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Grief And Grace

The words I kept hearing today as I was asking Him what to write were, “Grief and Grace.”

1Corinthians 15:10

But by God’s grace I am what I am, and his grace towards me was not in vain… (CJB)

Bad things happen. Death. Unexpected moves. Job loss. People we thought were friends stab us in the back.

These situations cause grief. The hurt is real. Tears will flow. Anger will come. So will depression. There are many different emotions that cause waves in our life.

I have to think of the movie “Inside Out”. The girl and her family move across the US and she has to start over. Anger, Joy, Fear, Disgust and Sadness. These are feelings she deals with as she starts over.

These events are part of life. Feelings are too. However, we all walk out the events and feelings differently.

Grief can take 2 weeks for some people. It might take a year for others. Men and women respond differently too. How do we handle situations like this? What does the Word of God say about how to respond in situations?

A command that is given several times is to, “give thanks.” It also says to, “fear not!” We know David shed tears. We also know David got angry and frustrated with himself and others.

BUT, what happens when others don’t respond in the same way you do? What happens when others continue in their grief longer than you think they should? How do you treat them? What do you say?

The Holy Spirit has been convicting me lately of GRACE. What does it mean to extend grace? How long does one extend grace? What does it look like within families when individuals all respond uniquely to the event(s) taking place?

I truly believe that grief and grace need to work together. In grief we must allow grace, for ourselves and for others. We must realize that feelings and emotions are part of grief and that we will all respond differently to situations we face. If we LISTEN to the Holy Spirit, He will guide us through the emotions and grief. He will also give us the grace to extend His love to others as they grieve.

If God can grant grace to you, how much more should we try to extend grace to others? I’m not saying let them live in sin, but sometimes grace means just walking away and letting God take care of the situation.

When we come to the realization that TRUSTING God to walk through life with us brings GRACE to our lives, than we can find REST in Him. We will RESTORE ourselves to Him. We are then REFRESHED to walk forward day to day.

  ~ Rose Horton

Rest, Refresh, Restore

I am super excited to welcome Rose Horton to the Restored Ministries Blogging Team!

Rose with Touched By Grace will be sharing each Friday new words of encouragement right here on Restored Ministries Blog.

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Life Changing Love

Through my darkest seasons

You never left my side

Holding my hand,

when I stood alone

Wiping my tears,

when I couldn’t go on

Interceding for me,

when I couldn’t pray

When I was too weak to fight

You were on the front lines

My Mighty Warrior

who never loses a fight

Day after day

Month after month

My faith grew wings

I was amazed by Your love

Forever changed by Your heart

Longing to go deeper still

Faith takes me to places

I never knew existed in You

Blind faith was birthed 

during dark times

In a God, I never saw

Yet, I see His hand

at work in my life

I know the fragrance

of His presence

The sound of His voice

Papa’s love healed every part

of my broken heart

In my highs and my lows

My deepest pain

and my joys

At times when giving up 

looked so appealing

He picks me up

Sings love songs over me

Reminding me of

His covenant with me

Indescribable is Papa’s love 

towards me

I couldn’t, but trust 

in a God so amazing

Supernatural peace birthed 

in the darkest of days

A reckless faith

I never knew could exist

A heart awakened

Longing only after

her One True Love

He takes me to places

I never thought I would visit

Higher and higher

I go with the One

who holds the whole world

in His hands

Yet, He chose

to chase after 

every hurting soul.

What love is this?

I may never know, but I know I was forever changed and overtaken by 

a God so amazing!

Papa never gives up

on His daughters!

He lures us into

His marvelous light

Where He heals our hearts

We only know who we are 

when we encounter Love

Everything we need is found 

in His transforming love!

Then we pass on the baton 

to daughter’s still in chains

Sharing our testimonies of 

the power of the Blood and 

His life changing love!

So that they too can be changed 

by Papa’s transforming love!

~ Ebigale Wilson

Life Changing Love

The Journey

Don’t Bite

A Humble Heart Shall Not Be Moved

This has become my favorite phrase lately!

You see, the enemy wants us offended. If we can get offended that will divide the body of Christ faster than anything.

A divided “anything” isn’t very strong. James 3:16 says:

Where there is strife there is every evil thing.

Unity really pisses the devil off.

He likes strife.

John Bevere’s best selling book “The Bait Of Satan” is so perfectly titled and truly depicts exactly what offense is and does. When we take the bait of offense it keeps us crippled and captive. It really is a deadly trap.

So, what do you do when you are stung by someone’s actions or words?

Being hurt or disappointed is very different than being offended – but it can feel very much the same and

can turn into offense if you let it fester.

You can either speak up or stay quiet – which many choose the latter because speaking up is not always well received, but what is crucial is you MUST release the emotions to God.

Let Him remove them and heal you.

Ask God to flood your heart with love and humility so that your pride doesn’t want to call the shots and tempt you to bite and take the bait.

Also, singing this Promise helps!

Great Peace have they that love thy law and NOTHING shall offend them. ~ Psalm 119:165

Try it the next time you lose your peace or feel a sting!

Spit the hook out and say with me…

“A Humble Heart Shall Not Be Moved”

Lord, help us let go of hurts and disappointments today so they don’t fester into offense and resentments. Help us to always abide in love.

~ XXOO Michelle Bollom

Keep Your Focus – The Shift Is Here

I have an excitement in my spirit for what Papa is about to do in this season.

Papa has really done a deep work in our hearts, the scalpel went in deep to get rid of everything that might hinder us in the future.

Where Papa is taking us, our character, fruit and motives will expose us if we didn’t go through the process. 

Hearts and character training will be swift if we surrender to the process, lean into Him and spend time in the secret place.

A few days ago we had a challenge in our family. One moment we were still hurt and shocked, but the next moment, I felt something stirring within my belly and right there my flesh collided with Holy Spirit and Father did a swift work in not only me, but our family.

Things that we have been struggling with for years, Papa will deal with quickly, because He knows our desire is to change and be more like Him.

He has also been speaking to me that many of His sons and daughters feel that they have missed His visitation and promises in previous seasons.

Many feel they are no longer on Papa’s time schedule because of the detours they took or mistakes they have made.

He wants you to know that you are right where you are supposed to be.

Every mistake, ever hindrance, every attack, won’t stop His promises and dreams for you.

You are so close, keep your focus. This is a season of acceleration and suddenlies. 

In a vision I saw how we’re on our journeys, dressed in rags, tired, at the end of ourselves at times, but then without us knowing Papa would pick us up, caress and kiss our faces, then put us down to complete our journey.

I believe it’s in these times that Papa imparts His strength and joy within us to walk out our journeys in the midst of our trials and brokenness.

Father is also revealing secrets to us through dreams, visions and prophetic words, this is to help us to stay on course and to keep our focus, in the midst of the enemy raging.

We already know what the outcome will be, so rest in Papa, while He fights your battles.

His thoughts are higher then ours. Papa will bring us to the place of birthing if we are led by His spirit.

May the joy of the Lord be your strength as you walk through the last stretch of your wilderness.

Father is cheering us on, not to give up because He knows we were obedient and faithful in the midst of our pain and struggles.

He is so proud of His remnant, set apart bride that didn’t give in under the pressure and persecution of their enemies.

Keep your focus, let Papa be your place of rest, the shift is here!

Romans 8:14

For all who are led by the Spirit of God, these are sons of God.

Nehemiah 8:10

The joy of the Lord is my strength.

~ Ebigale Wilson

Keep Your Focus – The Shift Is Here

Focused Living




Picture Takers


Film Makers













We Are All Artists!

The act of creating something is to simply learn focused living.

Art is like oxygen. We don’t have to see it to know we need it.

Many times we are too busy or distracted to see the amazing beauty in a sunrise or sunset.

We can grow oblivious to the intricate details of a butterfly or blue jay or the vibrant hues of a field of bluebonnets and wildflowers or the crystal bright white glistening blanket of fresh snow.

God is an amazing artist always sharing His work with us.

God made us to create too!

Even if you just apply your makeup or style your hair (or don’t style your hair) or fry an egg, pack a lunch, write one word or sing a song today … you are still creating.

We are always creating!

So, slow down and do something that makes you stop and focus.

It could be that very dose of oxygen your soul is needing to breathe in today to bring fresh life back into you.

And the beauty of art is that it’s all in the eyes of the beholder so who cares if people like it or resonate with it… or even get it – It’s what makes you – uniquely you!

No need to explain it to anyone or get their approval either.

So, Create Today!

And if you’re feeling brave – share with me in the comments your latest masterpiece.

~ XXOO Michelle

Restored Ministries

Poetically Prophetic

Your Healing Hour



I feel the struggle

a bit more,

I see nothing

but gray enveloping

this damaged warrior

as I’m standing upon

shaky ground;

I appear to be okay,

but inside this mind

I’m at war with memories

I just want to forget

as I can’t stop reliving them,

I want to wake up

from this unending nightmare;

although I’m feeling drained,

I know He will give me

the strength I need

to withstand this

battle forcing the earth

to swallow the blood shed

as I cling to His truth,

knowing full well

His love will carry me through.

~ Bethany Anne



“He has predestined us to be conformed to the image of his Son.”  That means that it is going to happen. Elsewhere it says, “May our spirit, soul, and body be kept pure until the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. The Lord is faithful, and he will do it.” What a promise! What a Father we have! What a Savior we have!

So, our part is simply to yield to the Spirit’s work in us. Simple, but not easy. Our flesh, our enemy, and this world’s system all conspire to keep our hearts seeking earthly gain. It requires a conscious and ever diligent effort to “Set our affections on things above.”  

Only Our Father’s “great and precious promises” are powerful enough to pull our hearts away from “the corruption that is in the world through lust.”

The good news is that “perseverance produces proven character which produces hope, and hope does not disappoint us, because the love of God has been poured out into our hearts by the Holy Spirit.” And, “Our faith and our love come from the hope we have in heaven.”  

So, let us “set our affections on things above, not on the things of this earth, for we have died, and our life is hidden with Christ in God above.”   

Finally, “Christ’s love compels us; one died for all, therefore all died, and he died for all that we should live for him.”

~ Brad Heilhecker

No Means No

How blessed we would be if we would learn early on that when God says no, he means no, and he has good reasons for his decisions.

If Balaam the prophet had taken heed to this, his permanent record might be different. Instead, he will always be remembered as a traitor of God. With wrong motives, he approached God for permission to proceed after earlier receiving a firm “no” to the same request, and he received a grieved and reluctant “yes” from God only to soon be rebuked by a speaking donkey.

The point is that we should not be pursuing certain things, and that asking for permission doesn’t make unrighteous acts any more righteous. It only shows our ignorance of and disregard of God’s holiness and goodness.

To continue: we need to cultivate the art of asking for good things, permission to do noble things, and for wisdom to avoid questionable quests.

For example: May I have more time with you in prayer and scripture study? May I have the grace to do more good for others? Please, may I share your heart and mind?

It is not enough to avoid evil; we must cultivate virtue, or the vacuum created by the exit of one bad habit will just invite back in even worse habits.

To conclude: it is a high and holy calling, this thing called Christianity, and it must not be taken lightly.

Taking the Lord’s name in vain doesn’t always concern our misuse of speech, but rather our misuse of our lives.

We who share his name must be careful to avoid all evil and to pursue only good, if we want to deserve our Father’s favor and pleasure.

What does it profit anyone if we live a half-hearted life of self preoccupation? If we do, we will find that the world has no use for us and neither does the Father.

Then, where would we turn for comfort when the storms of life assail us? As Randy Travis sings in one of his songs: “Find the Lord before you need him.” Words to live by!

~ Brad Heilhecker