What You Won’t See On The News

Yesterday I got up early and traveled to downtown Houston to attend the Trump Rally with some friends. I am a Trump supporter and I know I have friends and family that aren’t – which is just fine.

I can still love you and accept you without agreeing or approving with you. That’s what mature people do.

I have to say-I didn’t know what to expect but thought there might be some foolery and mobs ..but guess what? – There was none!

This is what I witnessed first hand…

I saw thousands upon thousands of people standing in line that love America. They were from all over the state and other states too.

There were Asians, and Hispanics, Indians, Koreans, Nigerians, African Americans, Caucasians and many women of all races and ages (even a 95 year old granny that her family pulled her in a wagon so she could be there)and there were many people of various religious beliefs also that all support our President Donald J. Trump and are happy to see America thriving.

We stood in lines for hours.

We shared our food and our seats. We laughed and sang and hugged and took pics and we didn’t bash or hate or scream at anyone.

We gave a few chides to the little boy in a Beto shirt but hopefully he was open to being educated as his friend was that was an illegal waiting to become a citizen but we kept it respectful and kind. Everyone did!

Even the girl with the nasty pink hat trying to entice the crowds as she walked by got nothing.

We all ignored her.

That was 2 upon thousands of people I witnessed for over 12 hours.

Once inside the Toyota Center I sat next to a African American women and her daughter that was in her late 20’s. They had seen Hillary’s America and Follow Diamond and Silk and said they couldn’t believe that more people don’t educate themselves on the corruption of the Democratic Party. It’s not the same as it used to be.

I saw so many people that were citizens from other countries that came over here legally and followed the process that were very vocal that they want stricter immigration laws and the wall built. They didn’t agree with the caravan attempt to come in by force orchestrated by the democrats.

They also agreed that the other countries should pay their fair shares.

Only one person was ejected during the Presidents speech – but the media likely planted him because as I sat there watching the media get in place to film a section instead of the president I knew something was up and sure enough 1 man started to make a scene and secret service quickly scooped him up. Because Texas Doesn’t Play!

I am not here to convince you in any way to change your views. I am not open to debate it- I am simply here to report what I saw first hand that the fake news media outlets will never report.

Trump supporters are all ages and races. Loving, kind, and giving people.

Wanting to protect our country is not because we are heartless and cruel-there is a process and it needs to be followed. You can’t give out to every country and not expect to have them give back. Don’t count on the spin doctors or talking heads to give you the news. Educate yourself.

We are not the ones holding onto rage and bitterness of a lost election as the other party is and hiring Mobs to protest and vandalize and spread violence because we are busy appreciating all the new Jobs!

Our economy is improving.

You shouldn’t want hand outs – you should take the hands up you are given and give back.

If you are so filled with hate and rage against the President or Republican Party or anyone that differs or has a different opinion than you – it’s heart check time folks. I pray you can release that mess. It will kill you!

I saw none of the violence and hate yesterday and I am very proud to say I support Our President and am proud to be an American.

Freedom in Christ is Free folks (I can help you with that freedom) but Freedoms in and for our Country comes at a very high price!

I support and appreciate our Presidents efforts to ensure and protect those Freedoms without taking a salary for doing it.

I want to Keep America Great too!

So, get out and vote and vote educated and not as someone holding onto bitterness and resentments.

And if you want to get all Cray Cray in the comments here – well – just remember …Texas Doesn’t Play!

I will block anyone acting up.

~XXOO Michelle Bollom

Traveling Texas

Mother’s Day Weekend I had a bit of a #RoadTripReset. I got to meet up with Elfin Morgan for an amazing time to be interviewed for her documentary and God did so much more!

Many a God winks and special moments and some good quiet time to reflect, read and rest.

One of the best parts was traveling Texas.

God downloaded this while driving back home yesterday.

I can hear my Daddy say –

Girl! You’re a poet and didn’t know it!

(Actually he knew it! I have written so many over the years, but this one feels like he and God helped me.)



I set out a traveling

Just my truck and I

I didn’t even need to venture

pass the States line.

You see,Texas is plenty big enough for me

With lots and lots of things to see…

Oh, I saw farm houses and fences

And watering hole ditches

I saw rolling hills and flat lands

Passed by County road markers and

Stopped at old country stores

for cold drinks

I saw people shout “howdy”

Or a friendly wave hello

I drove a many undivided

and divided highways

Uneven lanes in unreachable places

I saw short fat oaks

And tall skinny pines

Plenty of road kill and rest stops

Some deserted shops

in sleepy one red light towns.

I saw so many things

From Main Streets to Moo Cows

Antiques to Armadillos

Gas Stations to Garage Sales

Wildflowers to Windmills

Boats to Bait shops

Dairy Queen’s to Dollar Generals

Dancehalls to Diners

Hospitals to Honey

It was downright funny!

Slow traffic to the right

And sudden merges left

Tons of churches, chapels, and cemeteries

In every town I went.

I saw trailers and tin roofs

And a few taxidermist too.

I saw everything from

Hay bales to Horses

Flying flags to flea markets.

I traveled over bridges

and down back roads

There were big shoulders for sudden stops

or to catch that Texas sunset

Even a right on time Dirt road

for the quick detours to do your business.

Oh, I traveled through a many counties

On roads with no center line

With plenty of folks with no hurry for time.

From Bridges and backroads

I caught a glimpse of it all.

Blinking lights

4 way stops

And the occasional Turnarounds

for fresh peaches pecans

and red ripe tomatoes

I saw Bulls and baby goats

RV parks and Ranches

Game rooms and Guitar shops

Water towers and Watermelons

Red necks and Rodeos

Tractors and Truckers

And some pretty crazy mother “lovers”!

I held my breath passed

DPS and those Car Chasing Yard Dogs

I saw my share of

Buzzards and Bugs on the windshield

Historical Markers and High Game Fences

Beauty shops and barber shops

Bingo halls and Banks

Feed stores to yellow fields

I think I just about saw it all.

From 55 to 30 to back up to 75

I rolled on down the roads

Past the pastures and the prairies

Past pickups and pawn shops

And an occasional pool hall.

I smiled at nature

and got a few good laughs

I prayed and I sang

But it was time to get on back.

I thought about my momma

And missed my family too.

I remembered old times as a kid

Traveling these Texas Roads is what

My Daddy and I did.

Things I have seen a million times

Suddenly felt like something new.

You see,

Sometimes we don’t know

where we’re headed

And sometimes we do…

So how about you go on now and load up

And set out on that next great adventure-

But be sure before you do

Ask the Good Lord to show you

somethings anew.

~ XXOO Michelle Bollom

New Mercies I See 

A little over a week ago I stood at the 3rd gas station to find gas in Houston TX before Hurricane Harvey was to hit. 

Witnessing people cursing and name calling for taking the last bit of gas or cutting in line. All this was after braving the HEB and hundreds of people panic stricken grabbing stuff.

 I zoned out and was wondering about my Hometown of Rockport Texas and our home there. Thinking of my mom and sister that felt the need to evacuate early before they even called for a mandatory evacuation. 

So in classic storytelling fashion – I want to share with you all some of the back stories.

In 1970 a horrible Hurricane named Celia hit Rockport just 7 days after my twin sister Melissa and I were born two months premature. My daddy was a deputy sheriff in Rockport working the hurricane. I grew up hearing the horror stories of Celia from my parents. My dad had to wait out a tornado in a drainage ditch as he chose to get out of his patrol car checking on things. 

Spohn Hospital in Corpus Christi lost power and went on back up generator. My dad couldn’t get to hospital to check on us and at first had no clue it was twins since back then they didn’t do sonograms and my mom had all big babies for a tiny little petite woman so she didn’t expect twins either. 

My mom recently said she could not get back to see us for 3 weeks! I just could not imagine leaving your babies and dealing with a hurricane clean up too. She had 3 other babies at home and she said the longest hardest drive her and my daddy took was from Corpus to Rockport wondering if my brothers and sister and other family survived the storm. She said the devastation looked like a war zone. 

I know many friends that have recently made that same drive to check on their homes and families. Some with unimaginable relief gratitude and joy while many with unbelievable sorrow unknown futures and heartbreak. 

My momma just a week before Harvey was relaying stories of Celia as we spent a week down there vacationing and talking about a possible storm coming. 

No one imagined then the landscape of our close knit paradise like town would be forever altered. Long time landmarks and memory makers washed away or tangled up in the rubble of destruction Harvey produced.  

Some thought my sister was kind of crazy to leave so early and evacuate but she listened to the Holy Spirit – that still, small, but mighty voice in her knower to leave and get my mom and her to safety early. 

Some didn’t leave because some couldn’t evacuate or like so many times before the storms fizzled out. I don’t judge anyone for their choices to stay. I rode out a lot of Hurricanes in my life growing up inRockport Tx too. 

So as I shared before … when I was witnessing chaos around me and the cussing scared people all around I just started to pray. Asking God to forgive me for judging them. 

We are all hurting and scared and so I just kept standing at the gas tank praying until the gas thingy clicked. I looked at the monitor and it was $32.06. I told me daughter to quickly look up Psalm 32:6… I felt God was giving me a message. 

Therefore let everyone who is faithful pray to God immediately. When great floodwaters come, they will not reach him. ~ Psalm 32:6

I got an instant peace and knew as I shared in my post last week on this that God would spare us. That whatever we had to face He would be faithful to His promises. 

I ain’t gonna lie… the fake stories and hate circulating Facebook and the many horrific images made me lose my biscuits a few times and snap at some folks.

 But I kept saying to God – I will pray and I will not panic. Show me who I can help now. Forgive me for judging and not loving well. 

So I prayed and I warred and I declared this promise and many many more over my family and friends. And although many got more damage than others and my heart breaks for them… my immediate family and I suffered minimal damage in Rockport and no damage to our home here in Houston or our Country home/Ranch outside Victoria / Halletsville area. 

I am so grateful to my faithful loving God even when He answers prayers differently than I had hoped He would. 

I don’t share this to boast at all- know my heart- I share this to say that God is faithful and my only boast is in how awesome God is. 

My dear friend Annie shared with me years ago when I lost my Dad suddenly just two years after my brother Toby-she said Great is Thy a Faithfulness Michelle- His mercies are new every morning. 

I clung to that promise and those words and some days I did not believe that He was faithful and that how could anything good or better come tomorrow. 

But it did and it has and it will! 

As you listen to this song-read the lyrics below, I ask you to look at your landscape and circumstances differently. 

Rejoice with those that Harvey spared and Mourn with those that lost lives and homes and livelihoods.  

Don’t compare tragedies. 

Don’t think of all your belongings in the rubble-think of the breath in your lungs to survive another day. 

You were spared for a reason. 

I have stared at piles of rubble in floods and storms before holding tightly to the things of this world tighter than to God. I cried out and was mad at God for many things before and wanted nothing to do with Him but I found that when you are flat on your back hurting and clinging for a life line or glimmer of hope you can only look up. 

So …Look up!grab a hold of Him and trust Him. It is so much better than living without Him. 

Each and every one of us can make a difference. Some of us are gifted carpet ripper outters- Some are tree trimmers – cookers – hospitality Peeps that open homes -intercessors- comforters – encourages- babysitters-shoulders to cry on – Go getters – connectors – monetarily blessed to give – 

You don’t have to give like everyone else- you can help and give whatever way God has gifted you. 

I also pray that the wind and rains and high water we have experienced have also washed away every bit of division and hate in our land. 

May we unite as a strong and compassionate people truly loving our neighbors as our brothers and sisters and ultimately ourselves.  

May judgement be forever be removed and only mercy be our first response. 

May we hug our families and even strangers a little tighter today as we all start the rebuilding and restoration process. 

I ask the Lord to specifically restore my heart first and foremost before we start the rebuild or restoration of the minimal damage we experienced. 

I am grateful.
New mercies I see all around me!

 I am praying for you all from California to Rockport to Houston to Israel to every inch of this world in between that we are so beautifully connected somehow via Blogs or Facebook or Twitter in this great big world. 

We are ALL in this together. Let’s show the World we are who God wants us to be. 

Declare this song below with me today! 

            ~ XXOO Michelle Bollom 

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In the breakers that storm my faith

God my Rock and God my Hope

You will prevail

You’re the constant in a sea of change

What You’ve done and what You’ve said

Will never fade

What You’ve done and what You’ve said

Will never fade

Great is Your faithfulness

Great is Your faithfulness

Always and forever

Always and forever

There are memories that seize my heart

But they will never steal or tear our love apart

There are victories yet to come

They are certain as the rising of the sun

They are certain as the rising of the sun!

Great is Your faithfulness

Great is Your faithfulness

Always and forever

Always and forever!
Lyrics: Faithfulness – Iron Bell 
A prior blog featured this song for #SongSunday – listen here  The Only Constant 

Hot Hot Hot ! 

No -I am not talking about the Texas Summer heat quickly approaching or something on HBO after dark. 

 I am talking Salsa Season! 

My family loves good salsa. And there is a difference in fresh and jar salsa. 
 The jar salsa just won’t cut it.

Sorry Pace- you are not my idea of salsa. 

Now I can handle Arriba Salsa in the jar if desperate… But only in a pinch. 

My hubby is a gardener. I am not. 

I do however like to cook up all the yumminess that his garden produces but when everything is producing rapidly the counters can get full quickly and it drives my old OCD tendencies a little crazy. 

So into the Vitamix went a large purple onion, 8 medium tomatoes, a big handful of parsley and cilantro, 2 yellow banana peppers and 2 sweet red peppers, a squeeze of lime juice, pink salt, a big spoon of chopped garlic and a pinch of cayenne with one long skinny Serrano pepper and ….. Ta da! Salsa is done!

Grab your favorite chips and here you go! 

Clean counter….=Momma Happy 

 #YummO salsa made out of #RealGoodFood 

= Family Happy! 

Doesn’t get much better in the ole South – where we like keeping things Hot Hot Hot! 

         ~XXOO Michelle Bollom