Wilderness Daughters

When they heard you were summoned to the wilderness 

They laughed and mocked you

They were happy when your 

life came to a screeching halt

They thought you would 

die in the wilderness

That the hard processes 

would get the better of you


They didn’t know your God

The distance He would go 

for those He loves

He will leave the ninety-nine 

to look for the one 

hurting soul

You were standing there

all eyes on you

Wishing the earth would 

swallow you

Your heart torn to pieces

Many questions on your lips

Still you made your way 

to the wilderness

Whispered yes, when 

you wanted to hide

You could have ignored 

Papa’s whisper to come 

away with Him

Be like Orpah and never 

pursue your destiny

This was just a detour

Leading you to where 

He always knew you 

would reign

You fought your way

through your pain and scattered emotions

While holding on to Papa 

with all your might

You could live without 

many things, but not for 

a second without Him

Worship became your

greatest weapon

Silencing the voice of your 

critics and the voice of satan 

Something irrevocable was 

birthed inside of you during 

these trying times

Where deep would follow 

Deep blindly

You found your reason for living

Your purpose for existence

You love Him more than life

You didn’t know that those

Papa greatly uses

He calls aside

He invades their lives

He trains them intensely  

Till He can make them His 

dwelling place

We didn’t disappear like 

they wished we would 

Pain could not stop us

Religion could no longer 

cage us

We did not die in the wilderness  

The wilderness matured us 

in ways we never imagined 

All over the earth the wilderness daughters are arising

Everything about them are different 

They carry the sound of 

heaven in their mouths

Its a weighty sound that 

was obtained through persecution, rejection and fiery trials

It cannot be imitated by the 

ones who never visited the wilderness

They wear their scars, boldly 

and unapologetically

Their scars prepared them 

for their destinies

Lionesses are arising from 

the wilderness dust

Shining with His glory

Ready to take their places 

No longer intimidated by 

fake giants

They know their worth

They know who they are

They are ready to invade 

the earth with the heart of the Father beating through them!

~ Ebigale Wilson

Wilderness Daughters

The Journey