The Time Of Your Singing Has Come

She is like a rare diamond to Me

When I look at her

All of creation is caught up in 

her whole being

Nothing will ever erase My deep love for her

Nothing she could do will 

stop Me from chasing after her

Her presence and warmth, brings Me so much joy and delight

Everything she needs is hidden 

in My love

She faced many challenges

When I lured her with My love

I asked her to give up her dreams

To go on a journey with Me

Without hesitation she followed me

Yet pain and confusion were 

written all over her face

She traded it all, because of 

her love for Me

She knew it was time 

to come aside

To face every fear she tried to mask

Treasures were hidden underneath all her scars

When I unpacked her heart

Removed all the dross

The daughter I created before 

the foundations of the earth arose

My love healed every crevice of 

her broken heart 

Before My eyes, she was transformed into My end time bride

She carries My fragrance 

wherever she treads

My heart beating through her 

will set other daughters alight

Her testimony is drenched in 

My anointing

She birthed it during her most 

trying time

She is ready to take a place

She paid a high price

The anointing on her life didn’t come cheap

Her purpose was hidden in her 

deepest pain

She is finally free from every fear 

of the past enslaving her

The heights and depths of My 

love will be a beacon to her

Leading her further and further 

from the natural into a 

supernatural walk with Me

The enemy tried everything in 

his power to keep her in bondage, but she has broke free

Her mind is at peace

Her face glistens with My glory

The enemy lost his control over her

She is only captured by the gaze 

of her Father

Uncharted territories will be 

your dwelling place

Your Knight in shining armour 

will be your guide

Generations are waiting on 

your arrival

Hold fast to every dream and promise I spoke over you

I am moving on your behalf

The time of your singing has come!

Rise up, My love, my fair one

And come away

For winter is past

The rain is over and gone

The flowers appear on the earth

The time of your singing has come!

~Song of Solomon 2: 11

~ Ebigale Wilson

The Time Of Your

Singing Has Come

The Journey