World Changer


Every battle scar has been perfectly etched into your incredible heart. Placed to tell a story that is so unique and so heartfelt, that only you can tell it.

Your light, sweet friend, it comes from the depths of a once tattered heart. Shining out through the pieces that have been so lovingly put back together by the King of Kings. It’s infectious, spreading into the darkest places of someone else’s hopelessness.

I can see the things you have already accomplished. I see the lives you have touched. The people that are forever changed by the momentary brushes of your gentle presence.

You are so loved. Forever cherished. I’m so excited to watch you. Maybe up close, maybe from a distance. You are destined for great and mighty things.

You are a world changer.

😘 ~ Corrina Sharp

He Spoke Life Over Me

He walked passed me

and He saw me

When no one saw me

Alone, struggling in my own blood

Fighting my own fights

He spoke life over me

I was not even aware of His love for me

I was not even aware of my need of a Saviour

Living a life of compromise

No safe place or someone I could call home

Searching for anything and anyone

To fill this big hole in my heart

I tried to fill it with alcohol, tattoos, piercings, sex, you name it…I’ve probably done it

My way of dealing with

this nagging emptiness

Which I could never give a name

Avoid facing my fears

Too much effort to deal with it

Easier to go with the flow

The list of my ‘painkillers’

grew longer and longer

Don’t most of us have our own?

Yet, it could never remove my pain


Still I would never admit to it

Pride kept me bound

Darkness my norm and the standard I lived by

I never knew that a life of freedom

was available to me

Till He passed by me

and spoke life over me

He said ‘Live’ to the desperate me

The ‘me’ living a life of lies

One encounter that would forever

transform me

One word was all I needed

To open my eyes to the rags

I was dressed in

For the first time

I knew I was worthy

‘Live’ meant that someone saw me

That I was not a mistake

That I was worthy of a love so great

He passed by me again and

it was my time for love

He washed off my blood

together with my past

Anointed me with oil

Covered my nakedness

that was visible to all

My past and my pain

He erased it all

He swore an oath and entered into

a covenant with me

A wayward child whose

Life story was now rewritten

with His precious blood

A covenant that would stand the tests of time

The processes of the journey

Different seasons and times

Through the highs and lows

The valleys and mountains

because I knew Who was with me

Transforming me daily to be more like Him

I was clothed in fine linen and covered with silk

Sandals of badger skin were put on my feet

Adorned with silver and gold

Put on display for everyone to see

That no one is beyond

His amazing grace

Different journeys

He can use us all

He perfects us daily by His grace

Our limps

Our struggles

Our shortcomings

Turned into testimonies

Changing atmospheres wherever we go

Touching hearts as we journey on

Spreading the Good News

that started it all.

~ Ebigale Wilson

He Spoke Life Over Me

The Journey

Distinguished By My love – True Sons And Daughters

You couldn’t understand

When your life came crashing down

Quickly, without warning

Your life was invaded

Brought to a standstill

Nothing left of what was

You were taken away

on an unknown journey

To discover His heart

To discover His love

Gasping for air

Tossing and turning

You had to retreat

from all things familiar

Many questions on your lips

Your mind a battle ground

Your life turned upside down

Never to be the same again

You following Him blindly

Broken and hurt

Rejected and abandoned

Jobless, homeless, through many losses

Yet, the sound of His voice

Made you realise

That what He has to offer

Was worth searching for

You didn’t know that it was

the best place to be

To be broken and taken apart

To be mended by the Potter Himself

His voice has become your hope

For it’s in our trials and pain

In the storms and fiery furnace

In hiding, and longing for answers

That Pappa becomes our deepest desire

He quiets our fears

Hides us under His wings

Till the storms pass

We become clay in the hand of our Master

So that only His will, will be done in our lives

Obedience unto death is when our lives begin

When we are on a journey of finding Him

Lost to the world and what it has to offer

I walked through many fires

Yet I never burned

Found myself in the midst of fierce storms

Yet I never drowned

Found myself on the battleground

Scared, alone, in pain

Yet I never retreated

I knew who was with me

He knew me by name

His love for me, stronger than death itself

He gave me His life, on a hill

far away

What He asked of me

Could never compare

To the price He was willing

to pay

He wants to reveal His true sons and daughters

He trained away from all eyes

The ones who paid the price

Away from the crowd

The ones who were mocked and persecuted

Because they were too deep

They didn’t care

They died to self, with no reputation

Only the scars of many battle’s won

He was worth every tear

He was worth the whispers

and pain

You will look back and look for your mockers, and see them no more

They will look back and see

My glory eminating from you

Your whole being

dripping with oil

It came with the pressing

It cost a great price

You stood firm during the trials and storms

Nothing could move you

No one could stop you

You persevered, though tired and scared

Through abandonment and fear

You never gave into, those who can only kill the body

Led by My Spirit alone

So that I could get the glory

Through your surrendered life

My true sons and daughters

are marked by My love

Obedience unto death

set them apart

They couldn’t care less for religion and rituals

Couldn’t care less for manipulation and wealth

Couldn’t care less for a stage or popularity

They are only about their Father’s business

They will be revealed in due time

Distinguished by My love flowing through them.

~ Ebigale Wilson

Distinguished By My love

True sons and daughters

The Journey