Set Apart 

I entered the local Feed Store to get food for my pets when I heard all this “chirp chirp” noise in the middle aisles of the building. I got so excited thinking it’s almost spring time and that means new chicks and ducklings are for sale. 

I quickly got what I needed and headed over to the glorious sound of the baby chicks. 

Immediately, I noticed one chick all by itself and separated from the others in a huge container. I asked the feed store worker why she was all alone. He said she must have hurt her foot on the move to the feed store. My heart sank as I looked closely at her back right leg dragging behind her as she attempted to move forward. I thought immediately: I have to pray for a miracle for her leg and foot to stand up right and have no more pain!! 

So I did!! 

Some things are not to be shared with everyone to hear out loud. I prayed in my head with intense focus, looking at her back leg! Right after I prayed I watched to see if the little yellow chick jumped up and started running around flapping its tiny wings in a happy healing dance. 

No such luck. She was exactly the same dragging her leg behind her looking lonelier than ever. My next step was to ask to pick her up and seal the deal. 

Just then I hear this lady who was across from the chick pens say, “I will take that hurt chick over there!”. I interrupted her and the attendant, asking, “What are you going to do with her she has a hurt foot?”. “Oh, she will be fine. I will take care of her.” The lady smiled saying, “She will be raised to lay eggs and maybe I will sell her to lay eggs for someone else.

I wanted to go hug her. But I stopped myself. I have to go back there every month to get food for my animals. 
Yeah!!! You are her answer to prayer. I just prayed God would take care of her and now you are taking care of her!!” I shouted back to her!! I didn’t mention my inner chick prayer that included a miraculous healed leg with a spontaneous jump for joy flap. 

I drove home and thanked God that He sent this lady to help take care of the hurt chick. I immediately started thinking how this lady would not have even noticed this chick if it wasn’t separated and struggling with a hurt leg. 
Because the chick was “set apart”, she was chosen by the lady specifically to help the chick heal and be given extra care and love. 

I felt God speaking to my heart. 

He whispered to me. 
Kelley, when you think you are all alone and hurting separated all by yourself. 

You are not. I am actually drawing you closer to Me. I don’t make bad things happen. I am immediately there when the trials come. I will pick you up and care for you. Feed you and help you get back on your feet. 

Sometimes miracles can happen suddenly and sometimes they are a perfected process happening in my safe hands of love and attention. 

We are set apart at times so that we can easily be seen by others to help and God in the process of healing. We are strategically identified as one who needs a little extra TLC by our loving Creator and those who are called by Him to be His helpers. 

We are stronger together!

Set apart, 

Kelley Allison

A New Season To Flourish


I love trees. I love to see them so tall with their broad, ever changing and majestic crowns. They sway with the breeze in gentle praise.  In the storm, they bow down low in humble worship. 


My favorite time to watch the trees is when they are in full array in late spring and of course, summertime. 


To watch the trees, I go to “Africa”. 

My front yard is lined with big, flat rocks. Some might call them boulders, but in comparison to the geological wonders here, they are merely big rocks. These rocks are a nice decoration to our yard but also provide a place to sit, something for Cowboy, my son, to climb on, and cool relief to a dog’s belly in the summertime. Mostly, they are a warning of the 30 foot drop on the other side, which if not heeded would surely be a painful tumble down to the Creek Road.  

But I digress …… One of these rocks is marvelously shaped almost identically, like the continent of Africa.  Here is where I sit to contemplate the cosmos, and to commune with my God.


It’s been far too long since I’ve visited Africa. Nature has prevented our coming together for nearly six months. Today I was drawn to her; my sprit man yearned for a meeting. I sat down in the warm sunshine. A gentle breeze blew across my face and through my hair. Yes, it was good to be back.  With my face to the sky, I soaked in the sunshine, which had been so very absent from my life as of late. I began to feel lazy and lay down on my side, looking out over the valley. 


I could see the tops of many trees, yet had as many more to tower above me as if to keep me humble. Today my trees did not look very majestic. They swayed with the stubble of leaves just beginning, like an awkward adolescent between childhood and man, gangly and sprawling. Still, they moved in quiet praise. I wondered, “Do they ever yearn for spring like I do?” A silly notion of course, impatience in a perfectly designed, life sustaining part of creation, ha! But it led me to consider …..


It must have taken much to withstand the winter we had this year. For six months they’ve weathered high winds, snow, sleet, and spent many weeks entombed in ice. As they stood dormant and resting, strong against the onslaught and cruel grip of winter, many lost limbs, big limbs, that had not been strong enough to withstand the trial. Loss which was undoubtedly needed, as the dead wood drained precious life from the healthy tree. Several trees didn’t make it at all.  Yet here they are, continuing life again.


Being in a spiritual place right now where everything appears to be the same yet nothing is familiar, I thought about my trees. How beautifully perfect my God is.  I have weathered many storms, feeling dormant and useless at times. Yet the trials have broken off my deadwood, pruning me, getting me ready and allowing me “rest” as God prepared me for growth.  In this new place God is bringing me, I feel like that gangly adolescent, attempting to grow, struggling to understand, and desperately trying to bloom. 


I lay on my rock for a long time, telling God how marvelous He Is. Adoring His love and all knowing wisdom for what we need, when we need it. I told Him how marvelous He is to have created such amazing things. In reply He whispered ever so gently, “Yes, but my daughter is the greatest of My creations. You too will flourish again and be green and lush, just as your trees will.”


Though at times I’ve foolishly doubted spring would EVER get here this year, logically and in my heart, I knew it would. So I stand, as my trees stand. I’ve withstood the winter, I’ve shucked my deadwood, I’m ready for my spurt of growth, I’m ready to flourish! I don’t have to understand it all. I don’t have to be graceful and never trip, for His grace upholds me.  All I have to do is stand …. stand with all of creation and give my Father praise ….. 

 Just like the trees.

                    ~ Sandra K. Yates