My Family 

My husband and twins are my biggest cheerleaders.

 Their support of me and our Ministry Restored Ministries is what enables me to do what I do for others. 

They have also become accustomed to me saying: “Hold On! – I am working on a blog.”

It’s hard to multi-task sometimes! 

I just wanted to give a shout out to my Peeps for always being so patient and supportive in all I do. 

Tell us about your Family. 
        ~ XXOO Michelle Bollom 

Your Rx for Healing 

Don’t let your diagnosis define you. 

In just minutes a day you can replace what the doctors have said with what the Great Physician says. It is God’s will to have us healed and whole. 

Take this journey to wholeness: Mind, Body, Soul, for the next month and see your immune system strengthen as your spirit is strengthened. 

Declare and Decree that you are no longer bound to sickness but instead healed in Christ.

About the Author

Michelle Bollom is Founder of Restored Ministries, a non profit that offers inner healing and wholeness to others in her community and beyond. Michelle is a natural born encourager that loves to share with people the powerful promises in God’s Word. Michelle’s positive, not preachy, approach has allowed her to share daily encouragement and inspiration with people from all over the world and all walks of life. She loves encouraging others to release all that is hindering and holding them back. Simply teaching others to replace the lies of the enemy with the powerful and transformational truths found in God’s Word, allows them to live restored, mind body and soul.

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Thank You for all your support! 

      ~ XXOO Michelle Bollom 

Your Rx for Fear

Have you been paralyzed by fear? 
Fear of others, fear of the unknown, fear of failing?

In just minutes a day, Your Rx for Fear can powerfully shift you from all those fear factors in your life and replace them with faith-filled promises to help you step out of fear and into the courageous life you were created for. 

About the Author

Michelle Bollom is Founder of Restored Ministries, a non profit that offers inner healing and wholeness to others in her community and beyond. Michelle is a natural born encourager that loves to share with people the powerful promises in God’s Word. Michelle’s positive, not preachy, approach has allowed her to share daily encouragement and inspiration with people from all over the world and all walks of life. She loves encouraging others to release all that is hindering and holding them back. Simply teaching others to replace the lies of the enemy with the powerful and transformational truths found in God’s Word, allows them to live restored, mind body and soul.

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Or also available on Amazon in paperback and kindle Here

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    ~ XXOO Michelle Bollom 

Restoration Stories – Turyatunga Felex 

My names are Turyatunga Felex. I am 23 years old from Uganda Africa. I was born in a polygamous family where my daddy had over 14 children and 4 wives. 

 I was 4 years old when my dad abandoned us and left us alone with our mother, with no one to help. Our mother had no money to take me to school and to feed us. Our Dad would come home for only mistreating us and fighting with our mother. 

 Everyday life was a mess. 


Our mother tried her level best and made me study and completed primary school and all in my pain. At school I could study for one week and the school directors could send me back to home for fees and with nowhere to get it I would have to spend some weeks home looking for fees myself but all in pain and when I was completing my primary six level our mother also left us alone because of my dad afflictions toward her.  

I lost everything and everyone at that moment I was left homeless. I had to look for where to get survival from. I went to the streets of Kampala where I start life from. When on street life was not easy at all. I had nowhere to stay, I had nothing to eat and with nothing to put on. 

I could move into hotel pits to get what to eat but all in vain it was a hell. While on street God was merciful to me and saved me from the pits when I accepted Jesus as my personal savior, from then on I started believing God and I start hoping in him that one day my life will change. 

 I started sleeping in church but with nothing to eat. From there God was merciful to me and brought one who was merciful to me sponsoring me in school again he paid for only one term, because I was bright the school gave me bursary till I finished high school. 

After high school I had no one to take me to the university so I went to church again and I start ministering. I also sleep in church when every one had left.

 I loved helping others whom I met on the streets. I could go there and preach to them. God taught me many things. I learnt his word, I joined a missions team called gospel tour ministry., and we started moving to the villages helping those in need and the poor as we pray and preach to them.  

I am setting up an orphanage home to help kids who are on the street, who are in diaspora like I was in. Those who lost parental love and care so that they can have the care and love lost from their parents. I sponsor them in schools as well. 

May God bless you as you read my life story, as we wait for part two in Jesus’ name Amen. 

He sent his word, and healed them, and delivered them from their destructions. Oh that men would praise the Lord for his goodness, and for his wonderful works to the children of men! And let them sacrifice the sacrifices of thanksgiving, and declare his works with rejoicing. ~ Psalm 107:20-22 KJV 

To help support Turyatunga’s orphanage mission see the link to his Go Fund Me page Here now. 

Connect with Turyatunga F Charity Missions and Penner Child Care on Facebook Here

Help Is On The Way 


Friendly Tip:
If You Need Help, ASK For It! Help Is On The Way!

When Lereine was about seven weeks old, I was tired. I was exhausted; and I did not know it was appropriate to ask for help. At this point of mother hood, I was thinking to myself; I cannot operate like this for the rest of my life! Have any of you experienced the same moment? If so, you know exactly how that feels.


I knew that I needed something; but I did not understand it was okay to ask for help. I was Lereine’s sole care taker at the time, so I assumed that because she was my baby that I could not ask for help. I thought it would be rude or inappropriate.


The same applies in life. GOD gives us our baby and we spend every day trying to nurture it. Sometimes we forget that we need help from him and the village to help us.


One lesson that I learned is that if you need help- ASK. I wanted help, I needed help; but I didn’t ASK for it.  

GOD knows you need help; but he wants you to ask him. The moment I set aside my pride and started asking for help is the moment my life started changing. I encourage you to get out of your own way and ask for exactly what you want or need. Know this- GOD is here to help you! Your help is on the way.


Scripture Reading: Isaiah 41:13 I am the Lord your God; I strengthen you and tell you, Do not be afraid; I will help you.’

Friendly Activity:
The week I want to leave you with an uplifting song! When you are feeling discouraged, are afraid to ask, please listen to the lyrics.  

I know you need help at this stage of your life. When GOD gave you your baby, he knew you would need a little help. When you find rest in him, he will be there to help you.


May you find rest in him!    


Good Night Friend,


Lereca Monik 


Giving Tuesday 

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    ~XXOO Michelle Bollom & The Restored Ministries Team 



I absolutely love the word Divine. I have been stuck on this word for quite some time.

Of, from, or like God; devoted to God; sacred.
Excellent, delightful.

I started praying for Divine Connections years ago and I have expanded it to pray that God would develop and bring me…

Divine Appointments
Divine Encounters
Divine Favor
Divine Love
Divine Support
Divine Dominion
Divine Nature
Divine Revelation
Divine Health

And my list keeps growing!

I love to recognize and pray these things in not just my own life but in other peoples lives too.

And then I stumbled across this verse:

His Divine power has given us everything we need to experience life and to reflect God’s true nature through the knowledge of the One who called us by His glory and virtue.~2 Peter 1:3 The Voice

Praise God! We have His Divine power per this promise. With His Divine Power we have all we need!

Look around and start recognizing all the Divine’s in your own life and
ask God to bring you only those things that He has Divinely ordered.
He is faithful to deliver!

~XXOO Michelle Bollom




Compassion is a feeling of deep sympathy and sorrow for another who is stricken by misfortune, accompanied by a strong desire to alleviate the suffering.

Mark 6:34
“When Jesus went ashore, He saw a large crowd, and He felt compassion for them because they were like sheep without a shepherd; and He began to teach them many things.”

In 2008, I was visiting a women’s shelter in Sacramento, CA and I was in awe…I could not believe how many mothers with children lived in a shelter! Most importantly I could not believe how many women were turned away.

The same day that I visited the shelter, one woman received what I thought was very sad news. The shelter could not house her, so she was turned away. That woman tried her best to explain her plight. She tried her best to get a warm place to sleep. She tried, and failed. I could not believe what was going on…with my very own eyes- I thought what if I was her. So in response to what I saw I wrote this…

What if I was her?

I heard the meek voice of a twenty something year old woman and it said
I am homeless and I have no bed
I thought what if I was her?

My parents died when I was only age nine- I have nowhere to go-but outside
I thought what if I was her?

My husband raped me, cheated on me, and then he left me…oh I forgot to mention he put his hands on me
I thought what if I was her?

I recently got laid off, living paycheck to paycheck and I have not saved enough- and my bills, I cannot afford the cost
I thought what if I was her?

I am out in the cold, nowhere to go-no job- for money my body I have sold
I thought what if I was her?

CPS just took my son, I have lost my child and to talk to you …I have walked 20 miles
I thought what if I was her?

I have contracted a disease, one that will not leave me
I thought what if I was her?

I heard this woman go on and on about her situation, she was very persistent; yet this woman was ignored as if she was not in existence.
I thought what if I was her?

Finally, I looked up
I made eye contact with that women, I vividly remember the day
However the person she spoke to had no room for her and had to turn her away

I thought what if I was her?

As I re-read the piece that I wrote. I am saddened by how I felt that day. A tear drops down my cheek because this woman desperately needed help, she needed love, she needed shelter, she needed…she needed..she needed. That day I decided that I had to somehow add value to the lives of the women in the shelter…I didn’t thoroughly think through what needed to be done- I reacted. I had a strong desire to alleviate someone’s suffering.

The best way for me to help was to leverage the resources that were within my reach. I was connected to many females based organizations. I decided I would:
Host Sacramento’s Little Black Dress Event- “a clothing drive for professional attire to get the women prepared for the workforce”
Renovate “THE BOUTIQUE” By partnering with local stores that would donate the materials to upgrade the space.
Market the Shelter: It was necessary to connect with the community and local media to help bring awareness of the need to support women that often fall victim to life’s situations.

I leveraged my membership with the junior league and turned vision into action. A section from the article I wrote is below:

“The theme of this event was Celebrate! The event was a women empowering women celebration to dress for a cause in wearing little black dresses. We encouraged women to “Celebrate Life, Style, Purpose, and The Spirit of Giving” by donating wearable professional clothing to The Depot Boutique. Guest speakers addressed each individual theme and the night ended in a fabulous fall fashion show.
In three weeks of planning, we connected with other female based groups, sold over 180 tickets, 10 display tables, and scheduled several radio segments. Most importantly, we received over 200 professional outfit donations, and 2 grants from local corporations!”
I inspired about 10 women to join my planning team. And we successfully reached more than 200 people in three weeks, and awesomely touched thousands. At the time our task was ambitious; but we genuinely wanted to help and we did.
I think back to that situation which examples how GOD shows amazing compassion for the sick, lost, helpless….He shows true compassion for all. Although I like to think that I displayed a great deal of compassion by helping the woman/women at the shelter…My compassion is conditional it often occurs on “my terms.” Honestly I feel compassionate sometimes and other times I don’t. Compassion is an area in which I am weak and I am trying to grow strong. Join me in gaining strength in this area.

What is one area in your life that you know you need to exercise more compassion?___________
What will you do daily to make that change?_________________________________

Read this daily.
God I need to show compassion in this area __________________________ area of my life and I commit to ______________________________________________________________________.

Commit to the change. I DARE you.

~ Lereca Monik