WORTHY THOUGHT: Are we selfishly clinging to our rights or are you willingly to serve.

As believers, we should have an attitude that enables us to give up our rights for the good of others- in order to serve others. If we say we follow Christ we must also say we want to live as he lived, we should develop his attitude of humble service, even when we are not likely to get recognition for our efforts. 

When we feel the pain of our sacrifice- we know that we are really giving up something important.

Do nothing from rivalry or conceit, but in humility count others more significant than yourselves. Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others. -Philippians 2:3-4 
          ~ Angela Lipe-Pattengill 

Finding Your Mojo 

When your faith seems burnt out, and your sense of grace is growing dim, and your mercy with others has suddenly found limits- just think about the mind blowing fact of what Christ endured for you.  

Jesus took all our junk upon Himself, suffered horrendously for us and still – He had Complete Faith in His Father’s bigger plans and purposes. His grace shined beyond bright and was far reaching, and His mercy was always renewing day after day without an end! 

Those thoughts alone should help you find your Mojo! 

Jesus and His Holy Spirit is my Mojo! 


noun mo·jo \ˈmō-(ˌ)jō\

Simple Definition of mojo:

a power that may seem magical and that allows someone to be very effective, successful, etc.

 The Spirit of the Lord helps us keep our Faith on fire, our sense of grace burning big and bright; far and wide, and our mercy towards others always renewed and beyond limits. 

~XXOO Michelle Bollom #LiveRestored 

How? you ask. In Christ. God put the wrong on him who never did anything wrong, so we could be put right with God. ~ 2 Corinthians 5:21 MSG 

The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness. ~ Lamentations 3:22-23 ESV 

For it is by grace God’s remarkable compassion and favor drawing you to Christ that you have been saved actually delivered from judgment and given eternal life through faith. And this salvation is not of yourselves not through your own effort, but it is the undeserved, gracious gift of God; ~Ephesians 2:8 AMP  

I will heal their faithlessness; I will love them freely, for my anger has turned from them. ~Hosea 14:4 CEB 

Power To Choose 

We are no longer bound unless we choose to be. 

Thank You Lord that because of Christ I am free. Thank You for breaking every chain of bondage in my life. Thank You for Your Resurrection Power. Help me to choose to live by The Holy Spirit and obey You and Your ways over my flesh and my ways.   

                          ~XXOO Michelle Bollom 
… instead using His own blood as the price to set us free once and for all. If that animal blood and the other rituals of purification were effective in cleaning up certain matters of our religion and behavior, think how much more the blood of Christ cleans up our whole lives, inside and out. Through the Spirit, Christ offered himself as an unblemished sacrifice, freeing us from all those dead-end efforts to make ourselves respectable, so that we can live all out for God. ~ Hebrews 9:13-15 MSG 

So you are no longer slaves but God’s children. Since you are God’s children, God has also made you heirs.~ Galatians 4:7 GWT 

So if the Son makes you free, then you are unquestionably free.~John 8:36 AMP 

Release Your Seeds 

This morning after speaking with a friend and hearing about a need, I parted ways saying:

we will continue to pray for you.”

The Holy Spirit quickly spoke to me and said- “You have the seed to meet their need.” 

I thought, what? Our Van is back in the shop, I was given that seed, Oh Lord, I plan to use it for XYZ.  Lord, that will make them uncomfortable, …it isn’t even enough. What if something happens and we need it? 

Again God said- “you have the seed to meet their need.”

I stopped and did not argue anymore. I did not rationalize, I did not think of a million more excuses why or was it really God speaking or not. I chose the uncomfortable obedience.  

I then heard as I did what the Lord asked of me- “your obedience is worth far more than your sacrifice

So God had me thinking on this word for you-

We all have needs- but we all also have seeds.

       It’s time to release your seeds! 

What are some seeds we have? …





A ride

A word

A smile……

How many of us have houses full of items and someone is needing something that we have in our overflow? 

We are so quick to take to Goodwill but why do we find it uncomfortable to pass along our gently used items to someone in need that we know could use them? 

How many of us have way more than enough food that we could share a meal with a few? Or buy someone a meal? Or a bag of groceries? 

How many have an extra dollar or two or three or five or twenty or fifty they can pass along? 
What if we just denied ourselves and sacrificed that pedicure or manicure or a round of golf or one less meal eaten out or that expensive and way overpriced coffee for a day or two and meet someone else’s needs?  

How many have a few moments to stop, listen, pray, or to help comfort someone with a warm smile, hug, or encouraging word? 

What if – Instead of just hearing someone express a need, we were all stirred to be obedient to the Lord and to provide whatever seed we had to meet their needs?  

It doesn’t have to be hard… Or confusing or be some grand….extravagant…. gesture ….Or even made into a big deal at all. 

Simply when you hear of a need, provide the seed, whatever it is, to help meet that need.
You never know what seed someone else could be holding that will meet your needs one day. 

We all have the seeds to meet someone’s need!  

Release your seeds! 

                  ~XXOO Michelle Bollom 



Sacrificed like an animal

On the altar of my life

Blood shed

Heart burst

In sorrow for our sin

An offering 

For our repentance

Skin torn

Ripped from His mind

Was our soulish desires

Hellish fires

We mingle with

Cling unto

Singing to and adhering to

Justifying our rebellious hearts

Lusts we’ve sired

This old man expired

Nailed to a cross of wood

Hanging there as all looked on

Wondering if He truly was God’s son

And if He was

Why He hung there

The shame

The loss

He gained us through the cross

Our spirits born

Hearts adorned

With His Holy presence

He paid the price

Suffered and died

Purchased us with His blood

He rose again and ever lives

Making intercession for us

To be our friend

Enjoying eternal company

Embracing mankind with His life 

God’s love sent Jesus Christ

King and Lord on high


Exchanging Himself



Lamb of God

Silently stepping in

For the sins of the world

Mine and yours


New birth

It is written

He has pardoned

Innocence given for damnation

Thanks be to God

For mercy

For grace

Our Savior

Jesus Christ

Prince of Peace


❤️ Krystal Lynne 


Offer Unto Me 


Put him on the altar!

Trust Me!!!

All you Abrahams 

Rise UP!!!!

Take your Isaac…

Lay him down

Look for the ram

In the mountain 

Offer him unto me


What will become

Of your way…

Yet Mine be done

It’s not too late

Never too late

Nothing is impossible 


In Me
❤️Krystal Lynne 

Happy Memorial Day!


My hope is that today while spending time with family and loved ones, you will reflect on the following scripture: 

John 15:13 “Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friend.”

This scripture tells us the greatest love of all is that we would be willing to give up our own lives for others. This scripture is very deep. Christ’s life was all about sacrifice- he gave up his life so that we could have freedom. Just like Christ, many men and women gave up their lives so that we could experience freedom. How Christ like is that? 

I want to personally thank all of those whom gave up their lives so that we could have basic liberties.   

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Enjoy your day with your family…and love so deep, that you would be willing to give up your life for others! 

Have a blessed week.~ Lereca Monik 

Wounded One


While journaling the other day as me and my Bible Study ladies were praying for each other and interceding for a friend’s husband and his health we decided to do an impromptu partaking of Communion. As we soaked in some songs while reflecting on Communion I wrote:

His body broken=me made Whole
His blood poured out and shed=I am covered and my sins are cleansed.

Today while praying and listening to music I wrote:
His wounded and broken body restored and made mine whole.

Then this song came on and it resonated with me so I knew it was this weeks #SongSunday .

Wounded One by Davy Flowers

Worthy is the Lamb who was slain
The One who broke down the great wall of enmity, and gave me His name
How gracious is My redeemer, King Jesus, the Son of the Highest
What could I possibly give to You, but the fragrance of my

Hallelu—jah, Hallelu—jah
Hallelu—jah, Hallelu—jah

Holy is the Man of Sorrows
Destroying the works of the evil one, all with Your own blood
And mercies before and behind You, such beauty all around You
And how could I ever repay You, but with the fragrance of my

Hallelu—jah, Hallelu—jah
Hallelu—jah, Hallelu—jah

Praise be to the Wounded One
Glory and honor to the Son
We ascribe worth and give love to You Lord
Let the fragrance of our love go forth

We lift our gaze, we lift our gaze
We lift our gaze, we lift our gaze (repeat)
You are higher

Praise be to the Wounded One
Glory and honor to the Son
We ascribe worth and give love to You Lord
Let the fragrance of our love go forth

We pour our love on You
In the middle of the night (repeat)

I love the verses in the song that say- “And how could I ever repay You, but with the fragrance of my Hallelujah” and
“Let the fragrance of our love go forth.”

What fragrances are you emitting for the Lord ? After all that He has done for us it doesn’t seem right to offer Him imitation or cheap knock off’s. I want to always be pouring out the “good stuff” on Him -regardless the costs. He did not count the costs for me.

I want my Hallelujah’s and fragrances to reflect my appreciation for His great sacrifice.
He was wounded so we can be whole and restored. ~XXOO Michelle Bollom
© RestoredMinistries

Fill Me Up!


Are you running on fumes? Are you feeling spent? Frazzled? Empty? Overcommitted? Discouraged or disappointed? Pulled in every direction by everybody?

This weeks #SongSunday has been my motivation and jump start each day. What I love is that this song is so simplistic in the lyrics. It is short, simple, but oh so powerful. It has become my decree and my prayer lately.

Maybe I love this song because it took me many years of stuffing and filling myself with all sorts of junk … that I finally discovered; only God fills us up! People may disappoint but God never does.

When our hearts and voices cry out to Him, God is Faithful. He always fills us back up to overflow so we can once again pour into others.

Sing it with me!


Be Filled Up Folks! XXOO Michelle Bollom

You provide the fire
I’ll provide the sacrifice
You provide the Spirit
And I will open up inside

Fill me up God
Fill me up God
Fill me up God
Fill me up

Love of God
All my soul