Avoiding Entanglements 

en•tan•gle•ment (ɛnˈtæŋ gəl mənt) 


1. the act of entangling. 

2. the state of being entangled. 

3. something that entangles; snare; involvement; complication. 

The dictionary describes entanglements as being like a spiders web.  

When you think of it, the spider weaves this intricate enticing web to snare his prey into the complicated but beautiful mess in order to devour it. That is pretty much what satan tries to do with his web of lies.  

But if we stay ever close to God and remember all the good He has done, fill our minds with His word, and learn to be led by the Spirit, we will avoid the enticing entanglements of the enemy that will try to lead us away from God and His plan for us. The enemy is subtle; he will even use something that seems good at first glance to try to entangle us. 

Lord, help me to never recount the wrongs or the negatives. May I only declare and speak of Your goodness and miracles. I love You, the Blesser way more than the many blessings. Show me how to avoid the entanglements of the enemy and the inner me as I learn to be led by Your spirit and no longer by my flesh. Your timing is worth waiting for. Help me to never rush or delay. Help me to rely fully on You and Your stability to move forward. In Jesus’ Name. Amen. 

O Lord my God, many and many a time you have done great miracles for us, and we are ever in your thoughts. Who else can do such glorious things? No one else can be compared with you. There isn’t time to tell of all your wonderful deeds.~ Psalm 40:5 TLB 

God’s timing is always worth waiting for. If we look to Him for help, He will rescue us from destruction and despair and from the things that hold us down. He will also bring stability to our lives so that we can move forward again with confidence and joy. If we are to experience God’s best for our life (which far exceeds all we can imagine), we need to rely on Him alone and avoid any entanglements with those who will lead us away from God and His plan for us. ~ Life Recovery Bible 

The Way Back To Sanity 

Make a list of all the things you couldn’t live without….. 

Most likely it will also be those things you are making an idol. 

Many people, even Christians today don’t believe or recognize they are struggling with idolatry.  

Years ago I remember when I heard that 

Anything competing for heart space with God is an idol. 

I was so convicted. 
Ouch! I discovered I had a ton of idols.  

What are some things that compete with God? 

Well, for me, some of them over the years were:

Smoking cigarettes 

Drinking alcohol



Physical appearance




Religious service






Designer Brands

My children

My husband

My phone


Secular Music









God doesn’t want to be your first and best God, He wants to be your Only God! 

Today on my 10 for 10 download of my Fasting Experience, God wanted to remind me how easily something, even something good, can take over and start to become an idol. 

He also reminded me that some people will always question the legitimacy of what we say, but no one can question the fact of a transformed life.   

When things start to feel out of balance or insane there is only one way back to sanity…. 

We have to put things back in order and remove anything that takes our time or priority over God. 

                ~XXOO Michelle Bollom 
Dear children, keep yourselves from idols. ~1 John 5:21 NIV 

Dear children, keep away from anything that might take God’s place in your hearts. ~1 John 5:21 TLB 

John ends this letter by reminding us who the true God is and warning us not to let anything take God’s place in our heart. He cautions against entertaining any false ideas about God, which are at the root of all false religious systems. Recovery involves elimination of not only all wrong ideas about God, but also any material substitutes for Him and all controlling sins. Recovery means putting God back in His rightful place as the absolute Lord of our life. Someone has said, “only Jesus Christ is able to control a persons life without destroying it.” In a restored relationship with God, the submission of our life and will to His control is the way back to sanity. ~Life Recovery Bible 

Intimate And Organic 

When I started this fast on 10/4, I asked the Lord to download deeper truths and show me each day some encouragement to carry me along. 
God has been so faithful, He is 4 for 4- 

4 days -4 revelations/encouragements so far.

How do I know these revelations and “downloads” are from God?
I added almost two years ago these two practices to my morning quiet time routine. 
From my dreams, I write down all the people in my dreams. I then use The Name Book by Dorothy Astoria. It lists a bible verse for each name. 

The 2nd place I go to is Waking Words of Ancient Wisdom by Barbie Breathitt. It lists correlating Bible versus to times. 

When I awake during the night, I jot down the times and look them up the next day. Sometimes it is nothing more than that person on my mind or something too spicy for dinner or just having to get up and pee. But usually 99.99% of the time, it is God having me unpack something He is trying to teach me.   

So by now I recognize when a download is coming on, kinda like needing to go potty. I can feel it rumbling and stirring and there is no stopping it. (my son will be so proud I used a little bathroom analogy and humor today) 

So back to today …
God took me to this verse:

“I am the Vine, you are the branches. When you’re joined with me and I with you, the relation intimate and organic, the harvest is sure to be abundant. Separated, you can’t produce a thing.” ~ John 15:5 MSG 

Afterwards God usually sends me to the dictionary and/or bible commentary.  

The two words that stood out were:


Closely acquainted; familiar, close. 

n. A very close friend



Of, relating to, or derived from living organisms

Right then I knew that God was downloading to me. As He also lovingly whispered to my soul:

It may get rough some days, it may make you want to give up Michelle, but cling to Me. Keep your relationship with Me and with food, intimate and organic. Keep it simple. Keep it Pure. Rest in Me. My burden is easy and light. The harvest is sure to be abundant if you stay linked up and aquainted with Me. When you separate from Me, you won’t produce a thing. You can’t do it without Me. I got this girlie! I got you in the palm of My hand. I am the true living God. All things are possible with Me. 

Yes! I am sticking close. I am clinging Lord! Today I am pressing on and thanking God for His Word and His downloads and for a light and easy burden. Instead of food being my Best Friend, God, You are my new BFF.  
I am believing with joyous hope that all things are possible and that soon I will also be lighter too.
                 XXOO Michelle Bollom 

#SongSunday – Time To Be Well


No man is an island. Especially no woman. We need each other ladies, and we need each other badly. We need to chat, hug, cry, laugh, vent. More importantly, we need to pray, encourage, confess and release each other. Release each other from the little boxes or prisons we put ourselves in.
It’s time to be well ladies. This song is so catchy and the words are so good!
Over the past few weeks my friends and I have had some amazing designated prayer time together. We have to schedule these times because it takes a while. One by one we pray for each other. I can tell you there are very few things sweeter than hearing a close friend pray for you. Heartfelt, for real, truthful, honest, and powerful prayers that reach right down into your heart and pray the words you can’t pray for yourself.
This song talks about Jesus taking us straight to the healer. Well, I think as girlfriends we can and very well should take each other straight to the healer. We need to be Jesus in the flesh for each other. I made a joke in that group of ladies that we needed to get a white van and pick up our friends that don’t show up. Stalker! I call myself that because if you are my friend and I know you are struggling with something I will text, call or Facebook you until you answer me! Creepy I know, but I want to be taking my peeps straight to the healer!
“You tore a hole in the roof and you laid me down, just to make me well.” She’s referring to Jesus coming in and healing. Well, we need friends that will blow the roof off and help us. Ladies, if all you have is friends to gossip, eat, drink, shop or just exist with, let me encourage you to hang with some different friends or add friends to your entourage that will do what it takes to help you and themselves become the person they really want to be.
You know the phrase…”help a sista’ out?” Yea, well that’s what I’m saying!
I had to kick alcohol completely out of my life almost 5 years ago. My drinking was becoming toxic to my marriage and causing me so much inner turmoil because I knew I had a problem. In my quiet time with the Lord one day, I felt God telling me enough! Within a week of that moment, I mustered up the courage to ask one of the ladies from my Bible study group to pray with me. She was a recovering alcoholic herself and had been sober for years. I found this out about her the first day I met her in our group three years prior, but it took me that long to be ready to face my problem. She met me exactly where I was and “blew the roof off” with her prayer. She was Jesus to me in that moment. I’ve not been the same since that moment, and I haven’t touched alcohol in years. We have that power with our gal pals. We can take them straight to the Healer.
Hand in hand, prayer by prayer, tear by tear, in any given moment we can be the catalyst to help someone’s life change. Now, that’s exciting!! ~ Stephanie Wanic -God’s Beauty Secrets

© RestoredMinistries

Enjoy this weeks
#SongSunday “Time To Be Well” by Jenny Simmons


Time to Be Well

I wasn’t looking
I wasn’t ready
kicking and screaming
Tired of believing
by myself
I never would’ve done it on my own but you
you were never gonna let me go

And you took me-
Oh you took me
you took me


Straight to the healer
you were my believer
When I couldn’t even see it for myself and now I’m whole, I can feel it
now I can see it
when I wouldn’t even say it for myself you said it’s time to be well

verse 2

no man’s island
we need each other
no use in hiding
no gain in lying
to myself
cause I don’t have to do this on my own with you
i don’t have to walk this road alone


Straight to the healer
You were my believer
When I couldn’t even see for myself
Now I’m whole, I can feel it
Now I can see it
When I wouldn’t say even say it for myself
You said it’s time to be well
You tore a whole in the roof and you laid me down just to make me well, just to make me well (x3) You tore a whole in the roof and you laid me down and HE made me well, yeah he made well

Called To Be Prosperous


My life wasn’t wrapped up so beautifully from the start. Growing up I was a foster child, raised in more foster homes than one could imagine. I suffered tremendous pain stemming from every aspect of abuse; physical, sexual, and emotional the entirety of my childhood. These were many homes with just a kid, ‘just passing through’. Around the age of 16 my biological parents located me and without fear of who theses strangers were, I ran away to live with them having the false pretense, ‘They finally came back! I knew one day my parents would come back! I’m rescued’. Yes, all children want the fairy tale ending with absent parents; naive I was.
Long story short, it was a horrid time 16 years old up until last year (I’m 35 now) with my biological parents. I witnessed drugs, fighting, prostitution, jail visits, and my parents continually high or drunk. Upon crossing into adulthood, all abuse stopped and yet the situations changed to a complete emotional struggle when I was old enough to move out. The emotional toll taken on me as I continually tried to, ‘parent’ my parents, was massive. I knew my parents really had great hearts, they loved me, yet just so lost in addiction they were powerless to express it or be proper role models and care takers.

You can imagine my life would’ve been tough to keep on the straight and narrow, but I did, through the protection of Christ alone. I saw the ramifications of drug use, criminal activity, and abuse, so I chose to never engage in those. In my early 20’s feeling depressed as ever, extremely withdrawn, I felt as I had exhausted all emotions and decided to give this thing called, ‘church’ a ‘try’. Yes, the first visit changed my life forever as I came to salvation that very day. Throughout the years I have been on fire for Christ, entering into ministry teaching on abuse, addiction, abandonment, identity, self-worth, and more than anything, forgiveness. I’ve made myself very transparent as to give God glory for his restoration and turn around (that He alone did in my life) so that I can inspire and reach the hurting and lost. What the enemy meant for harm in my life has been the very testimony of the greatness of our God now leading so many to hope, change, and salvation.

My adulthood has been spent winning souls to Christ through witnessing, teaching, and as many would say, ‘Just keeping it real’. However, an unfortunate tragedy occurred in my life this previous year as I lost both parents to suicide. The emotional turmoil ended as my mom passed and three days later my father, unable to cope with the death of my mom, took his own life. It was the horrid shock alone upon my mom’s passing as that was so difficult to come to grips with. Then the second wave hit three days later, I had lost my father as well to suicide. The single funeral being planned now turned double and it was such a traumatic time. HOWEVER, guess what? There is GOOD news! The enemy never took me out once, didn’t even come close. Why? Because I’m anchored in Christ alone. The only one constant, never changing, expressing endless love, restoration, and comfort, is Jesus Christ as this I had received so many years earlier post salvation. This is yet another tragic circumstance used to glorify Christ as I minister this story to those depressed, addicted, battling suicide, and many other deep emotional issues. The message is clear, “Hold on, rescue is in route!” Allowing myself to become so transparent has proven a massive healing agent for people battling suicide. Hear from the ‘victims’ mouth the pain caused for those left behind to deal with the unnecessary death while also sharing the purpose of God’s plan for our lives has helped and healed so many. Glory to God for allowing me to be His mouthpiece!
With all of this being said, throughout every trial in life, my passion & relationship has only grown stronger in the Lord.

We’re ALL, ‘called to be prosperous’ in EVERY arena of our lives because our Father is the King of ALL Kings and He took sickness, disease, and poverty to the cross! We are called into victory with a race that has already been won! May we never be victims, only victorious, over every trial and circumstance in life. Glory to God!

Be encouraged in Christ today,
Jess Drown

Jessica Drown resides in Phoenix, Arizona. Besides staying proactive for the Kingdom, she is a teen minister, PE teacher, Christian music manager, single mom of two teens, and currently manages a busy corporate office in the city. She loves Jesus, family, friends, and has a passion for ministry, wellness, fitness, and nutrition. Her goal is to help lead the lost and encourage the saved in Jesus Christ!

“Discipleship (via the Gospel) didn’t just put us into the eternal plan of God, but amongst other things, it enables us to live a prosperous life.”

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