Restoration Stories – Ngahuia Harvey

I was on the road to no where with no where to go no destiny nothing but baggage 🧳suit cases full of hurt ~ anger ~ manic depression ~ I was a drug addict for 19 years from 17-36 years old I was an IV user addicted to meth put my kids through hell in & out of court system as close as my eyes are together that’s how close I was from going to jail i said my final goodbyes to my kids that morning but grace turned it around (15 years prior I had already given my life to Jesus ) & ya know what I still went home & got high stuck a needle in my arm for the next 5 years in a toxic marriage finally built the courage up to leave after 19 years in abusive r/ship I went to a women’s shelter got high with a friend one night went back to my unit just so happened to open the Gideons bible to Psalm 18:19 “He also brought me out into a broad place; He DELIVERED me bc He DELIGHTED in me” I was so convicted & delivered & set free the very next day I’ve never touched needles or drugs to this day I have been clean for four years when they say the Word is alive well it sure is true that one verse leaped out in front of my eyes that night my baggage lost ~ confused ~ lonely ~ hurt ~ pain ~ broken ~ abandoned ~ forsaken ~ wounded ~ rejected ~ mistreated ~ all that stuff now God has set me free from all that I’m healed saved in Jesus name. I have so many things to thank my God for he still chased me down with his love even when he knew I was going to walk away from him for those years the kindness of God is amazing. “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans for peace, not evil, to give you a future & hope – never forget that”Jeremiah 29:11~ & this one has been on my heart all week Isaiah 46:4 ~ “and when you are old, I will still be there carrying you, when your limbs grow tired, your eyes weak, your hair is a silvery grey, I will carry you as I always have, I will carry you & save you”. Wow now I’m crying haha JOY. PRAISE GOD HE’S SO GOOD !! more than we could ever ever know. You can count on him those who have been forgiven much love much.

~ Ngahuia Harvey


Our struggles are often only a product of how we see ourselves.

If you see defeated – that’s how you’ll live.

If you see delivered – that’s how you’ll live.

If you see sick – that’s how you’ll live.

If you see health – that’s how you’ll live.

If you see lack – that’s how you’ll live.

If you see enough – that’s how you’ll live.

What are you seeing? Who are you agreeing with? Who are you believing? What are you confessing?

May today we all get ANew View and start to focus on the powerful promises of God.

Even when it doesn’t look good at the moment… He promises to work ALL things out for our good!

~XXOO Michelle

Restored Ministries

This Is Brave

oh, how the earth

swallows the blood

running from wounds of past

as you continue to fight…

how brave is the soul

dancing in the rain

that awakes the day

wrapped in the night sky…

oh, it is a sight to be seen;

we thrive in pain

that tries to bury

the cosmos inside us,

but we crush it beneath

our fierce bite…

we open the door,

walking out into the unknown

with an open mind,

a soul on fire

circling ’round the enemy

as we get in position

to pounce upon bones

attempting to wreck us

in the vast sea of death;

we are a force to be

reckoned with

cause we speak truth,

soak up the sunlight,

so we can shed it

in the depths

where others cringe

cause fear is real,

but since we’ve lived

in it for years,

we understand it and

aren’t turned by it…

no, we run towards it

chasing it out of the land

cause we’re not afraid;

we speak freedom…

a language not needing

translation to understand

the meaning behind this

fierce force driving

death out of us,

so we can all experience

this amazing life we are

to live;

let us not allow the pain

to silence us,

the fear to bury us…

stand your ground

and beat this heart of yours

in the present,

so the past can leave

and the future can await us;

be brave,

fierce soul…

don’t give up…

be a flickering flame

that becomes

an unstoppable fire

burning out the night,

so we can all birth

beauty from these ashes.

~Bethany Anne

This is Brave

Dead Women Are Dangerous

The woman sitting in front 

of me

Is confident, fearless a container of Papas love

No too long ago she was a scared, shy, broken woman

Looking at her I am amazed 

at the transformation she 

went through

Can Papa’s love really invade 

a persons life?

Transforming it from darkness 

to light

From a life of fear to a peace found only in intimacy with 

her King

Bitterness and rejection to a masterpiece of portraying 

His love

All of her life she was trapped 

like a bird in a cage

The word freedom foreign 

to her

Her mind and heart always racing

Fear her compass

Leading her away from Papas voice

The emptiness in her eyes

She hid behind fake smiles 

While the hole in her heart 

grew bigger and bigger

No amount of things or people could fill the void in her heart

The glasshouse she so tightly controlled slipped through 

her hands

It fell to the ground in thousands of pieces

And satan smiled “I have her right where I always wanted 

her to be”

And Father beamed with pride

Because He had her right where

He needed her to be

Now He can put all her broken pieces back together and create a masterpiece out of 

the mess she found herself in

Papa waited patiently for 

her to let go

She was used to fighting her 

own battles

Letting go was hard for her

She paid a high price for the testimony on her life

He asked the old her to die

When all she wanted was 

to hold on to dead things

He asked her to walk a road few would ever walk

A road of deep betrayal and 

of coming face to face with 

the enemy daily

Witchcraft, False religions, Jezebel, you name it she battled them all

His once scared daughter 

He turned into His warrior daughter

He asked her to walk through fire in the midst of her enemies

Asked her to be quiet

To not defend herself

While everything in her kicked and screamed to be heard

Papa asked her to carry 

her cross with His heart beating through her

There’s something about 

women who were trained

under the watchful eyes of 

their King

They are known in heaven 

and feared in hell

They took up their swords 

to be warrior daughters

When their flesh wanted to 

run and hide

Who would have thought 

that His endtime army would 

by filled with broken, downtrodden, hurting women

Which He gently restores

into fearless women

They shine with His love

They found themselves 

The day they died

Dead women are dangerous women

In the hands of their Commander and Chief.

~ Ebigale Wilson

Dead Women Are Dangerous

The Journey

Every Story

There are four sides to every story

a box of matches

each match a word

flickering off the pages;

ashes floating in the air,

from darkest secrets

inside a spacious mind

encompassing eternal pain;

this anguish bursting forth

is a sun bleeding through skin

once too thick to puncture,

now a wildfire erupting;

rain cannot cease

flames of destruction

and a mind can’t forget

what can’t be tamed

~ Bethany Anne

Hook Line And Sinker

This week the enemy was working a bit overtime trying to make me take the bait of offense.

Oh, I nibbled on it – more than once.

I had one thing / situation / or conversation after another that had me nibbling a bit on offense.

By Thursday, the last disappointment or discouragement that came my way had me ready to go full on Mr. Bean or run away from all people. I even told my husband that I was DONE WITH EVERYTHING! And EVERYONE!

He recognized I was just trying to tackle a bit too much in my own strength and that I am still good at times at stuffing my emotions so he suggested I take it to God and not out on him or anyone else.

That got me laughing and not more offended which was a good thing for him, so I made a choice.

I could stay pissed off or offended or I could praise. God told me years ago that I can’t do both – you gotta choose.

I chose to praise.

I praised – I blew my new shofar – I danced through my disappointments and together we prayed.

Instantly all the things that had me offended and pissed off all week melted away.

I was able to Forgive Release and Bless everything and everyone.

I decided also to trust that God’s ways are always higher than mine or others.

I can always take those stings of hurt and disappointments to Him instead of swallowing that nasty bait of offense hook line and sinker.

I hope you will too!

~ XXOO Michelle

#LiveRestored Restored Ministries

Never Too Late

A life wasted

Chasing after sin

Pride swallowed me in

To places I never thought

I would visit

I had places to go

Money to make

Success winked at me

I could not ignore the tug

on my heart

Success and worldly riches

more important

Then leaving a legacy of a

changed life

I guess the price was too

high to pay

The dreams Papa had for me

I chucked out by the door

Together with everyone

who spoke life over me

Blinded to my short comings

I prefer to never confront

my fears

Walked with many scars

Hid behind different masks

Like a puppet on a string

I danced to the enemy’s lies

Mesmerised by sin

I made it my habitation

Chased empty dreams

Instead of eliminating my fears

For it was all about me and

my selfish needs

I have places to go

I have money to chase

I couldn’t care less of the

trail of a life wasted

I left behind

Please don’t ask me to pause

for a while

To take a look at the ashes

I leave behind

There’s no time to deal with

the pain of my past

The world is waiting

I don’t care about the hearts

I trample on

There was a time,

not too long ago

Though it seems so distant now

When Papa’s dreams was

still my dreams

His plans and purposes

important to Me

Till the enemy came in and

he painted his pictures

Of what a significant life

looks like

Looking through his eyes

I fell; hook, line and sinker

for his lies

I embraced it,

I made it mine

The pictures of wealth, success and sin, blew my mind

Oh, but he never showed me

the end

The costly price I had to pay

I sold my soul

I believed all his lies

He studied me for years

He knew all my voids

He knew my fears

The pain from the past

I never dealt with

He lured me in and I followed

him blindly

He pressed all the right buttons

The pain I chose to ignore

He used as bait to explore

My dreams turned into ashes

It slipped through my fingers

As I drifted further and further away from His presence

The One who loves me through all my wondering

Is still waiting for me

to die to self

Papa’s love for me,

still as vast as the ocean

He will never let go of me

I was the reason He hung

on a cross

It’s never to late

To return to His heart.

Mark 8:36  For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?

~ Ebigale Wilson

Never Too Late

The Journey

Restoration Stories – Amanda Eksteen

I longed for someone or something

to change my life

I had this emptiness and loneliness

inside of me

I had a deep hunger inside..

not knowing for what…

I continued having this desire for something

to fill the emptiness

I searched all over for that missing link

I read selfhelp books

I tried to be a better person

I did all the rights things

according to the standard of men

I even attented church on a regular base

But still I was empty on the inside…

Until one day I cried out to one name…

That one sweet name was JESUS

The name above all names

That name saved me…

That name healed me…

That name delivered me…

That name wrote my name

in the palms of His hands

He taught me to love…

He taught me to forgive…

He taught me to have faith…

He taught me to trust Him no matter how hard,

No matter under which circumstances

No matter how I “felt”

He taught me to hear His voice

He showed me my gifts and showcased them

He revealed Himself to me as a loving Father

He told me He loves me

He told me I am His precious daughter

He told me that He will never leave me

nor forsake me.

Today I have peace, love, joy and victory.

Jesus changed my life!


~ His Beloved Daughter,

Amanda Eksteen