Your Treasured Pool 

God, Almighty!  

Father of heaven and earth!  

Hear my cry!  

Allow me to walk on these raging waves!  

Help me to keep my eyes upon You!  

Lest I begin to sink!  

Blind me from the storm that threatens to consume me!  

Keep hold of my right hand, and lift me to rise above that which desires to kill me!  

No tear have I ever shed that You do not hold! Take these tears of today and add to Your treasured pool!  

Dry my eyes with the tissue of Your love!

 Envelop me with Your mercy!  

Your grace!  

Your peace!  

Never have You forsaken me, and never shall You!   

Thank You, Lord!  

I receive and stand on Your everlasting promise to turn all things for good!  

Surely, this moment, too, shall pass and be yet another testament to just exactly WHO YOU ARE!  

All shall see!  

All shall bend the knee!  


❤️~ Stephanie Gable 

If Tears Left Scars 

Crying sometimes hurts the heart to remember pain

Forgotten within remains pushed underneath ashes

Once buried, now dug up while reminiscing the past

Dealt never with the emotion to let go and move on

From the effects of sinister plot’s removing life found

Deep within the ocean containing happiness in life

There, left to die, beyond the surface trapped in a wound

No one can see, for it has left the presence of conformity

Given to at birth, somewhere lost in the experiment and burnt 

Further than winds might carry the soul still hurting, now dying 

Are the remains left as time consumes the right to carry-on

Thrusting once again, the shame and pain, back into the corpse

Attempting life once again, but feeling drained of itself

As if the ocean carries a different tune to break silence of use

Returning upon the final chapter of pain instilled for tonight

Life must endure more for a cause greater than words could burn 

Into the skin to display ignorance and hatred, breathing out

One last request -to remain here, upon the war grounds

Spilled out, the contents, upon the desolate face to taste

And devour the past, allowing oneself to continue falling

Still standing on top of the remains, the lies, the threats

And becoming something more than believed before the future

Thought came to be more than a memory fought back

To forget what happened for the pain was too great a chore

Words bouncing off ignorance’s walls, wrapped inside the instrument

Playing words into music, ringing inside the mind to demonstrate

Melancholy notes into phrases written upon the heart felt

With a fragrance more powerful than clothing the heart to rest

To reminisce inside outer lies, believing them not as truth

But as they are, and trying to erase the smudges never left

Even thoughts mirrored are the lies and half-truths formed

Within the mind to reuse the type of light shattering the life

First breathed, now finally seeking fire to release the emotion 

As if to be is never enough, to breathe is not a talent given

To society’s myth built upon waters moving 

that life is a gift.

                   -Bethany Anne

The Quivering Seed 



Yearning to believe 
Yet a little frightened
The mustard seed of faith…
Quivers in the silence
Darkness dawning the new day
Hope & Trust paving the way
Lastly Love nurturing
Mother Earths moist guidance
Propelling the seed upward
The life inside
Joyously breaking
Through soil
Pained by tribulation
Patience birthed
By the hell we loathe
Called waiting
It’s easier to believe
For you
Because I feel no pain
Faith for me is tiring
Because I’m exhausted
Flickering flames
Quivering faith
Seeds …..
We just walk away
Will our tears
Water the prayer
Gone forth?
God is not moved
By emotion
But trust
If I can muster 
A tiny seed
I know my heart
Can still believe.

❤️ Krystal Lynne