Lion Of Judah

When the enemy comes prowling

You encircle us

No one can touch Your bride

You guard, jealous, over us

Our Lion of Judah

Many fierce battles we 

have faced

With the enemy in our face

Many trials and dark days

Days when we thought we 

have reached our end

With no fight left

Oh’ what a trying season 

it has been!

There were days when our 

pain shouted louder than 

our faith

Days when the enemy tried 

to lure us back to our past

When Papa’s promises faded 

into the background 

And the pain of the journey 

left us confused

And we ran to our caves

Our minds overcame with 

the enemies voice

Looking back we were never alone

You would always show up

Training us to focus on You

While praying in tongues and worshiping You

Taking us to higher levels of 

faith in You

You would sing over us

Till our minds were at peace

The darkest times became 

our most valuable times

You trained us while we 

were drinking bitter cups

The pain it required for us 

to change

hurt beyond words

We pushed through


at times

Making many mistakes

but it was all part

of the deep processes

We had to go through

You taught us to battle,

to trust, to win

You taught us to focus

while the storms were raging

Amidst fierce attacks

that was sent to take us out

You taught us to rest

while You fought for us

A trying, dark season 

You turned into our most 

rewarding season

Without knowing it You have 

trained and prepared us

Your bride was made ready 

during her darkest times

Oh’ how beautiful she has become

Her dress fits perfectly

She is perfected by Your grace

Her life a living sacrifice

Devoted only unto You

At the end of her journey

Papa became her everything

Her Lily dressed in glory

Her Alpha and Omega

The Writer of her journey

Her heart longs only after Him

He has her heart forever

She is nothing without Him

Her Lion of Judah

She was changed through His love

Made righteous through His blood

Our hearts beating in sync 

His bride is right on time

Not a step ahead, or behind

Our hearts are awakened  

Changed by deep processes

Love will be our guide

This is the season of the 

fulfillment of promises

We were purified and prepared 

to be used by our Lion of Judah

This is the season

we were waiting for

We’re waiting on Your lead.

~ Ebigale Wilson

Lion Of Judah

The Journey