Do You Struggle To Keep Your Promises

Do what you say you’re gonna do!

This was a big area for me that I struggled in judgement in. I didn’t seem to extend grace to anyone that backed out of a commitment. 

I had woundings from my childhood and marriage that I felt that broken promises had caused me great pain in my past so I built a hard spot for anyone else that didn’t keep their word or promises to me. 

Now I am not talking about sometimes things come up and can’t be avoided. We need mercy and grace for those instances and sometimes it’s just simply dealing with our own warped and deceptive perception and emotions of not taking those instances personal.  

It can’t always be avoided sometimes and I get that and know God is always in control and a Divine Detour could be in the works. 

The Lord Willing Response -is a good start so you are not having to go back on your word if you struggle in the area of keeping your word-but don’t use it as an excuse either.

Also don’t be so bound that it is something you begrudgingly do or go against your peace gauge; you may be needing to step away or break a commitment in order to say your best yes for you or your family or even God. 

What I am talking about is what I believe is a spirit that people operate in. They make big plans and promises consistently and even may vow their unending loyalty and commitment to you but are always backing out and usually in the very last minute with excuses after excuses and never follow through. They also have a quitter spirit and don’t like when you disagree with them. 

They usually have offense issues and are offended easily and have perception issues too;their perception is so full of deception. 

They also operate highly in paranoia and pity. 
They perceive things and think that their discernment and perception is fact but it is so warped and wrapped up in their fickle fleshly emotions they can’t recognize it and have a hard time separating fantasy from reality. They like escapism. 

They can also have confrontational, isolation and blame issues. They retreat offended then blame others for the distance they themselves created or they always want to force their opinions upon you to entice a confrontation. They can have an argumentative spirit too. 

I have struggled with all of those at some time in my life too. I am not pointing fingers; this is a Divine Download to help me and others too. 

This is not always a bad thing when you recognize someone operating in that spirit. It can be a good thing because once you recognize it you can set boundaries, pray to not get a spirit of criticism or judgement against them, but also rest assured in knowing that God is revealing and separating the wheat from the chaff for a reason. 

You pray and love them but also know that they just can’t be relied upon so sometimes you have to love them from a healthy distance until they are willing to break free from it themselves.

Ask God to help you recognize the faithful from the flaky in your life. 

 (Joking! But hey, that really is a great prayer!) 

If you suffer from this spirit – ask the Lord to help you break those patterns and start to follow through with what you say you will do. 

Thankfully when we are not promise keepers – God is always a Promise Keeper! 
               ~ XXOO Michelle Bollom 

The Lamp Of The Lord

It’s hard to imagine that the majestic light, dwelling within the Lord, can exist and reside in a sinner like myself.

For many years, I didn’t understand who he was. I lost out on a life intended for the Lord’s purpose, while also missing the innermost parts of Jesus.

I believed that I deserved every darkest hour, each heartache, and all pain, that left my heart exposed and vulnerable.

How is it even possible for God’s light to dwell within a heart that believes the enemy’s lies?

*The truth is that it isn’t possible.*

I am thankful that Jesus desired to have a relationship with me, despite the dark areas of my life, and the limitations I put on him.

Haven’t we all forfeited some of God’s hidden treasures because we were unwilling to step out of the dark to seek him?

Proverbs 20:27 

The spirit of man is the lamp of the Lord, searching all his innermost parts.

Infinite love, a radiant light was shed, as Jesus hung on the cross for me and for you. In his darkest hour, as he cried out, the illumination of his heart was not of death. It was a representation of new life.

He wants us to know him in the same way that he knows each and every one of us…..deeply…..intimately.

Our Spirit is the lamp of the Lord. When we are intentional in discovering Jesus’s heart, we get to experience his blessings.

What blessings have you been praying for? What is he calling you to? What have you set limits on? What is that thing you are holding on to? Is it time for a new revealing?

Lord, I want to search you and know you in a new way, on a new level. I want to experience the life that you have created for me. Use me Lord. Search me Lord. Reveal the areas of my heart that are hidden in dark places. Call me into your light so I may glorify your name. 

In Jesus name, amen.

          ~ Baring His Beauty

               Tiffany Thomas

The Wick And The Wax Warning 

Fanning the flames

They are fans

Not flames

Flames are friends

That love you

While fans

Keep you

Warm in your

Own self love

Friends will

Speak into your life

Fans will keep

The blades moving

Round and round

Till you’re so giddy and dizzy with

That chilly

Self importance

That you

Can’t see

What the flame

Warned you

Would come

Better hop

Off that pedestal 

Of pretense

Insecurity thrives

On mans approval

While confidence

In Christ

Needs no vote

Or conniving

The wick

And the wax

Both needing a light

To burn

To be


   ❤️ Krystal Lynne   

The Chief And Choice Parts 

Have you ever thought about a kaleidoscope? All the little pieces of intricate glass swirling about. They seem so insignificant at first but as it is adjusted and moved they begin to fit together reflecting and displaying such multifaceted layers of light and beauty in such a wonderful pattern. 

That is the image God gave me of not only our lives, but also all His wonderful dimensions.  
We already know the different names for God are endless- some of my favorites are 

Healer, counselor, friend, Daddy, supporter, savior, bridegroom, protector … 
So as I read today’s verse, I was thinking on those lines. 

For the reverence and fear of God are basic to all wisdom. Knowing God results in every other kind of understanding.~ Proverbs 9:10 TLB 

I can’t really explain it other than I know this to be true because of a season when a huge storm forced me to be very mad at God and to deny or want any part of Him. I could only see God as a cruel punisher for taking my brother from this earth. 

 I also know that during another time when two really huge storms, just two years later, God was all I had. I clung to Him with everything I could, and some days it wasn’t much, but I clung to Him and His Word and God revealed great understanding to me in many other areas and on many different levels. He became my protector and my healer after having a stroke. He became my Daddy after my earthly Father died suddenly. He continues to be my supporter and friend and bridegroom and a whole list of other things.  First and foremost He is always my Savior. So the deeper I know God on all those levels, it does produce a greater understanding in all other areas of my life.  
I continued to unpack in other translations-

The reverent and worshipful fear of the Lord is the beginning (the chief and choice part) of Wisdom, and the knowledge of the Holy One is insight and understanding. ~Proverbs 9:10 AMPC 

The [reverent] fear of the Lord [that is, worshiping Him and regarding Him as truly awesome] is the beginning and the preeminent part of wisdom [its starting point and its essence], And the knowledge of the Holy One is understanding and spiritual insight.~ Proverbs 9:10 AMP 
What really caught my eye on the first of these two translations was – chief and choice parts. 

I did not have to head to the dictionary because I knew chief was the top, the head, the beginning, as the next translation calls it the starting point. Choice I knew to be the finest, the very best, and again the next translation summed it up as the essence of.  

I understood that a reverent fear of the Lord, which is simply worshipping God and regarding Him as truly awesome, that is the chief and choice, the beginning and preeminent, the starting point and essence of wisdom. Once we have wisdom down, we continue staying close to God and we will grow in more understanding.  

The Message translation tied it all together for me:

Skilled living gets its start in the Fear-of-God,

    insight into life from knowing a Holy God.

It’s through me, Lady Wisdom, that your life deepens,

    and the years of your life ripen.

Live wisely and wisdom will permeate your life;

    mock life and life will mock you. ~ Proverbs 9:10-12 MSG 

It is through wisdom, having that reverent fear of the Lord, and through skilled living that our life deepens. As we grow closer to God and see Him on every level meeting our every need, the years of our life ripen.  

All our fruits of the Spirit will ripen too! 

We become wise, but not in our own eyes.  

As we learn to live wisely and skilled, wisdom begins to permeate every area of our life. 

My second verse that had me stirring to unpack was:
Then when you realize your worthlessness before the Lord, he will lift you up, encourage and help you.~ James 4:10 TLB 

Humble yourselves [feeling very insignificant] in the presence of the Lord, and He will exalt you [He will lift you up and make your lives significant]. ~James 4:10 AMPC 

Humble yourselves [with an attitude of repentance and insignificance] in the presence of the Lord, and He will exalt you [He will lift you up, He will give you purpose].~ James 4:10 AMP 

So let God work his will in you. Yell a loud no to the Devil and watch him scamper. Say a quiet yes to God and he’ll be there in no time. Quit dabbling in sin. Purify your inner life. Quit playing the field. Hit bottom, and cry your eyes out. The fun and games are over. Get serious, really serious. Get down on your knees before the Master; it’s the only way you’ll get on your feet.~ James 4:7-10 MSG 

For a person that struggled with pride, and sometimes still does, this is such a great verse. 

From the various translations I unpacked it in, I came to these final thoughts: 

God can’t help us, raise us up or even encourage us until we recognize our worthlessness, humble ourselves by knowing our insignificance, and have an attitude of repentance for our sins. We must purify ourselves and stop dabbling in sin. All sins! There are no insignificant sins. We can’t play the field. We can’t have divided loyalties. We must get serious, really serious. The only way we’ll ever get back to our feet is first getting down on our knees before God. 

Lord, I want to recognize all the chief and the choice parts of You. I want to grow so deep and close with You that I am continuously in the flow of Your spirit. I want to hear Your voice clearly. I want to be able to examine all the pieces, like a kaleidoscope, to grasp and understand Your love and Your will for me. Remove all pride from me. Help me to stop dabbling in sin and become purified in every area. Only flat on my face before You will I ever be able to stand.  

           ~XXOO Michelle Bollom 

Ex (ASS) Pertise

Know it all

My confidence in me

So sure 

that I am correct

My intellect 

Entangles me

Woe to me

Oh dearly deceived

Pride comes before a fall

The snares in place

My tongue is in motion

Hautiness released

To prime

The swelling of my soul

Inflating my self devotion


Stepping stones

To a hardened heart

This path of thinking

Will only determine

The foolish journey 

You’re traveling on

The fact that you’re lacking


Will heap the coals

Keeping flames hotter

While fanning yourself

Upon your throne

Serving yourself superior

Flattery in disguise

Bondage becoming

The ass you ride

Applauding yourself


Higher than you ought


Your mind and spirit 

From the liberty

That is free


Your exalted expertise

❤️ Krystal Lynne 




The Magic of 30

I recently completed my first Whole30. If you don’t know what I’m talking about Google it, and you will see the lifestyle-change-jumpstart diet I’m talking about. In a nutshell, it’s cutting out sugar, dairy, grains and legumes. All the cutting out in order to reset your body. 
Well, I seriously never, like never, ever thought I’d make it 30 days with no cheating! But….
I did it!!
Seriously, it gave me the same sense of accomplishment that training and completing half marathons has done. I’ve been so proud of myself. 
As the 30th day approached, I started feeling anxious, I didn’t want to go back to eating all the junk I usually ate. I wanted a lifestyle change. So I’ve jumped right into another Whole30 just to break some bad habits, and then I’ll transition into a Paleo eating lifestyle…if that’s what you call it! 
You see, I know myself. I have some addictive tendencies, mixed with stubbornness and a lack of self-control. BUT, God; I have Him. We all have Him. His Holy Spirit pulls me through. His Holy Spirit can pull you through. His Holy Spirit, I know, carried me, and continues to carry me, through this diet that can feel like deprivation, but is really a reset for real freedom from foods that are not good for my body. 
So I realized, I need a prayer reset. A worry reset. A mindset reset. Is there a worry or a constant something that takes up your mind space? What if we gave it to God for 30 days straight? Every day. Every time we wanted to worry or fret about it, What if we turned that worry into a prayer for 30 days? I think we would reset. I think we would train our minds to turn to prayer and God first, before we worry or try to figure things out on our own. 
So I’ve decided to put myself on a 30 Day Prayer Challenge. For 30 days I’m going to pray about the one thing that’s taking up my mind space and making me fret! I’m going to journal my prayer. I’ll listen to music some days while I pray. Other days I’ll take communion and pray specifically about this one thing. I believe God will change my heart during this process.  I won’t change God’s mind, but He will change mine. 
You know what else will happen? 
God’s peace will take over and replace my anxiety, fret, worry and desire to do this myself!! Now that’s a huge incentive for praying!!! So join me friends!! Pick one thing. The one thing that is of upmost concern or desire in your life. Make a commitment to pray for 30 days straight and see what happens!!! I’m excited. I’m waiting with expectation! 
Do not fret or have any anxiety about anything, but in every circumstance and in everything, by prayer and petition (definite requests), with thanksgiving, continue to make your wants known to God. And God’s peace [shall be yours, that tranquil state of a soul assured of its salvation through Christ, and so fearing nothing from God and being content with its earthly lot of whatever sort that is, that peace] which transcends all understanding shall garrison and mount guard over your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus. ~Philippians 4‬:‭6-7‬ AMP
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~Stephanie Wanic
God’s Beauty Secrets



That moment when you realize no matter how much you pour into something, no matter how much control you’ve deceived yourself into believing you have, all you truly have is a small window of opportunity to do the very best you can. The rest, well, the rest is to be given completely back to where it’s always been – to Him.

Having FAITH that His promises stand true, and that He remains on the throne.
FAITH in knowing that what He started, He will finish…even amidst our stupidity.
How nonbelievers get through the valleys of life, I’ll never know or even begin to imagine, nor do I want to.

I’m thankful that while in what seems to be agony and despair, I can recall the words my God spoke so clearly to me at the altar all those years ago, “Stand up and REJOICE! My hand is upon you!
The work is already being done!”

As I fall from the mountaintop into the shallows of the valley, I cry out, and He hears me and rescues me … every … single … time.

~ S. Gable

© RestoredMinistries

Lover Of My Soul


Have you ever been tired in your soul?

I have…

Constantly thinking, choosing and feeling.

Sometimes I wish I had a switch and I could turn them all off instead of negotiating with them.
It seems like my soul only goes in one of two directions… Up or down… Good or bad… Negative or positive… Flesh or spirit…
So I get soul tired.
Neutral is not an option and don’t I know it.

So one morning I was praying to God and interceding in my Spirit about my soul. I asked Him why He cared to save it and I broke down. My mind is not like His and the thoughts I sometimes think are not very nice. My will is bent towards my way not His way and my emotions are like a roller coaster. “Why do you want my soul God?” I pleaded and I heard Him say “Your soul is mine and I am the lover of your soul.”
How does one respond to that ?

Complete surrender….
And so I did once again.

Then He took me to that place of peace with Him that goes with soul surrender. There He makes me who I am in Him. All of my thoughts, decisions, and feelings are flowing out of that place of peace with Him.

So if your soul is tired than surrender… Surrender to the relentless lover of your soul… You won’t regret it.
~ Michelle Knapton