Hold On My Child

I know many of My son’s and daughter’s

are battle weary

Many are ready to throw in the towel

This has been a season of endless

challenges and trials for many

They feel defeated and drained

Everywhere they turn

the enemy is turning on the heat

And all they can do is watch

how their lives are spinning out of control

One moment everything still fine

The next moment everything falls apart

I see you standing with a finished puzzle

in your hand

The next moment it falls

to the ground

Pieces scattered everywhere

You fall to the ground trying

to collect the pieces

Then you realize that it’s going to take you

forever to put everything back together

You look up, defeated and lost

For its a reminder of your life

Spinning out of control

You hanging on by a thread

That’s how many feel at this moment

Your life feels scattered

All over the place

Your mind is racing

Trying to think of solutions

It feels like nothing will ever work out

Like there is no way out of all the challenges

That is choking the life out of you

Hold on to Me my child

I know you feel like hiding

You feel so alone

My voice has become quiet

You think I have left you

to fend for yourself

I am always with you

Even in your darkest hour

When your pain overtakes

every part of you

And you feel like your heart will never run free

I am working on your behalf behind the scenes

Making everything beautiful

in My time

I will come through for you

Like I always have

In this last stretch I would

want you to hide in Me

Focus on My plans and purposes for you

Focus on My dreams and promises

Know that I am true to My word

I will steady your heart and mind

As you seek My face

Don’t fight your battle’s in your flesh

Rest while I fight for you

For it’s not by might ,nor by power,

but by My Spirit

Let faith be your anchor

While I strengthen every

weak place in you

Look back over your life

I was always there to carry you through

every trying time

Why would I leave you now?

You are on My schedule and

We are right on time!

Soon you will marvel as every piece

of your puzzle will fall into place

You will taste My goodness

As it is payback time!

Every area of your life where the enemy

thought he had the upper hand

Will experience divine breakthrough

I am accelerating you into

every dream I have for you

Hold fast dear one

Let no one steal your focus

My anointing will destroy every yoke.

~ Ebigale Wilson

Hold On My Child

The Journey


Uncommon Season

This is your season of release

Where everything is working

together for our good

Many have gone through

much training

Through agony and unbearable pain

The past seasons were trying ones

Where we were tested at many levels

The heat was turned up

higher and higher

The attacks were ongoing

and never ending

Now we look back

and we know it was training

as usual for Papa’s burning ones

He has done deep work in and through us

Our character can now sustain and keep us

in that place of overflow

where Papa is taking us.

Overflow will be our new normal

because Papa can now trust us

For the processes of life burned

out all the dross in our lives

It was so necessary

because we cannot occupy

that which we have not contend for.

I believe this is our time of stepping in

and occupying every promise

out of Papa’s hand.

Papa has been highlighting

the Breaker anointing to me

while in prayer a few weeks ago

And I believe that as our Breaker

He will go before us and break open

and tear down every trap

every door and wall that was

erected by the enemy

so that we can occupy

what is rightfully ours in this season.

While fasting and praying two weeks ago

He highlighted that this was a season of acceleration in every area of our lives.

Especially where the enemy thought

that he had the upper hand over us.

Things will shift and fall into place.

Papa will be our Breaker going before us

so that we can accelerate and occupy

what is ours.

Yesterday while I was busy cooking

I just felt a shift in my spirit and I knew

that something is about to change

for many of us.

Life as we knew it

will never be the same.

Papa has accomplished in our lives

that which was so necessary.

We cannot invade and overtake

with our old mindsets and ways

of doing things.

We are entering a season

of new beginnings for many

who have been through hell

but held on to Him

with everything in us.

We brought every sacrifice

He asked of us.

Our obedience gives us access

to possess and take hold of

His promises and assignments for us.

Get ready for this uncommon season;

a season like none other.

Keep your focus for this last stretch

and do not let anything or anyone

keep you out of Papa’s will for your life.

Be ready dear ones

for what Papa wants to do through you

and for you in this time.

~ Ebigale Wilson

Uncommon Season

The Journey


Rest In Me

Hold on My sons and daughters

It is imperative that you don’t give up now

I know that many feel hopeless

The journey has been long and tiresome

Many are at their wit’s end

What they trust Me for

seems so far out of reach

It feels like there is no light

at the end of the tunnel

You cannot see what I am planning for you

You cannot see under the surface

It might seem that I am so quiet

and that I have forgotten about you

but know that I am for you

and not against you

When I am quiet

I am fighting and moving on your behalf

Don’t let the enemy play with your mind

He wants to take you out

before your breakthrough

Hold on dear ones

My plans will soon unfold

before your very eyes

I know some battles have been fierce

and going on for years

The heat was turned up higher and higher

I did it to form My character within you

The enemy did it

because he wants you to give up

Don’t miss My time of visitation

It’s imperative that you stay focused

and seek My face

From that place of intimacy

I will instruct you and give you strategy

to move forward

I will even share secrets with you

through dreams, visions and visitations

to prove to you

that We are in this battle together

So hold one dear ones

We are in this together

~ Ebigale Wilson

Rest In Me

The Journey


DREAM and INTERPRETATION (Very important, Papa was on my case to release this word for the past three weeks, because many will miss their breakthrough in this season, if they focus on their pain and struggles)

Recently I had a dream about buying night robes for myself and a prophetic prayer partner friend for R24,99. The next day the dream was confirmed, when she had a similar dream about me. She messaged me that in her dream, she realised that it was my birthday the 8th (new beginnings) and she had to rush to the shop to buy me a gift. She only had R200 when she saw this beautiful night robe that costs way more than what she had. The man helping her said that he knew that this was for a very special lady and that she wouldn’t just wear it at night, or special occasions, but always. He told her that he would give her a special price. While she was still stressing about the price, he marked it down to R24, 99. We were both stunned that Father God, could confirm this dream so accurately.

Seeking Papas face about the dream and especially the night robe, He told me that this is the season of new beginnings (nr. 8) and that it is very important for us to rest (night robe) in Him. He wants us to wear our bathrobes night and day. Through our storms, the fire and trials. He want us to rest in Him completely and give our battles to Him, because the enemy is going to do anything to steal our focus.

The nr. 24 (wisdom, worshipping the Lord and a call to put our own interests second) is to seek Papas face, especially when we feel like giving up. This is so important, because we might miss His time of visitation. Spend time in His presence and move with His spirit.

The nr. 99 (prodigals) is that the prodigals will come home. I believe that Papa will also revive our dreams and prophecies that we have shelved or forgotten about. He will do the work, while we rest in Him. Everything will fall into place when we seek His face.

Many are waiting for God to come through for them.

Remember that His timing is always perfect. Do not rush the process or you might end up with Ismael instead of Isaac. Rest in Papa, and know that He is at work behind the scenes. You can trust Him. Enjoy His presence from where He will direct and instruct you. Soon you will look back and marvel at His perfect timing and greatness. You will remember the hard times no more, because you will be so in awe of Papas faithfulness. 

~ Ebigale Wilson

Hold On Dear One

Don’t give up

on what I have

promised you

The enemy is

painting pictures

of your demise

His purpose to derail

many assignments

in this season

Many sons and daughters

feel hopeless and distracted

Letting their emotions

and circumstances rule them

Leading them away

from their destiny in Me

I know that the season

has been challenging

Many feel lost and alone

They have given up on hope

They’re waiting for the

fulfillment of many promises

Many feel like they’re

revisiting their

wilderness season

Many are so crushed

by their circumstances

That giving up seems

like the only option

I would ask of you

to hold on

to every promise

That I have made to you

I can see that weariness

has set in

It feels easier

to let go

than to hold on

Looking back over your life

You will see a trail of My faithfulness

My timing is always perfect

I am working on your behalf

although I might seem far away

Keep your focus on Me

Remember what I have

dreamed over you

Hold on

to our secret place encounters

The smokescreen

the enemy is creating

Is meant to distract you

His purpose is to bring

confusion and disillusion

So that you will feel

so weak and throw

in the towel

Remember the thief

only comes to steal

and kill and destroy

His main purpose is

for you to give up

Before you can step

into My promises for you

Don’t allow him to win

Hold on dear one

You are stronger

than you think

Press in

My son’s and daughters

For a new season

is on the horizon

Giving up is not an option

Put your war song on

Worship and dance

in My presence

Every demon has to flee

when My presence

invades your circumstances

It will be imperative

to be patient and to move

with My Spirit

You’re not only

contending for yourself

but for your family

and for My kingdom

Hold on with your last breath

Soon the confusion will lift

The enemy will come

with different challenges

for you to give up

He will turn up the heat

for a reason

He knows his time is up

You have learned valuable lessons

on your journey

Though it was tough

You have grown immensely

The training and trials

was worth it My child

Don’t lose your inheritance

because of impatience

It will be worth the wait

My timing is perfect

Hold on dear one

To our Love.

~ Ebigale Wilson

Hold On Dear One

The Journey


This Time Of Year

Merriment for some

Foul traffic for others

Pessimism and Optimism

Sister and brother

Poor people richer than

Beggars behind pulpits

We all simply need

The Prince of Peace

Saving us from hurting

Loving us

To our knees

Bringing His fair clarity

Reaching us in our deceit


Send healing

Desperate relief

Blessed One

Teach us


Not only in you

Lord but in

Each other

So we mirror you

Not ourselves

Your Faithful Love

For us

This Time of Year


God with Us



❤~ Krystal Lynne

Your Biggest Comeback

Tell My precious

sons and daughters

that the battle is Mine

They need only be still

To rest while I fight for them

It’s only when you allow

Me to step in

That you will see

My hand at work

You have tried it your way

It didn’t work

Do it My way

and surely you will see

My goodness

I will go before you

to prepare a table for you

in the presence of your enemies

While they prepare your downfall

I am preparing your comeback

I am anointing you

with the oil of gladness

I am replacing your old robe

With a new mantle of My glory

and favor for the season ahead

Look at the size of your giants

and you will see a glimpse of

where I am taking you

Your enemies were your

doorway to your destiny

The attacks and persecution

Trained you to war and to win

I have given you a glimpse of your future

When I trained you away

from the crowd

You found My perfect will

While you were alone

I am a righteous God

I am watching over

My word to perform it

The afflictions, trials, and pain

was so necessary

You coming out of the fire

with not a smell of smoke

Only My anointing on your life

to do the uncommon

Far above that you could ever comprehend

is waiting for you in this new season

So shake the dust of off you

Say goodbye to the old

My anointing on your life

was worth every sacrifice

I have asked of you

It’s time to embrace the new

Time to gather the spoils

Time to run with Me into everything

That I have prepared for you

The fragrance of heaven clings to you

It is time to dust off your dreams and promises

It will come to pass with ease

You will experience much joy

You are on the doorstep of

your biggest comeback

With your character intact

Representing My heart

I will take you to heights

that you have never been

Thank you dear ones

for not letting go of My hand

Many are the afflictions

of the righteous

But I the Lord delivers them

out of them all!

~ Ebigale Wilson

Your Biggest Comeback

The Journey


Image – Pinterest

A Glimpse Of His Heart

To go through betrayal

and humiliation over

and over again

Must have been

so hard on you

You called The prophet of love, Hosea

Yet her love was never yours

Your name means deliverer

Yet you were stuck

in a cycle of rejection

and suffering

Was there ever a time

that you wanted to run

away from the calling

on your life?

That you thought

of giving up?

You must have

been so alone

Many nights and days

Only the voices of your

children looking for their mom

Tears running down their cheeks

You hiding your own

You were forced to be strong

Had to tuck your pain away

to face each day

It made you hard for a while

Till God intervened and

you discovered that there

was purpose in the journey

You wished away

Yes, there were many days

that I wanted to give up

Days that I was so overcome

by my circumstances

Days that my pain

was too much to bear

Everywhere I turned

was a reminder of my life

going nowhere

Many turned their backs on me

They couldn’t see God’s hand

alive in my life

All they could see

was my misery

It was in the midst

of unbearable pain

That I came to know

the love of my God

The God who walked me

through a severe season

of suffering, betrayal and rejection

Most of the time I couldn’t feel

His presence

Nor hear His voice

My focus more on the naysayers

Then on the promises of my God

One day light shone through

My mind was enlightened

My heart gave a leap

For the first time I saw

God’s hand at work in my life

The journey I walked was necessary

Our enemies without knowing

escort us to our destiny

Every lie

Every tragedy

Every one who walked away

They meant it for harm

but God turned it

around for my good

I wouldn’t trade the rejection

The lonely nights

The empty space next to me

I would do it all over

For what I have found

can’t be bought

It’s the road less traveled

Yet filled with His surprises everywhere

God planned my journey

Pain was part of my process

I had to follow His leading

Without reservation

Without question

Obedient even when

my life looked more like a circus

Then that of a prophet

He showed me a glimpse of His heart

Through experiencing excruciating pain

myself I came to know

the heart of the Father

And His deep love for

each one of us

When we sin

we wound His heart

Yet His love for us

compels Him to

never let go of us

Weren’t we all slaves to sin

Before His redeeming love

restored us to the position of His bride?

He hates sin but He loves

the unlovely deeply!

I hear Him say:

Today you can stand tall

in the midst of your accusers

You can withstand the heat of any fire

The severity of any storm

Love had His way in your life

The journey of discovering

My heart for the unlovely was necessary

You will now be able to handle

that which I am about

to bless you with!

~ Ebigale Wilson

“A Glimpse Of His Heart”

The Journey



She is His darling daughter 

Her beauty was perfected in the wilderness 

Living a surrendered life

Obedience even unto death 

Papa asked of her

She couldn’t refuse the desires of her King

Material things are not important to her

She is lost to this world 

and what it has to offer

His Kingdom her focus

His presence her pursuit

His voice blows on her heart 

Every second of the day

Preparing her

Perfecting her

Equipping her

For her highest calling

She had to go on this journey 

with Her Bridegroom

They visited the wilderness

She was weak

but He is strong

When she wanted to give up

He held her up

He wouldn’t let her run back to her past

Screaming, hurt, angry at times

She persevered

Till she came to that place 

of complete surrender

She was stronger than

her past haunting her

She couldn’t give up

She could never give in

He was preparing her to slay giants

Preparing her to find her identity 

forever hidden in Him

She couldn’t let him down

She went all in

Found her purpose in her mess

Her strength on the battleground

Eliminating giant’s one by one

She could do what He said

Weak or strong

He held her hand

He wiped her tears

He was strong

when she couldn’t go on

He purifies us

in the worst of conditions

Till we come to that place 

of radical obedience

Where it is only about 

the desires and requests 

of our King

We dissappear in the background

Humbly, stripped of our flesh

To only His will

We know that as His bondservants 

we have no rights

We have no will

His Kingdom our focus

We speak

We move

We live

Only in agreement 

with our King

Whatever sacrifices, He ask of us we will bring

Kicking and screaming, but we will be obedient

We have to look like our King

to experience His glory

He invaded our lives

He moved in

Coming up out of the wilderness

We lean on Him

Stripped of our old nature

Perfected in the wilderness

We represent our King

We have no rights

We have no will

We gladly surrender to this 

faith walk with our King.

~ Ebigale Wilson 


 The Journey