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ANew View 

2 months ago I was contacted and propositioned for an opportunity that I had not really given serious thought of. 

My husband reminded me recently that indeed part of this opportunity was something I have always dreamed of and love to do already. 
Funny thing, it was something some of my friends and I joked about doing too a few years ago. 

After much prayer and asking the Lord for the “mercy of confirmation” if this was indeed something He has set up for me…

I had 3 to 4 people prophecy directly to me regarding this “opportunity” that I was weighing out… and then while gone last week I had numerous “God Winks” to confirm this indeed is a opportunity designed by God for me and my Restored Ministries team. 

So I am beyond excited to announce Restored Ministries has accepted and will be doing a new TV show called “ANew View” with KBN – Kingdom Broadcasting Network. We start production end of the month and the first show will air 9/2/17.  

Don’t worry-I will get everyone all the details on what platforms and air times on how you can catch our new show. 

Thank you to all of my powerful prayer partners, friends and family that have supported us. 
            ~ XXOO Michelle Bollom 

The One & Only Sugar Trask-#FeatureFriday


I have rarely met a personality so grand and a heart so big with love for others as I have with Sugar, she is one of a kind.

I had the privilege of spending some time with Sugar this summer and I was so blessed by her. I know you will be blessed by her and her story too! ~XXOO Michelle Bollom


Evangelist “Sugar” Trask is truly a servant of the Lord. Her goal as an evangelist is to bring Healing and Restoration to the body of Christ. She is the overseer of Scarfree03Ministry a Ministry of Healing and Restoration. Sugar ministers across the United States and Haiti, and travels along with Joan Hunter of Joan Hunter Ministries in Magnolia, Texas.

While traveling she teaches Healing to Pastors and church Leaders. She also teaches on the importance of obtaining the Five Fold Ministry. Her gifts from God have opened many doors for her, and have certainly ushered her into larger pulpits of all denominations.

Evangelist Trask openly shares her testimony of how God has taken her extreme life of darkness, and turned her into one of today’s anointed Evangelist.

Many are being set free by her testimony of how God delivered her from prostitution, crack cocaine, pharmaceutical drugs, alcohol, and many other forms of darkness. She has been delivered for more than 12 years, after 31 years of Hell! She has the Heart of God which has made it easy for her to love all of God’s people. The moment you meet her you will quickly learn that she is as sweet as her name, Sugar. She has a smile that will overtake you, and brighten your darkest day.

As an intercessor, prayer warrior, and lover of the almighty God she makes herself available to minister wherever she is called. She says, “When God says to go you must go, and what he says to do you must do.” Her ministry is currently covering all four corners of the world by the Grace of God, and by one prayer at a time. God has appointed, anointed, and prepared her as an international Evangelist to do the work that is so desperately needed. Her passion is to save the lost Souls!

Then Your light shall Break forth like the morning,

Your Healing shall spring forth speedily,

And your Righteousness shall go before you:

The Glory of the Lord shall be your rear guard. ~Isaiah 58:8

During this Season Restoration is upon the people of the Lord by way of Healing. God has sent Jesus with Healing in His wings and Healing is springing forth in all areas of our lives.

All over the world God’s Divine HEALING and MIRACLES are manifesting for His Glory.

Another passion and ministry of Sugar’s is “CookinWithSugarlious” that Sugar founded on Feb 15, 2012. She first aired on the power praise radio with Diane Washington-Flagg from Newark, NJ.

She has been on local TV as well as international news sharing her healthy ways of preparing food. Since her mother Rosie had a stroke in 2010, sugar had to develop methods of cooking so her mother would stay healthy, not gain too much weight, so her rehab back to functioning wouldn’t be a strain on Sugar or her sister, Valorie, who is the primary caregiver. She also has to maintain her health in making these changes in their lifestyle. They have successfully developed meals, snacks, appetizers that she shares with the listening audience on both radio and TV.
Sugar is on air weekly on Preach the Word Worldwide Network. Sunday at 4:30 pm est, 3:30 cst. everyday. CookinWithSugarlious teaches and invites you to develop healthy eating for the entire family.
To learn more and connect with the amazing Sugar, check out her websites: