A Deeper Connection

Do you ever feel like you have that someone in your life … a parent … a sibling… a partner … a friend; that you seem to always be feeling like you are hustling for their approvals or acceptance or accolades or affections?

When we are craving deeper heart Connections and all we are getting is superficial surface fluff…it gets hard to not want to either hustle for affection or retreat with resentments.

Recently I watched two tables while out at a dinner meeting and it made me want to cry. One person was stuck with their face in the phone and the other one looked lost and deeply sad.

I too have been in others presence and watched as they engaged with others on their mobile while I sat silent feeling dished and excluded.

I too have been guilty and put my phone above my family and friends at times.

I try to practice time off my phone now. It’s a choice. I turn my phone off at a certain time and people know if I don’t respond I am on off time. They also know if they have a true emergency I can be reached by a special land line.

Trust me – there is not a call or text so important that it can’t wait till the morning.

I really struggled with this because I get calls, messages and texts from people I know and strangers contacting me for Ministry and Prayer needs. I have learned not to answer everything like a 911 call.

I will send an auto reply or explain I am not available at the current moment and will get back to them soon. Sometimes God does have me drop everything immediately for them.

We must learn to hear God and let Him direct and guide us and not let the ding of our devices control us.

We should not have to hustle for the attention or affections of others.

If you are with people that are tied to the telephone – may you have the boldness to ask them – Can we connect without distractions today? And I pray they hear you.

But if they don’t want to do that, I pray God brings you the people that think you are pretty dang special and worthy to put their phones away for.

Don’t make people hustle for your attention. Put that phone away and start to connect deeper.

~ XXOO Michelle Cosby Bollom

Cull And Clean Up

Whether on a stroll or “scroll” you would not want to keep encountering a bunch of barking dogs or a mess of 💩 on your paths everyday …

You would want to see and connect with people you know or may get to know. Right?

If that’s you – try these tips on how to cull online connections and clean up your scroll on Facebook.

I have done this for about a year – I am down hundreds of “connections” aka “Facebook “Faux” Friends.”

I use the Birthday feature.
Simply in search bar type “Birthdays” and it will show you who on your friends list has a birthday that day.

It easily shows if people have duplicate profiles and you can click each one to see which is the valid/current profile. “unfriend” the one/s that are not.

If you don’t see any activity since their last birthday it’s safe to say they are inactive online with that profile and you can click “unfriend”.

If you see they don’t post but someone is posting with a bazillion tags of them and other people … safe to say they were hacked and you can click “unfriend”.

Sadly I found that some connections had actually passed away. Some of those I disconnect and some I don’t.

And the easiest way is when someone keeps posting some flat out crazyNESS or spamming you – you can hit “report” “block” “ban” “unfriend” “unfollow” or do all the above!

This all keeps your feed cleaner and makes your scroll so much more enjoyable.

I even found some amazing new connections that I had no idea how we connected initially but have now become amazing friends.

It’s a good thing to cull and clean it up! No telling who you will find in your New NewsFeeds.

-XXOO 😘 Michelle Cosby Bollom