My Personal Valley

When I walked through my personal “valley of the shadow of death,” the thing that stood out most was the vast amount of enemies popping up from everywhere.

Papa God taught me a few important lessons of the value of our enemies and how He uses them to catapult us into His dreams for us.

At the beginning of my “training” I did not know how to handle my enemies and there were many days that I wanted to turn around to my past because of the attacks. Till the day Holy Spirit said to me, “See every challenge and enemy you face as training.” Those words made my journey easier and every time one of my enemies would pop up, I just asked myself “What does Father want to teach me this time?” Our wilderness season is all about training and transforming us.

Holy Spirit taught me that every enemy represents an “area” in our lives that we have not overcome and matured in yet to occupy.

Father knows the callings on our lives and the enemies we need to conquer in order to rule and reign in whatever spheres we are called to invade and occupy. Whatever enemies we do not conquer in our personal wilderness, we 

will surely meet them again in the future. Father will not release us into His dreams when our enemies still control and rule over us.

This is one of the biggest reasons our “coming aside season is so important”. Here we are trained to handle pressure and attacks specific for the spheres and mountains were are called to occupy.

Holy Spirit trains us when and which spiritual weapons to use at different times in our journeys and also when to go into Fathers rest. In Father there is truly “a peace that surpasses all understanding”.

Whatever I do not deal with and overcome in my life, I leave it for my children and their children to still have to fight.

Looking back I now know that it was specific enemies that set me on a path to be fearless and bold. Specific ones trained me in spiritual warfare. My enemies trained me to overcome whatever life throws at me. Through their attacks, I gained ground in the gates of hell and I did not back down. I knew who was walking beside me, whispering to my heart that I was called for such a time as this. Today the once scared and anxiety ridden daughter is fearless because of God’s grace and love. 

I took a hold of my God given authority and identity to change atmospheres and to invade and conquer mountains left unattended by Christians for years. When we know who we are in Jesus, no one else can convince us otherwise.

Father wants to bring all of us to this place in Him. The place where our hard processes come together and we dont see the pain any longer, but we see His hand alive in our lives. We see the bigger picture and where we fit in. The enemy gained a lot of ground through us not stepping into the different spheres Father called us to. It is time to take back what he has stolen.

All of heaven is backing us!! When David walked through his personal “valley of the shadow of death”  he did not focus on the “valley”. He knew who had his back, while walking through it. He focused on all the good things Father was preparing for him.

Do not allow “valleys” to steal your focus. They’re only there for us to discover our identity, authority and mandate in the Kingdom of God.

— Ebigale Wilson



Embrace The Unknown

Everything is falling into place

The veil has been lifted

You can see clearly

The journey you have travelled

Now has a destination

The dark clouds have lifted

No need to wonder 

Or endless questions

The puzzle shows a picture you 

will understand

The processes were relentless 

So were the battles

You will now thank jezebel, 

witchcraft, religion and tradition 

For they have trained you well

The head and no longer the tail

You have paid a costly price

You have laid down your life

For the sake of the Kingdom

Said goodbye to this world

Enemies sent to harm you

I used to shape you

To shift you

To transform you 

My presence your addiction

My voice your compass

Time for Kingdom daughters 

to take their place

Widen your tent pegs

Embrace the unknown

You can do anything

Do not limit yourself 

Expand your horizons

Expect the unexpected

Think out of the box

The old won’t do it anymore

New discovered passions 

A glimpse of your future 

Seated in heavenly places

You have the mind of Christ 

You were born, trained and prepared 

for such a time as this!

— Ebigale Wilson

Embrace The Unknown

The Journey

The Past No Longer Their Home!

When her life was interrupted

Overcome by pain and shame

Desperation brought her to her knees

Tears streaming down her face

Jesus appeared on the scene

He was always there

Hiding in her shadow

Trying to get her attention

Blinded by her circumstances

Fear and anxiety held her hostage 

Dressed in graves clothes

Darkness was her holy place

Hiding in the background

She dared not dream of a better 


Where peace rules and

Pappa’s love is her safe place

Sometimes it takes a crisis

A roadblock

A detour

A decision 

To bring wounded daughters 

back to their first Love

The only One assigned to fill the 

voids in hurting hearts

Every pain He turns into a 

fountain of overflow

Daughters discover their worth

Their identity

Their purpose

The moment they hand Pappa the reign

He asked us to lay it all down

Our dreams

Our plans

Our deepest pain in exchange 

for wilderness journeys

Daughters wrecked and overtaken 

by the love of Pappa

From different backgrounds, tribes, 

nations and tongue will now make 

the supernatural their homes 

Weapons of war in Father’s hand

Darkness had to release them

Atmosphere shifters trained to 

invade and overtake will step into 

Kingdom assignments

The past no longer their home!

— Ebigale Wilson

The Journey

How To Handle Hurts

Feeling unheard and unappreciated, shunned and shushed…

The deep chasm seems too wide and divided to every be bridged again by common ground.

The endless need to always be right when everything is wrong.

Half-hearted attempts falling as flat as the air that has become thick and stagnant sucking the very life out of you.

What do you do when you have been hurt to the core?

You can rehearse the hurts or release them.

You can let those that mistreat you defeat you; OR you can gather yourself and your tears and take them to the Only One that can rightfully do anything with the dings that have assaulted your heart and soul.

The Only One that will remove the hardness from your heart and hopefully theirs too… and fully redeem and restore.

He keeps every tear you shed in a bottle.
Why does He capture them?

I believe it’s so He can turn those same tears into the refreshing and watering and deep cleansing our very heart and soul needs to fully forgive and release all the hurts.

Stand and let the Lord fight for you.

The Only One that never hurts or disappoints is God.

Exhale and free yourself from it all.

Then take a deep breathe in and inhale the freshness of a reset and restart to your heart.

Feel His Mighty Spirit that promises to be our strength when we feel weak fill up all those crevices that the dings of hurt created.

He is faithful! You Can Trust Him!

—XXOO Michelle Cosby Bollom

An Unbeatable Hand

Sunday night I had a moment when interceding and praying for many things that I kept saying over and over …
The Enemy Keeps Over Playing His Hand! I am mad and fed up with this Lord.”

Then instantly I heard the Lord speak to my heart; “I have The Royal Flush Michelle.”

I laughed and said “Ok Lord – I Trust You… but can we please flush all this foolery going on right now.”

As God usually does – He instructed me to get up and start writing down His download…..

I wrote down 👇🏻

The enemy does not have the winning hand.

It just seems like he is winning and overplaying his hand right now.

Oh’ he is good at deceiving – he has a staunch poker face.

But he is only bluffing…

The Lord’s “Royal Flush” is fixing to declare Game Over!

As I researched the next day to see what is a Royal Flush exactly … this is what I found 👇🏻

A Royal Flush is 5 cards in perfect alignment. — A,K,Q,J,10

A royal flush is an unbeatable hand.

In true God Wink fashion yesterday I happened to glance at the clock or my phone at 12:34, 1:23, 2:34, and 4:56.

So, I knew that this was God confirming His “Royal Flush Alignment” Download.

The simple takeaway folks ….

That’s how we win this battle of good vs evil people.

We align with God; His Word and His Ways.

We keep calling out that punk the enemy because he is only bluffing.
No matter what news he throws at you… he is only bluffing … he doesn’t have, nor will he ever have the winning hand.

God Wins!
And God always has the Royal Flush!

Pray this prayer with me peeps:👇🏻

Lord, we align with Your Truth.
We align our hearts to You
and Your Perfect Love.
We come out of agreement with unbelief, hate, offenses, lies and fear.
Lord, flush out the evil agendas in our land. Flip the tables.
Every riot shall now become a great revival.
Destroy all sick plots and schemes.
Every dark assignment must bow down now at Your feet.
Remove the hate.
Reduce Your people to love.
Shake and shift the atmosphere.
Reclaim and realign peoples hearts back to You. Supernaturally stop and block whatever is set to cause harm and disrupt Perfect Peace.
Force the enemy to show his cards so Your people will not buy his lies anymore.
We declare a Royal Flush has been laid down by You.
The winning hand is Always Yours.
We come into perfect alignment with You Lord.
We align all our choices to Your Word and Your Ways.
Forgive us.
Heal our land.
Heal our bodies and our minds.
Heal our hearts and our homes.
Heal our communities and our country.
In Jesus’ Mighty Name. Amen!

— XXOO Michelle Cosby Bollom

Align All You Kings & Queens to Jesus -🙌🏻

10= Creation, Authority of God, His Government on the earth, responsibility, obedience, power, strength, law, security, completeness

Don’t Cry For Me

You kept quiet 

You never said a word 

Don’t tell me you didn’t see 

the pain in my eyes

When your words would 

pierce my heart 

Didn’t you recognize one 

of your many demons you 

chose to ignore 

Following me like a cloud

Oh how you spoiled me

Gave me everything I wanted

Yet my real needs were 

never met

All I needed was to hear that 

you are sorry for the part you 

played in my pain

You had high expectations 

of me, but not of yourself

With your mask on your face

you masked your scars

Played the part of a 

perfect parent 

Was it too hard to search 

your heart?

To admit that you never 

dealt with your past?

Was it so hard to face the 

demons tearing us apart?

You should have known 

you were passing it on

You should have known

I would wear your scars

This dark cloud following 

me would take me to 

places I hated to be

The cutting, the drugs, 

wrong friends would

numb the pain for a while 

Then reality would hit me like 

a ton of bricks

I am alive 

Yet not seen

Seems like every demon 

terrorizes me

Like a yoke on my neck

I am carrying that which 

you ran from

They say I have this illness 

They say I have that illness 

They say I am a lost case 

All these labels they put

on me

I say all I needed was a 

listening ear

One present, healthy 

parent who put me first

Who believed in me

If only you would deal with 

your demons

I’ll just do what you did

Bury my head in the sand

Let pride take me on journeys  

I was never intended to be on

It was never about me

Always about you

Your pride was worth far 

more than my pain

Don’t cry for me.

— Ebigale Wilson

Don’t Cry For Me

The Journey