Patient Endurance 

Patient Endurance is what you need now, so that you will continue to do God’s will. Then you will receive all that He has promised. ~ Hebrews 10:36 NLT

Years ago the Lord brought me to this verse. It was one of those verses that “Jumped Off” the page at me so I decided to look up Patient Endurance in the dictionary to see what exactly that looked like. I printed it out and had it posted for years. It has become one of my Life Verses and again God has brought it back in this season and asked me to share it. 
The definitions of Patient Endurance, I love what it reveals:    


Adj. adjective
1. Capable of Bearing or enduring pain, difficulty, annoyance, provocation, misfortune, delay, hardship, etc., with fortitude and calmness and without complaint, anger, or the like

2. Tolerant; understanding.

3. Persevering; constant.

4. Capable of calmly awaiting an outcome or result; not hasty or impulsive. 


n. Noun
         1. The act, quality, or power of withstanding hardship, pain or stress.

2. The state or fact of persevering.

3. the ability or strength to continue or last, especially despite fatigue, stress, or other adverse conditions; stamina: lasting quality; Continuing existence; duration  

This time of year I get summer fever and become tired and seem to be stuck on that hamster wheel of life. When I am going through the motions packing lunches, picking up dirty socks, being the carpool queen shuffling kids here and there and see the dust bunnies multiplying and the gym guilt screaming in my ears, but all I really want to do is throw my hands up order some pizza and watch mindless TV. 

 Remember the old Calgon commercial and how it tried to convince us a bubble bath was all it takes to restore us to sanity…I just have to say, a bubble bath never has done that for me! I always seem to get interrupted by my peeps and if I happen to take one while everyone is gone I always have a crazy fear of if I fall and hit my head and then what? I don’t want the fire department to break in and find me butt naked

 Yes, I sometimes go there, playing those crazy scenarios in my mind. I have to say the crazy traffic in my head has slowed a lot over the years. The pity party’s too have stopped, I don’t feel like giving in most days to the pizza and TV, I instead choose to get through with God’s Word. 

 When I concentrate on what He says and let those words sink deep into my heart and soul, then I feel like I can easily rock that Hamster wheel of life. Kind of like those furry Hamster things in the KIA commercials heads bopping to a funky beat. Like OK, I think I got this! 

 When people tell us to stop complaining and nagging and lovingly remind us how fortunate we are to have a great family with a grateful husband and kiddos. That you have the luxury of staying home so go back to bed if you have to. Take a nap if you need to, real friends don’t mind the dust bunnies, dirty socks will always be found and you are grateful for the feet that left them there. It won’t be long before those kiddos will have their own driver’s license and can run your errands. The gym is always there and sometimes God is wanting you to work out different muscles today so don’t beat yourself up over it.

 I am so Thankful God’s word reminds me, you are capable of bearing, enduring, with fortitude and calmness WITHOUT complaint, anger or the like. You have the ability and strength to continue and last, despite fatigue, stress, or other adverse conditions. Then you will receive all He has promised! And His word is chalked full of promises my friends! Crack it open and let the words JUMP OFF and JUMP ALL OVER YOU. His word is the Only thing that fully Restores & Transforms us. ~ XXOO Michelle Bollom

*orginally wrote this in 2014 before we set up our blog.  Dusting off some oldies!  Thanks to my friend Kim for sending me this image.  I get a giggle every time I see it! 



“God said to Moses, ‘“I am who I am. This is what you are to say to the Israelites: I Am has sent me to you.’” Exodus 3:14 NIV

This is the time,” I thought. My loved one needed help and it was my turn to help him. After three weeks of steady improvement, his pain, shame and suffering became too great and he chose to discontinue the process towards healing.

My heart was broken in spite of my desire of change for his life and my love for him.

As I processed through my emotions and the perceived defeat, these questions emerged. What more could I have done? Was there something I didn’t provide him?

But then other questions came.
Was I grieving for my loved one or myself?

Whose victory was it supposed to be?


The exhaustion of the night’s emotional roller coaster left me weary. My inability to fix the situation weighed heavily on my heart.

Jesus understood – He was grieving too.

With the new dawn, I was struck with the beautiful colors within. There was an urgency to be in the presence of the Lord. I wanted to be as close to him as possible and he was calling me from within the colors of His sunrise. So I hurried towards the sun. I literally got in my car and pursued him block after block to the end of the road, and met him by the river.

His radiance reminded me of His love for all of us, including my loved one. Despite weariness and the things which came against us, Jesus wanted to tell me that He still reigns. He still is.

I was allured again and again, staring into His beauty. I could see that I wasn’t alone in my pain. He was talking to me saying, “Even when your heart is weary, I AM ahead of you. When things get really tough, I AM here.”

Everywhere I turned that morning I could see him. He was everywhere saying, “Even when you don’t feel me near, I AM still there, because that is who I AM.”

~Baring His Beauty 

  Tiffany Thomas 

God’s Hands




God can be defined as the being perfect in power, wisdom, and goodness who is worshipped as creator and ruler of the universe and a spirit that has great power, strength, and knowledge, etc.  and that can affect nature and the lives of people.



“Cast your cares on the LORD and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous be shaken.”  Psalms 55:22



When we feel turmoil is taking place in our lives, it is absolutely normal to feel overwhelmed and worried.  It’s also normal to feel that there is no other way.  As I get wiser, I am witnessing the truth in GOD’s promises.  I have personally witnessed God’s work in all areas of my life.    Nothing is impossible for GOD.  He wants us to bring all of our problems to him.  

He told me so and God encouraged me to share this with you. 


I can do what man cannot nothing is impossible for my hands


You must have faith.  You must cleanse your hearts. You must believe and trust that I can.


Didn’t you read the stories of the many miracles in my holy book?


I gave you my only begotten son, to relieve you of your sins- for you his life I took.


Didn’t you bear witness to the co-worker, friend, and family member so terminally ill- the dr. diagnosed six months of life with no time to die?


Just remember the doctors were clueless, did not have the cure, the medicine was inactive; but many prayed so I extended life- and why?  I heard those cries.


Recall the drug addict, the alcoholic, the abuse, the thief, the liar, and the murderer you knew would not change.


Were you not surprised to see a renewed spirit- sharing my word, a new body in Christ, preaching the gospel, calling out my name?


Troubled marriages, relationships, friendships- were hanging onto the last string.

Do you see now that your patience, meditation, hallelujahs, helped you realized that Christ brings a possibility to all things.


What about that time you were ready -ready to give up? 

ready to throw in the towel?  You felt you had no strength, you sat in misery pondering in sadness that there was no other way?


Must I remind you that I remodeled your life- I created change for I am the potter and you are the clay.


I have turned many of your no’s into yes’.


I have made the impossible become possible


I am the one that turns darkness into light.


I am the one that takes away frowns and replaces them with smiles.


I am God of Gods, I gave you life, and I am the father of all man.


I can do what man cannot nothing is impossible for my hands.


God has the power to change our lives immediately.  We have to trust him.  When we choose to look at all the ways he has blessed us, it will be easier to cast our cares on him.  


Just know that turmoil is your testimony and your testimony and you will someday help someone else that is being tested!  


If you feel that you are being tested, I challenge you to cast your cares onto the Lord.  We know that nothing is impossible for GOD’s hands. When we succumb to a place of total surrender, our lives will never be the same!



Dear GOD,


I am casting my cares on you.  If there are areas of my life that I need to place in your hands, please show me clearly so that I can surrender them all to you.  I know that I cannot get through this test without your hands.  God I am so grateful for healing and restoration in my life and the lives of others.  I thank you and love you dearly.  


Commit to the challenge.  I DARE you. ~ Lereca Monik 

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