Incessant chattering
Everything she sees 
Is an update…
Yet she’s looking
Outside of herself
For a need
Not missing a lick
In her neon
I see kindness
A genuine concern
Willingness to learn
Generosity unheard of
For the homeless
She brings out
The bitch in me
That stray dog
Lurking within
Like a bone
The flesh
She’s grown
On me
Seeing her best
Recognizing Christ
In this
And knowing
How He
Uses us to
Sharpen one another 
Ridding our hearts
Of hesitation 
To love
And be loved
Unleashing love
Lavishing His love
On us
Because we are

❤️ Krystal Lynne 


Rise Up


Recently I went on a van tour around my community in the Northwest suburbs of Houston, TX. The tour was by Cypress Rising, an affiliate of Elijah Rising. I was not really familiar will the entire story of Elijah Rising before the tour. What I discovered and learned was beyond shocking.

Elijah Rising’ started with a small prayer group founded almost five years ago by Cat French. Today, the group and its mission to end human trafficking in Houston, has grown.

The Founder of Elijah Rising,
Catherine “Cat” French is a modern-day abolitionist who is passionate about seeing the end of human trafficking in Houston and around the world. She is a former sociology professor and researcher in the social sciences, with an extensive background in outreach and ministry to prostituted women and children. She currently leads Elijah Rising. Cat has developed curriculum designed to train and deploy leaders who will combat modern-day slavery through systematic, fearless, informed prayer and outreach.

#FeatureFriday this week is Elijah & Cypress Rising.

You can find out more here :


The link to the Facebook page on Cypress Rising and their van tours is here:


We need to all Rise Up together and be educated on this epidemic. It is happening right in our own backyards. There are so many ways to get involved to make a difference in this movement to end modern day slavery.

~XXOO Michelle Bollom