We Need The Rain

We need the rain till we aren’t the same!

Open the floodgates of Heaven – Let it rain – Let it flood.

Let It Rain by Eddie James is this weeks #SongSunday

Image by Ailene de Nadai – UnSplash


He Remembers His Children

O God, remember us and bless us,

bless the families of Israel and Aaron.

And let God bless all who fear God—

bless the small, bless the great.

Oh, let God enlarge your families—

giving growth to you, growth to your children.

May you be blessed by God,

by God, who made heaven and earth.

The heaven of heavens is for God,

but he put us in charge of the earth.

Psalm 115:19-21

This past weekend was Mother’s Day. I would like to say that I hope you had a beautiful day, whether you spent it with your mother or you are a mother. People who have been given the joyful experience of parenthood understand a love that is indescribable. It is unexplainable. It exists without conditions. If you have had grandchildren, you know it at a deeper level.

I used to think that I could love my children more than God loves me. I used to think I could forgive other people more than Jesus would forgive me.

However, there is no comparison. He is the creator of love, which is infinite and perfect.

It doesn’t matter how old we get. God still considers us his child. There is nothing we can do to make him love us more or less. There is nothing that we have done that causes him not to forgive us. He is love, and we are his. He sacrificed everything so that we might believe in the love he is and has for each one of us.

Thank you, Jesus, for loving us without conditions or expectations. We don’t have to impress you or provide something to receive what you offered at the cross. We praise you for your perfect love, one that stretches far and wide with no limits. In Jesus name, Amen.

Baring His Beauty,

Tiffany Thomas

Our Father’s Love

Have you ever limit the power of God? Do you ever wonder how much more he is ready to give you if only you were to ask?

Today, I was humbled and reminded of just how small I tend to make my heavenly Father. How do I live in the limitation of my gifts instead of the abundance and fullness of Christ? Where did I learn that my struggles or my sinful nature disassociate me from an ALL-KNOWING God, who loves me more than I can take in?

Jesus said, “If you then, evil (sinful by nature) as you are, know how to give good and advantageous gifts to your children, how much more will your Father who is in heaven [perfect as he is] give what is good and advantageous to those who keep on asking him.” Matthew 7:11 Amp

If I love my children enough to bless them when I am able, even at the cost of disappointment, how could I not believe that my Father in heaven wouldn’t love me in the same way, but with more?

I hope that we all can see the truth about our Father’s love for us. He says to ask, and we will receive, seek and we will find, He waits for us to come to Him. He loves us that much.

Father, thank you for loving me despite my sinful nature. I have the desire to follow after you, to learn from you. However, sometimes I fail to remember how close you are. Forgive me when I doubt. Bless me with a deeper understanding of who you are and teach me about the abundant life you desire for me to have in you.

Baring His Beauty,

Tiffany Thomas

What Does The Job

There is potential in your hand that you are not even aware of.

Just like Moses in Exodus 4, Moses had a rod in his hand that he was unaware of the potential and power it carried.

Moses had to “throw it down” and obey God, in order to see what it could do.

At first he ran, frightened by it.

But once he realized the power it held and the honor that it was to know that God’s Rod is what did the job, and he got to handle it, that built his faith and courage to use it!

That is the same today with the Word Of God.

The Word is our Rod!

Nothing is more reliable in any situation than God’s Word.

Do you have a “Red Sea” that needs parting?

How about a “need” to spring forth from a rock?

Or maybe quite simply the “answer” to keeping your enemies at bay?

Whatever it is…..

Start “throwing down” and “lifting up” your Rod and see what God can do.

Remember …

it is God’s Rod That Does The Job!

Thank You, Heavenly Father for the privilege it is to carry “Your Rod” and to proclaim and release it over every situation that arises in my life and in the lives of others. Help me to have a reverential fear and awe that the power I have the privilege to carry and speak is not something to take lightly. Give me the boldness and belief that Your Word and Spirit is what started it all and it is what does the job. I just get to be the one to hold it and declare it so.

~ XXOO Michelle Bollom

The Theory Of Everything

Pioneering Scientist Stephen Hawking passes away at age 75.

This is on my newsfeed today.

One of his most quotable quotes.

On humanity: “We are just an advanced breed of monkeys on a minor planet of a very average star. But we can understand the Universe. That makes us something very special” – Interview in Der Spiegel, October 1988

He was considered. a groundbreaking scientist.

Today he meets the Creator who can answer ALL his earth shattering questions and bring him up to turbo speed on where our intelligence comes from that what makes us ALL very special and unique. 

Mark 8:36

For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?”

This my friends could possibly explain the theory of everything. 

God, open the eyes of the seekers to see you, their ears to hear you, and their hearts to receive you. 

 In Jesus name,

Kelley Allison


Thirsty Soul

I was reflecting on a conversation I had with a woman who was vulnerable enough to share some of her traumatic experiences with me. I was reminded how much damage the enemy can cause from deception. More so, my heart ached because it didn’t seem that this woman could move out from under his lies.

I thought about the woman at the well. We don’t know her by name, but many of us are familiar with her story. She was having a relationship with many men. After traveling, Jesus stopped to rest. He saw the woman and asked her for a drink. She responded saying, “I am a Samaritan woman, how could you ask me for a drink?” She understood that Jews didn’t talk to “Samaritans,” nor did they stop to talk with a woman without her husband there. Later, Jesus understood her sin, even calling it out, and yet he didn’t condemn her for it. He was interested in something more significant than her crime. She was missing out on eternal life with our Father.

Sometimes we live our lives like this. We get caught in the areas of life that produce unpredictable feelings. Our emotions consume us, and it becomes impossible to maneuver around them. The enemy plants seeds of doubt, convincing us to plant his lies in our hearts. We become blinded, unable to see the good that is around us and the abundant life God had intended for us.

At one point in the story, Jesus said, “If you only knew.” He understood her, and he knew her. She had been trying to satisfy her thirst with men. However, they never did quench it, and she was tired of traveling back to the well over and over again. Jesus invited the woman to learn something new. Our Father is the wellspring of life. Outside of Him, there is no fulfillment; In Him, we thirst no more.   

Lord, teach me your truth and your ways. I long daily to understand the direction that you want to take me in. I will wait for you. Help me to know that when I am thirsty, you are there to fulfill my every need. In Jesus name, Amen.

Lead me in your truth and teach me, for you are the God of my salvation; for you I wait all the day long.~Psalm 25:5 ESV

Baring His Beauty,

Tiffany Thomas

Peace And Rest

We know the classic epitaph phrase, “Rest in Peace.”  We may never appreciate this blessing until we have been through the fire and the water, until we have faced down hell and it’s minions, until we have lived through the war.

Peace and rest are only valuable to those who have fought the good fight of faith, have overcome restlessness and strife, and have triumphed over the enemy.

As it is written, “They overcame him by the word of their testimony, the blood of the lamb, and they did not love their lives unto death.”

Why does it have to be this way?

Why can’t life be restful and peaceful always?

I suppose we must all learn the art of war in order to appreciate the ways of peace.

Those who go AWOL in order to find peace are often disappointed.  We must stay with the troops, we must make our stand, we must fight, and we must win.

It is the inevitable consequence of living in a fallen world.  God writes through Isaiah, “If only you had paid attention, your peace would have been like a river.”  Earlier, he wrote about Jesus, calling him, “The Prince of Peace.”

Lord, help us to learn how closely you want us to walk with you,  how safe we are in your presence, and how much peace and rest we will enjoy forever as we learn to overcome all temptations and trials by your mercy and grace.  Amen.

~ Brad Heilhecker

Finding Refuge

There was a refreshing presence of the Spirit tonight. God never fails me, and he continually amazes me. Even when darkness surrounds me, He is always light. I needed the reminder, and God knew it. Drawing close to God protected my wavering heart. He is a safe place. When I spend time with him, I hear the confirmation of his direction.

David struggled with deceived areas in his heart. He was troubled by some of the choices he had made, and he mourned over them. Even so, he knew that God was good and more significant than any circumstance that he faced. The Lord understands when we grieve and when our hearts are troubled. He is always with us; he acknowledges the Spirit that comes to him during those times.

In Psalms 144:2, David says, “he is my steadfast love and my fortress, my stronghold and my deliverer, my shield and he in whom I take refuge, who subdues peoples under me.”

Wherever you find yourself today, understand that God is waiting for you. He wants to be your refuge. He wants to provide comfort in the darkness. There is nothing that is greater than He.

Lord, thank you for all that you are and all that you provide for us. Be with those who may be struggling in the dark. Provide peace, comfort, and refuge. In Jesus name, Amen.

Baring His Beauty,

Tiffany Thomas

Intentional Purpose

Therefore many of the Jews who had come to visit Mary, and had seen what Jesus did, believed in him. ~ John 11:45 ESV

I can’t tell you how many times I catch myself using the term “busy” when someone asks me how I am doing. I am not sure how I have arrived at a place where being busy expresses the condition of my heart.

I get caught up in all of the things I need to accomplish instead of being intentional about whose heart I might touch.

Can you relate?

I think we get consumed in what our lives should look like, or where we believe we should be standing in them.

A messenger was sent after Jesus because his friend Lazarus was deathly ill. Yet, Jesus did not rush to him. In fact, in John, it states that he remained in the place where he was for two more days.

Could you imagine the emotions Martha had over the death of her brother when she met Jesus? She said, my brother wouldn’t have died had you rushed and hurried to him.

There was a purpose for the time that lapsed in Lazarus’s death. The resurrection of Lazarus provided an opportunity for others to see God’s power and accept Him by faith. Jesus gives many examples where he took the time to care for the broken-hearted.

Could our lives be different if we considered slowing down, looking around, and were intentional about the journey we are on?

We do not know how many hearts are desperately waiting for the crossing of our paths. We can get in a hurry, get caught up, in many things that provide no purpose.

How many people turned believed in God after the resurrection of Lazarus? How many people’s heart did Jesus touch in the two days that he stayed where He was?

When I think about the life of Jesus, I wonder how many people converted their heart, over to God, because he chose to be intentional with his time.

Dear Jesus, thank you for today. Thank you that there is a purpose in this life that you give. May we be intentional today, touching the lives of those around us so that they can see the power in who you are. We provide you with praise and glory in all that you do, Amen.

Baring His Beauty,

Tiffany Thomas