The Sound Of Silence 


This video was going viral on the Internet and after seeing it appear numerous times I decided to click.  


I was a heavy metal fan back in my younger days. (Ok well, not too much but just enough to appreciate a really good one.) 

So I listened and watched this very creative video of a classic remake and I felt like this band was trying to get out a much deeper message….. Do you agree? 

~XXOO Michelle Bollom 

Sound of Silence performed by Disturbed original by Simon & Garfunkel  

How Do You Define A Mom 

Not all who have given birth are mothers, and not all who don’t give birth are childless.  

Today let us celebrate not just moms but also celebrate the foster moms, step moms, mentor moms, dad’s that stepped in as moms, single moms and spiritual moms. 

 May we also not alienate or forget those women hoping for a child, mourning for a child, chose to give up a child, regretfully aborted a child, or never ever wanted a child.

 Just because you may not be a “Mom” as the world defines a Mom, you are no less celebrated or loved today.   
                   ~ XXOO Michelle Bollom