The Totality Of The Reality

“Words can be twisted into any shape.

Promises can be made to lull the heart and seduce the soul.

In the final analysis, words mean nothing.

They are labels we give things in an effort to wrap our puny little brains around their underlying natures, when ninety-nine percent of the time the totality of the reality is an entirely different beast.

The wisest man is the silent one.

Examine his actions. Judge him by them.”

― Karen Marie Moning

Our Words Carry Weight

Can you imagine if the things you said to someone or the promises you made were measured in pounds?

What would your weight be for the last week/month? And what if those words were measured against how your actions fell in line with the words and the weight was doubled? Or tripled depending on the severity of the things we utter…ed.

What if you had an accountability partner that you had to report to and that person monitored your daily baggage? Would that change us? Would it make us more aware of how the things we say affect people? Aware of how people depend on us and our stability and our intentions?

Think of the things you hold dear to your heart that have been said to you…the things that catch you off guard, that pop into your head and make your heart pitter patter, the things that made you feel loved and special. The ones that affirmed and conveyed affection. The ones you revert back to in a moment of insecurity or vulnerability.

Now, think of the promises that were made that were unfulfilled, the ones that steal your breath, make your eyes fill with tears and the lump appear in your throat. The ones you wanted so badly to come true. The ones you wanted the other person to regard the same way you did. The ones with future plans attached to them. The ones you can never erase.

Now think about which ones you remember more? Which ones haunt you? The ones where you are affirmed or the ones that left you wondering what part you played in the demise? I think human nature is to try and rationalize why we say things we don’t mean. Why we say things that cancel out the love we’ve uttered in the past. I think our selfishness controls most of us and overrides our words and actions.

But the weight….what if we had to carry that around for everyone to see? Would we be more conscious? Would we consider the ones we’re talking to and consider the weight of our words to them? Whether they uplift or tear down? Whether they will remember with love or tears who we were to them? Would we be more careful with our own hearts and others?

If communication is a key to a relationship then intent with our words is the lock that turns to open the door to light or darkness and the weight we are responsible for is directly proportionate to the absence of either of those.

I’m pretty sure my albatross would be in the double digits….what about yours?

~Elissa Renee Shelton

Reshare from 2015 Archives

Be Thankful

Just like the game of Scrabble, take the letters you have been handed in life and make a statement or word for yourself.

Put them together to spell out a winning word that creates an environment where you could easily collect points or value to bring you to a higher level of success.

Decide today that you will take everything……ALL your good and bad letters to formulate strong words that leads you to be a winner.

E B H A T F L N K U 

Be Thankful,

Kelley Allison

Reshare from 2016 Archives

Happy Thanksgiving to those celebrating today.

We are “Thankful” for all of our followers!


Worthy Thoughts: Refuse to get involved in inane discussions; they always end up in fights.

Inane is just one letter short of insane!

Inane means silly, foolish or pointless.

This is a great promise to remember!

~ XXOO Michelle Bollom

The Power Within 

Every word we speak relinquishes power – God spoke and it was so. 

God’s power is in all of us. It is in everything he has given breath to.

The words that speak about ourselves become the truth that we live out while here on this earth. Whether we say things to ourselves in silence, or out loud, we become the very chatter we speak, sometimes underestimating the power that they have.

God desires us to live in the power by his word and in the truth given so that we can create a life with him.

Live in his truth today. Speak to yourself, to those around you, in the way God would speak to you.

“And the earth was waste and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep: and the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.” “And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.”-‭‭Genesis‬ ‭1:2-3‬ ‭ASV‬‬

~ Baring His Beauty,

   Tiffany Thomas 


I keep hearing this word! 

You know when a word hits and just keeps bouncing and boomeranging around until it lands….

Well that is what has happened with Mundane.  
The quick definition is-

Mundane: Common, ordinary, lacking excitement or interest, dull

I was asking the Lord what He was trying to show me with this word… 

Today I got this phrase upon waking ….

My Messages & Miracles Come in the Mundane 

I knew Daddy was Downloading to me but I had not stopped long enough to do the full unpacking. 
A new friend shared on Facebook tonight that

David found his destiny while searching for his dad’s lost donkeys. 

She even mentioned that word…


So I want to encourage you all as you pack those lunches, wipe those counters, wash those dishes, fold those mountains of clothes, care for your children or parents or spouses or whatever it is you find yourself to be stuck in over and over like the movie GroundHog Day… 


             Don’t despise the mundane. 
Mundane is where God is conditioning you.  

Mundane is where God is preparing you.

Mundane is where God is building you.

Mundane is where God is growing you. 

Mundane is where God is refining you.

Mundane is where God is restoring you.
Every day, every moment, every second of the common, ordinary and even dull duties- those mundane moments are what is birthing God’s messages and miracles.  
I love this great quote:

“The glory of tomorrow is rooted in the drudgery of today. 
Many people want the glory without the cross, and the shining light without the burning fire, but crucifixion comes before coronation.”~ Streams In The Desert 

So don’t throw away your confidence—it brings a great reward. 

You need to endure so that you can receive the promises after you do God’s will. ~ Hebrews 10:36-37 

My friends, we are not those who give up hope and so are lost; but we are of the company who live by faith and so are saved. ~Hebrews 10:39 VOICE 
                   ~ XXOO Michelle Bollom 

The Less Said 

When we feel moved to express our opinions or give a knee jerk response to someone we must weigh the impact of our words and keep this in mind…. 

“Sometimes the less said is the best said.” 

          ~XXOO Michelle Bollom 

In the multitude of words there is no lack of rebellion, but he that refrains his lips is wise. ~ Proverbs 10:19 JUB