You never thought you 

would end up here

Alone, far away from the 

presence of Jesus

The sound of guilt resounding

in your head

You try to escape, but it’s 

following you

Not a sign of the peace you 

once knew

The voice of the enemy 

mocking you

Though he was the one 

luring you away 

Subtle he sowed his seeds

You chew them all

Convincing you it’s fine to compromise

That it’s fine to be selfish

To think only of yourself

He just never showed you

where you would end

After the good times

The heights of sin

Hopelessness crept in

You fighting against

depression each day

The path that looked 

so appealing

Left you in pain

Bleeding all over what’s 

left of your heart

Guilt consuming you 

little by little

This was not how you 

thought it would end

On a ash heap with 

no hope

A prodigal you have become

Hiding behind smiles 

You say the right words to 

camouflage your pain

Others wouldn’t want to see 

the state of your heart

Sometimes you miss the 

sound of rebuke

The warmth of Papa’s presence

For someone to tell you it 

will be all right

You feel like a clown

In your own show

Tired from acting like it’s 

all okay

If someone would take the 

time to rip off your mask

They will see the desperation 

and guilt all over your face

You want to shout please 

help me!!!

But will those you have 

hurt forgive you?

You miss the arms you 

have pushed away

Miss the nagging of 

people who care

Now a shadow of the 

person you once were

Sin led you away little 

by little 

Nothing familiar in the 

space you’re in

Papa is calling His prodigals 

back to His heart

With fierce love He 

waits for you

No condemnation or 

judgement on His lips

He knows you’re so tired of 

the journey you’re on

His presence will invade 

all your voids

Replace your guilt with 

His grace

His blood will cover your past

He is waiting in anticipation 

for your return

Don’t let pride keep you 

longer in sin

Nothing you could have done

No amount of sin, would be able 

to withhold His love

The enemy is fearing the prodigals returning home

They will overcome him by the blood of the Lamb and by 

the word of their testimony!

~ Ebigale Wilson


The Journey