Finding Me 

Surrounded by darkness

No way of escape

Tormented by demons

Holding me hostage

I trample on love, mercy and grace

I wouldn’t allow it to stick to me

Darkness clings like a wet blanket 

I can’t shake it off

It became part of me

Through the choices I made 

And the choices that were made 

On my behalf

My heart ruled by fear and hopelessness

Not a flicker of light in sight

I am sinking deeper and deeper away in despair

Darkness took over every part of me

Dark thoughts

Dark words

Dark face

Far from the life I imagined I’d live

Then all of a sudden there You are

Like a beacon of light in the dark

Stepping into my life

You are dressed in glory

You glisten with love

I try to hide, but I am overtaken

by Your holy presence 

I am numb by the peace 

enveloping You

You take a step closer to me

Till I stand in the shadow of Your

passionate love

Darkness had to flee at the sight

of Your majesty

I am so aware of my brokenness

So aware of every disappointment

So aware of the pain I have caused You

I wait for You to judge me

Instead Your love draws me in

Giving me a glimpse of Your heart for me

An all consuming fire flowing from Your being, 

Burning away all that has clung to me

Replacing darkness with Your light

I am free at last

I am overwhelmed by Your presence

Speechless that You came looking for me

Nothing could stop You from finding me

In Your gaze I found myself

I know that I am deeply loved

My dress once torn and stained 

is now replaced with royal robes

My face once immersed with pain

Now glistens with Your love

My whole being is lavished with 

Your kindness and grace

I am free to be Your bride

I am redeemed

I am deeply loved

Nothing could stop You from finding me

~ Ebigale Wilson 

His Beloved One 

She is a laid down lover

Overthrown and overtaken by her Lord alone

She went through fire, persecution and pain

Stands alone in the midst of many storms

His presence her armour

His voice her compass

Her ear always close to His heart

She discovered her strength on the battleground

When the enemy used to rage at 

her front door

Papa shaped her through the painful times

So that she would go lower, and die to self

Nothing of her flesh had to survive

She was handpicked and trained by the King Himself

She won many battles with Papa 

by her side

He became her everything

Her last breath

Her safe place

His love compelled her to 

be tenacious

The word “afraid” is not known to her

She is His battle axe and His 

weapon of war

She loves on all she comes into contact with

Her brokenness produced a fragrance that can’t be resisted

She rebuilds ruins long forgotten

She is His eyes and His ears

And goes wherever He leads her

No assignment from her King 

she denies.

The pain, betrayal and persecution was not in vain

It was part of His plan all along

To turn her into His warrior princess His daughter of Zion

His beloved one

She is totally dead to self, completely under His control

Their heart’s beat as One

Under the African sun

As she emerges from the wilderness

Leaning on her Beloved

Forever He is

Her One true Love

~Ebigale Wilson 

Image – Pinterest 

One True Love 

My highest calling is to minister to my King

I am held captive by His love for me

He became my very life

The air that I breath

The sound of my heartbeat

Every song that I sing

I have denied myself to be 

One with Him

Brought every sacrifice that He 

has asked of me

It was burned on the altar

Till all I could see was 

His reflection in me

Through tears and surrender

I have come to know His heart

I would not trade this journey for 

silver or gold

At His feet, He has restored me

In His presence, I was made whole

I am a symbol of an abandoned life

His end time Bride

His warrior princess

I am a love sick lover

Of Jesus my Bridegroom

I am in awe of Him

Addicted to His presence

No words will ever be able to describe how I feel

This love affair with Jesus makes 

me complete

For the One that I love gave me

His all

He taught me the meaning of

sacrificial love

He is a covenant keeper

His whole being is wrapped in love

I long for Him with my every breath

I am crazy in love with the One 

called Love

I can do without everything

Except our secret place meetings

When I am hidden in Him

May everything I do reflect His glory

May my life be a vision of His heart

May I touch everyone I come into contact with

Till every one, become One with Him

I am sold out to my One True love

I am overthrown and overtaken 

by my Bridegroom alone

I was born to find my place in Him

Jesus is my greatest need


~ Ebigale Wilson 

Crown of Life Dance 

“Blessed is the man or (woman in my case) who remains steadfast under trial, for when she has stood the test she will receive the crown of life, which God has promised to those who love him” James 1:12

“Double Dog Dare Ya” Challenge: 

Each day take some time to “posture” or position yourself to hear from God. You will be amazed at what God deposits in your spirit when you are intentional and expecting to hear from Him. 

I read this scripture and paused to soak in what it would mean to have a crown of life. I immediately visualized myself with a golden crown on my head. It had a red heart- shaped gem in the center.

 It was as if the crown had a sound that was declaring, “Love never fails” every time I turned and twirled. My dance welcomed a new partner. Jesus appeared asking for my hand to dance. Immediately, I gave him my crown 👑. I knew the scripture verse that said at the end we return our crowns. I wanted to show respect. But just as soon as I gave it away to him, it appeared on my head again. Now we were both wearing the crowns. Jesus then proceeded to put a big purple overcoat on me that hung off of my shoulders. It drooped to the floor making me look like a small child wearing their dad’s oversized coat. 

I started to dance dragging around the coat and crown on my head. I just needed a wand as I twirled and I would have fit in a fairy tale that ended happily ever after. Immediately in my spirit or rather in my thoughts I heard Jesus say to me.

I wrote it down. 
I crown you with my crown 

I dress you with my garment of praise. 

I charge you with my dance. 

Freedom Dance 

All I did was take 5 minutes to be still and know that He is God. 

I read a scripture. 

I opened up my imagination 

I asked. 

I received. 

I received or rather danced away wearing my crown of life, knowing who I am as daughter of the King. 

I can move mountains with those garments, crown and revelation. 

Dance On, 

Kelley Allison 

The Awakened Bride 

She has been hurt

You don’t have to ask her

Her face tells the story

Of a journey of pain

Of dreams long forgotten

Buried deep under shame

Her eye’s reflect

Many stories untold

There was no one to listen

to the cries of her heart

Her body bowed low

crushed by pain and betrayal

No sign of hope to be found in a body so frail

Does she know that He loves her?

Does she know that He cares?

Has anybody told her that 

He is crazy about her?

That He knows her by name?

He’s the One who defined her

He’s the One she needs most

Her identity is locked up in

What He speaks over her

She will find what she needs

As she moves closer to Him 

She will discover her worth

In His deep love for her

She will straighten her crown

She will run on the waves

She will shout to the weary  

“Come and take your place!!!”

She has taken His invitation 

To passionately pursue Him

She glistens with His glory

She is dressed in His joy

She is stronger than what has

kept her in chains 

She has let go of what was 

She embraced this new start

She now knows He’s coming back 

for a spotless bride

So she better get ready

There’s no time to waste

She is taking her place

As His warrior daughter

Her pain a vague memory

She is drenched in His love

Undone by His heart

Forever she is overtaken 

by the King of her heart

~ Ebigale Wilson

The Wilderness Bride 

She walked with her past on her face for too long

Her pain became part of her very existence

It dimmed her eyes and flowed from her mouth

She was not nice to be around

Till He allured her into the wilderness

Where He spoke kindly to her

His heart and His arms 

transformed her

Into the daughter He created 

her to be

There is a glow on her face and her tenderness in her touch

Her eyes shine with His love 

and His grace

She is free at last from her fears and her pain

In the wilderness she discovered who she really was

His covenant daughter

An atmosphere changer

Transformed into His image

Clothed with His love

She is strong and courageous

His battle axe and His weapon 

of war

He makes her strong through intimacy

And she clings to every word that He speaks over her

She became a story of His mercy and grace

Extended to all the weary ones, 

she embraces

So that they too would be lured 

into the wilderness

Never to be the same

~ Ebigale Wilson

Dear Younger Me 

Dear younger me

It’s not your fault

You were never meant to carry this beyond the cross

You are holy

You are righteous

You are one of the redeemed

Set apart a brand new heart

You are free indeed…….

I just love this song! Enjoy! 

    ~XXOO Michelle Bollom 

Also a big shout out to my long time girlie Stephanie Anders-Garcia on her Birthday today. A Beautiful Friendship that has lasted over 30 years!  

Happy Birthday Steph! Love you girl. 

“Dear Younger Me” by Mercy Me 

Dear younger me

Where do I start

If I could tell you everything that I have learned so far

Then you could be

One step ahead

Of all the painful memories still running thru my head

I wonder how much different things would be

Dear younger me, dear younger me
Dear younger me

I cannot decide

Do I give some speech about how to get the most out of your life

Or do I go deep

And try to change

The choices that you’ll make cuz they’re choices that made me

Even though I love this crazy life

Sometimes I wish it was a smoother ride

Dear younger me, dear younger me
If I knew then what I know now

Condemnation would’ve had no power

My joy my pain would’ve never been my worth

If I knew then what I know now

Would’ve not been hard to figure out

What I would’ve changed if I had heard
Dear younger me

It’s not your fault

You were never meant to carry this beyond the cross

Dear younger me
You are holy

You are righteous

You are one of the redeemed

Set apart a brand new heart

You are free indeed
Every mountain every valley

Thru each heartache you will see

Every moment brings you closer

To who you were meant to be

Dear younger me, dear younger me
You are holy

You are righteous

You are one of the redeemed

Set apart a brand new heart

You are free indeed [x3]


The Word is breathing

It comes alive as it ignites the heart

To beat against winds of the world

Trying to bring us down with them,

But greater is He who lives in us

Than he who is in the world,

Therefore, I cannot be shaken;

I will stand as lost nations fall into the sea-

The sea holding frail bodies that disconnect

From life, into death their souls dive deep,

But those who lock hands with God

Their soul begins

Colliding with a love so real

It heals a wound

From infection, allowing its door to open

Without knowing the outcome; trusting Him

Who called us out of darkness, into His marvelous light

That encompasses a tired, lost soul from taking life from itself,

He takes the soul, reigniting its heart to bloom before ashes,

To live before death, forgetting its purpose, and choosing life

To embrace in every moment, circumstance, and season.

                   ~Bethany Anne 


Beauty Eternal 

    He forgives your sins—every one.

    He heals your diseases—every one.

    He redeems you from hell—saves your life!

    He crowns you with love and mercy—

     A paradise crown.

    He wraps you in goodness—beauty eternal.

    He renews your youth—

    you’re always young in His presence. 

                            ~ Psalm 103:3-5 MSG 

What an amazing verse! 

Read it slowly… 
Meditate on the words…
What is your favorite part of this verse? 

                ~ XXOO Michelle Bollom