clarity and direction.


The flooding and overflow that has washed and eroded away our previous borders and banks (the things and priorities) of our lives are reestablishing new borders and banks.

  Those new banks and borders can actually help us to reorient more towards Christ and to what He has awaiting us. 


              ~XXOO Mchelle Bollom