The Invitation 

Many of My sons and daughter’s

were called to the wilderness

Away from the crowd

My voice their only guide

Invitations went out

Few were accepted 

For some the price was too high

They could not surrender to My will

Their flesh shouted louder still

In the wilderness away from 

everything familiar

Deep cleansing I have done

Under the wilderness sun

Heart surgery was necessary

To break the hold of the enemy

from all that have kept them bound

At times they wanted to give up

At times they missed their comfort zone

At times the purification process 

took all their energy

But they pushed through

Giving up was never an option

They knew My love would pull them through

Intimacy with Me, 

made them stronger 

day by day

They worshiped 

when warfare was intense

They prayed in their heavenly language 

when all hell broke loose

Giving up was never an option

This battle was to be won

They kept their focus

They held their position

They were not moved by 

the pictures the enemy painted 

They were moved by what they 

saw in the Spirit

They bathed in oils of myrrh

Till there was no trace of them 

Their flesh had to die a thousand deaths

Till all I could see was My glory shining through

Till all I could smell was my love on them

The sound of My voice on their lips

The fragrance of heaven all over them

There is always a price to pay

My anointing is not for free

You have to go through processes

Till you are more like Me

Your character is important

Your heart, should mirror Mine

That’s why I take My son’s and daughter’s 

on these adventures

To unlock what is dead inside

To leave what’s of no use behind

I want to put you on display, 

but dying daily will be part of your journey

The wilderness will be your fruitful place

I will become your closest companion

Together we will run this race.

The Invitation 

~Ebigale Wilson 

My Everything 

Love that would reach 

past my deepest despair

Love that would see past 

the prodigal I have become

Love that looked past 

my sin and mistakes

To what I could become

He drew me in 

when I wanted to run

He drew me in 

when I clung to my past

He drew me in

He wouldn’t let go

I have gone too far, 

or so I believed

No one took the time 

to tell me it’s a lie

For years I sunk 

deeper into sin

Further and further

I drifted from His light

Past hopelessness

Past broken dreams

Shame and guilt like shadows, 

leading me further away 

from the Light

Torturing me with the 

ghosts of my past

Torturing me by the choices

I chose to make

Alone with no way of escape

I sunk deeper

I chose to believe the enemies lies

He lost his grip on me

The day Love got a hold of me

He lured me in

Captured me

Till I didn’t want to break free

He set me on a path

Of knowing Him

Amidst the daily battles I fight

Amidst the enemy pleading his plight

I have to discern whose voice 

will be louder

If I want to grow

If I want to win

If I want to meet 

one day with my King

Even when my fears want to win

When the enemy paints pictures 

of losing the battle

He invites me to run 

on waves with Him

Deeper and deeper we go

Till I surrender and let faith win

Past my fears that have kept me 

in chains for years

Past my shame that told me 

I am worthless

Past my pain that kept me in bondage for years

So that only His will, will be done in my life

He loves His son’s and daughter’s

A love that could never be compared 

by the good we have done

He will go down the gutter to

be One with us

Break every barrier

Erasing whatever keeps us 

from experiencing His heart

Nothing compares when we find Him

He is the light on my path

The air that I breath

The love of my life

My everything

~ Ebigale Wilson 

Image – Elena Kelis – Pinterest 

A New Beginning

Gather my daughters

Call them by name

Let them come from afar

Shake the dust of the wilderness off

Let them run from their caves for their time of reward is near

I have invaded your life for a reason

There was seed in your pain

The illness, the job loss, the wayward child

The loneliness, the divorce, the struggles unending

When you were at your lowest

You found I was your greatest gain

Tell them their pain was not in vain

They went through trials, tests, and much warfare

Thought that they would never make it

When the pain and darkness became unbearable

They clung to Me with so much tenacity

They knew that if they hadn’t had Me

Life would be meaningless

Because of our covenant they could face every onslaught coming their way

Clinging to Me

Trusting in Me

Never doubting Me

Covenant does what no man can see

Now you’re on the threshold of a new beginning

You have ran this race faithfully

Laid out before the foundations of the earth

Though it looked messy at times

With no light in sight

You held on to My words spoken over You

You like a bride waiting on your Bridegroom 

to sweep you away

You know you have paid the price

Brought the sacrifices I have asked of you

With tearstained eyes

Wedding gown way too big

Your hair a mess

Falling over your two feet

We started this journey of exploring My heart

You have found your place right in the middle somewhere

Discovered how precious and 

loved you are

When you came to the end of yourself and let Me reign free

You discovered how beautiful

surrendering can be

Your face radiant with joy

Your dress fits like a glove

No trace of the past

My love covering you like a veil

You are ready to take your place 

by My side

Looking back you know the processes were necessary

For in the wilderness your desperation drew you closer to Me

Your first love

I needed you to go on this journey

Unsure, scared, alone

Yet you never gave up

You had to experience My heart

and deep love for you

Now you can go out and represent

My heart

To a lost and dying world

Who needs an explosion of My love

It was worth all the pain 

For now you have gained

Wholeness in Me

You know Me in ways

You never thought exist

All because you died and found

Me to be true to My word

I see you running and dancing 

and leaping with joy

Shouting out a victory cry

I have resurrected every dead place in your life

You discovered My waters of rest

Do what I have called you to do

A new beginning awaits you

         ~ Ebigale Wilson 

         A New Beginning


Image by Nina Brown 

Warrior Bride 

Our journey of love 

has brought you to this place

Where you are totally abandoned to Me

You went through fire, 

persecution and pain

Stood firm under the onslaughts of the enemy

You took your place in My kingdom

Often standing alone

Taking your place as my warrior bride

The enemy wouldn’t back off

Neither would you

For too long he stole what belong to Me

My armour your strength

The war cry on your lips, 

pulling you through

Dancing your way through 

every onslaught, coming your way

I was your safe place 

in the midst of the storm

There were day’s you wanted to run 

back to what was familiar

I wouldn’t let you

It made you strong

You clung to Me with your last breath

At times so drained, 

but you never let go of My voice

Guiding you

Strengthening you

Cheering you on

At times you felt alone in the fight

My presence felt distant, 

but you persevere

You knew you had to bring a sacrifice 

that would cost you everything

It was worth all the frustration

It was worth all the unanswered questions

My love for you, 

wouldn’t let you give up

You grew stronger day by day

Your eyes focused on the end goal

You couldn’t compromise, 

you knew that it was a kingdom fight

That had to be won

Your obedience to Me was important

You couldn’t trade it for the opinions

of men

Many giants had to fall

You had to fight and give it your all

Generations struggled enough, 

with ghosts of the past

Day by day you were battle ready

You wouldn’t go down 

The cost was too high, 

you fought with all your might

Gained ground in the kingdom

Left your mark in heaven and hell

Our journey of love test your obedience

Our journey of love exposed your heart

Limping and crawling you persevered

I can put you on display

As a vessel of honour

Displaying My heart

It’s time to take your place

My darling daughter 

To gather the spoils

The grain and the oil

To do our wedding dance

I have found you faithful

In running this race

Joy will be your portion

My presence your rest

Forever we will be inseparable

Captivated by a love that could only be found 

in a surrendered life

Totally dead to self, 

but burning bright in Me

Our journey of love was worth all the detours

The highs and the lows

You are my warrior bride

Trained to win each fight with Me by your side

~ Ebigale Wilson

Deep Love 

You saw me

When no one did

You searched for me

When I was lost

You wooed me in

When I wasn’t even aware of You

What God is this that would follow us to the ends of the earth?

What God is this that never gives 

up on us?

What God is this that fights for us when we don’t even know?

His love is relentless

It follows us into the darkest 

of places

It follows us through the valley 

of death

It follows us till we have reached 

the end

Finds it way through every crack 

in our heart

Found its way to my dark soul

See behind the masks I chop 

and change

The picturized smile I portray

He doesn’t give up, even when I reject His love

He doesn’t give up, even when I tell Him to

He pursue me relentless

Shows me that I am worthy

Till I run into His arms of love

His love mixed with my tears of shame and guilt

Cleanse my heart

Uproot my fears

Heal my scars

Erase my shame

Transform my life

Till all I can see is His love 

flowing from the cross to me

A wretch

A sinner

Turned into a son and a daughter

I never knew a love so deep existed

It leaves me breathless

hungry for more

It is deeper then my loudest sin

Higher then my silent shame

Wider then my desperate fears

I am lost in it

Forever one with it

I will never get enough of it!

~ Ebigale Wilson 

The Hidden Bride 

Encounters with Your love 

has brought me to this place

Where I am bare

Stripped of my old self

Turned upside down

I ran into Your love for me

I ran into Your heart for me

I am forever wrecked

I will never be the same

I cannot go back to a life without You

You turned my life around

A new beginning awaits me

Religion was my safe place 

for far too long

I knew about You, 

but I had never known You

I had to see You with my own eyes

Experience Your presence for myself

I could not go on hearsay anymore

Keep myself busy with trivial things any longer

I had to go on this journey of love with You

I was created to experience 

Your divine love for myself

Created to seek You at any cost

I couldn’t stay the same person

After I ran heart first into You

Your love for me

My ego had to go

Pride had to run

Dying in many areas 

was part of my daily process

I missed the point of displaying You 

to a dying world

Sent wrong signals out

Judged other’s

Hurt Your creation,

whom You love so deep

All in the name of religion

Help me to represent You 

in every aspect of my life

Seek Your face at every account

Know Your heart in every matter

I want to be so hidden in You 

that I am not seen, but only You

Take away my pride and arrogance

Till all people can see is 

Your glory covering me

I want to love like You do

Forgive like You do

Show mercy and grace like You

I want others to experience 

Your heart beating through me

It is all about You

You are the Potter

I am the clay

Break me and mold me

Till I represent You

Though we hurt and reject You

Your love for us is fearless

Your heart for us relentless

Our whole being is consumed 

by Your love for us

We cannot be the same after 

we have encountered Your love

You never give up on us

Follow us through 

the darkest of nights

Look for us when we run away

Point us to the cross 

and You take our shame away

Dispels all our fears

Till we are forever hidden in You

~ Ebigale Wilson  

The Hidden Bride 

    The Journey 

One With You 

Take me away

Till it’s just You and I 

I am desperate for more of You

I want to be One with You

It’s the best place to be

To linger with You

Where I am totally abandoned 

to You

You lead the way and I follow suit

We visit unknown realms

You show me my potential

And I agree with You

Discovering my true identity engraving in You

My faith grows deeper as waves crash over me

You smile and I know I am safe 

here with You

Deeper and deeper we go

Till I am in sync with You

I discover myself in You

I am lost in You

My challenges grow dim

With each step I take with You

My past a vague memory  

A future full of adventure with the King of my heart is luring me in

Past the veil we dance and laugh

Past the veil I came to know You

As a God who loves to meet with all 

His sons and daughters

Here we see ourselves through 

your eyes

Here we discover Your unending love for us

A love that gives us wings

A love that heal our hearts

A love that has the ability to leave us 

thirsting for more of You

We cannot but go deeper with You

We are made stronger through Your grace

Every step we take we lock eyes 

with You

We can never go back to what was

When we have experienced and tasted Your heart for us

Higher and higher we go

You nod Your head

Your eye’s filled with pride

I am undone by Your love for me

Why would the King of the universe take note of me?

A mere mortal, when all I could do 

was disappoint Him, time after time

Till I have ran into His deep love 

for me

I can never be the same again

I can never go back to my past again

I have came to know God’s heart for me

I am undone

I am forever wrecked

Nothing of this world can satisfy me again

Now that I have tasted His sweet love 

flowing like waves into my life

I have made Your presence my dwelling place

Your heart my hiding place

You make me brave

You make me tenacious

You make me crave for every facet of Your heart for me.

~ Ebigale Wilson 


I always want to talk to you

I long for you to search for me

I wait here just to see your face

Hoping that you will reach for Me

You are so busy running to and fro

That you don’t see Me 

Standing here

Your mind wrapped up in all your worries

Your focus bound by fear

You run to seek comfort in many things

To numb the pain

To hide your scars

To still the echoes of your past

While I wait for you to see Me 


You’re looking for satisfaction

In different things

For a mere moment you find peace

Then it starts all over again

On and on you go

Playing your part

Changing your masks

Drained and empty at the end of the day

The void still there

The pain still real

The battle still ahead

No sign of hope

You’re on a road leading no where

You know it!!

I know it!!

Turn around and run into My arms

The void in your heart, was created for Me to fill

I will fit and fill perfectly 

And make you whole

There’s healing power in My presence

You will find your joy in worshiping My name

You will find everything you need 

At My feet

I am waiting for you forsaken daughter

It’s time for Me to change your name

You will no longer be called forsaken,

Hephzibah will be your new name

For My delight is in You

You will rule and reign with me

My peace will set you free

And as a bridegroom rejoices over his bride

So shall I rejoice over you as My bride

~ Ebigale Wilson 

My Faithful Bridegroom 

I look at her and wish I were as glamorous 

Everything is in its place

From her head to her toes

She’s dressed beautifully

She is a women with style, 

A taste for the best

Nothing to spare 

She knows how to feed her flesh

Then there is me

Just plain, boring me

I don’t like expensive clothes or shoes

I bathe in the perfumes of His love

A paintbrush doesn’t often touch my face

I just need to mirror His grace

I love on the poor and the hurt

My heart aches for other’s betrayal

I don’t have much to offer

Except how to love

I won’t be featured in a glamour magazine

But maybe, just maybe

Someone will remember my heart

Maybe in some small way 

I have touched somebody, in a meaningful way

Underneath her spotless appearance

Is a heart as cold as a graveyard

She is selfish, vicious and dangerous

She walks over people

To take what she wants

She will sap you of your power, 

Until you are destroyed

Till you end up in hell, with her by your side

I will fix my eyes on my Faithful Bridegroom

He is a covenant keeper through every season

He is my safe place

The love of my life

I don’t need all the trimmings 

And stuff bought by money

“Name brands” Can’t buy what I have

It goes deeper,

Than the sound that pride leaves

It’s in the eyes of my children

When they look at me

It’s in the touch of so many special friends 

Sent by my King

In the face of the hopeless when I reach out to help

I can see God’s hand alive in my life

I know it was worth 

The pain and betrayal

In the wilderness

I saw His glory

I was ruined by 

His great love for me

I have found my place

In His heart I fit best

~ Ebigale Wilson 

The Lover Of My Soul 

I can tell You anything

Come to You anytime

It doesn’t matter day or night

I don’t have to wait in line

I can share my deepest pain

Reveal my scars to You

I don’t have to be afraid

That You will turn Your back 

on me

I need You more than life itself

I delight myself in You

You fill my deepest needs

My beloved I am Yours

You are the healer of my heart

You perfect my brokenness

You are the strength in my weakness

You are my greatest need

Take me away with You

Cover me under Your wings

I am Yours and You are Mine

You are the Lover of my soul 

Not for a moment I want to be 

away from You

Your presence is my strength

Your love my hope and joy

I am your laid down lover

I need You more then life itself

I delight myself in You

You fill my deepest needs

My beloved I am Yours

~ Ebigale Wilson