Underneath The Rubble

Everyone needs to listen to this song!

Rebekah Stump is amazing!

You may be saying – she looks familiar .. well, that’s because she has joined Restored Ministries for some of our live Your Healing Hour events. You probably remember the videos circulating of her singing at those events with Larry Wood.

Her husband Tim has joined us for a few events too.

I am so proud to share this incredible song for this weeks #SongSunday.

Please reshare the heck out of this and let’s flood social media with Rebekah’s new song.

~ XXOO Michelle

Lyric Love 

Lately I have really been hearing the Lord speak to me through various song lyrics. 

I have done posts and images with #LyricLove and shared on our Social Media before. 

I started thinking of Song Writing.  

Song Writing is Story Telling so that is probably why I love it so much because I am a story teller.

My uncle the late and very talented Grammy Winner Guy Clark was known for his amazing songwriting talent. Many people performed his songs. You can google and find out all about him. 

I loved to listen to his music because they told stories. Many I knew the back story to them. 

I encourage you to pay attention to the songs you hear and share with us your Lyric Love too. 
                 ~XXOO Michelle Bollom 
Enjoy this weeks #SongSunday The Cape by Guy Clark. 

Like A Bridge Over Troubled Water 

I have to say I don’t look forward to Father’s Day because it makes me miss my own Daddy so much. He went to his Forever Home with Jesus in 2008.  

I miss him like crazy! 
I was such a big ole Daddy’s Girl! 
Come to think of it- I am still a big ole Daddy’s Girl! 

My daddy was so funny and creative and boy he was a storyteller. I could listen to his stories all day long. We were so very close and spoke on the phone daily if not multiple times a day. 

My daddy was a music lover. All types of music he loved. That is where I got my love for all music too. He was also a musician, he played a mean cornet – similar to the trumpet. He played in a band like the Blues Brothers before the popular movie was even around.  

One of his all time favorite songs was Simon & Garfunkel’s – Bridge Over Troubled Water.  

He would play it and sing along. 

 I loved to jam out with him to this song!  

I have a hard time hearing it now without crying since it was played at his funeral and just makes me miss him too much. 

I did not know that in this song the duo is singing about a father guiding his offspring through the opening steps of life, explaining that any obstacles they face will be dealt with together.  

So today- in honor of All Father’s.  
Past, Present & Future; this is a perfect Father’s Day Song.  

Actually it’s a perfect any day song when you look at it from our Heavenly Father’s perspective to us. 

I love at 3:20 in the video-

Sail On Silver Girl! 

I always think of my daddy-well now both my daddy’s in Heaven, singing this over me. 

Happy Father’s Day! 
~ XXOO Michelle Bollom 

Lyrics are found in the drop down in the YouTube video. 

Real Love 


I saw Derek Johnson with Jesus Culture in Houston, Tx at the Reinhard Bonnke Crusade earlier this year.  He just released his solo album Real Love.  It is a great album!  I am still discovering it, so expect more upcoming blogs to come from it. 
Head out to ITunes and download a copy. 
XXOO Michelle Bollom 

#SongSunday-Marvelous Light


I was asked to share #Song Sunday this week!!! Really??? Of all the weeks to ask me!! Perfect Timing!!
I am stoked about my latest discovery and have not stopped listening all week to my new favorite singer/songwriter from Nashville, TN named Ellie Holcomb. (iTunes account is reflecting my excitement)

Let’s rewind to last Saturday night. A friend called me up last minute and invited me to go see David Crowder in concert at The Warehouse Live near Minute Maid Park. (Interesting little places all around there)
Ellie Holcomb opened up for him. I was blown away with all her songs. She sang from the heart and it resonated with the audience. Not to mention I think she is like a Sheryl Crow Sorta Same Style singer!!!
Plus, she dresses cute and I loved her boots.
I just liked her and hung on to every word she shared in between songs. She talked about how she memorized God’s Word as a sword to cut through and make a way through her life. Then she started writing songs loaded with scriptures. This is probably my favorite song that she sang that night.
I love it because it sums up what Restored Ministries is all about………..
Moving out of the darkness into the light of our Redeemer that Restores and Releases us Brighter and Better


Marvelous Light Lyrics by Ellie Holcomb:

I am not who I once was
Defined by all the things I’ve done
Afraid my shame would be exposed
Afraid of really being known
But then you gave my heart a home
So I walked out of the darkness and into the light
From fear of shame into the hope of life
Mercy called my name and made a way to fly
Out of the darkness and into the light
With years of keeping secrets safe
Wondering if I could change
‘Cause when you’re hiding all alone
Your heart can turn into a stone
And that’s not the way I want to go
So I walk out of the darkness and into the light
From fear of shame into the hope of life
Mercy called my name and made a way to fly
Out of the darkness and into the light
There’s no place I would rather be
Your light is Marvelous
Your light is Marvelous
You have come to set us free
You are Marvelous
Your light is Marvelous
So I walked out of the darkness and into the light
From fear of shame into the hope of life
Mercy called my name and made a way to fly
Out of the darkness and into the light

Light On,
Kelley Allison